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Firefox 3.0 ekes ahead of Internet Explorer 7 in Europe


And the most interesting thing is...

that statcounter web site that reports about FF triumph requires IE if you want to see the graph...

Kremlin pushes Cyrillic alphabet net


Nothing but troubles

Last time I checked HTML link tag always allowed me to use UTF characters, and the same was true for Title and all browsers happily show bookmarks in Cyrillic and Chinese and any other language.

The only place where Latin-1 set is used - the location bar in the browser and I do not see the point: why it should support something else? And should I say Firefox3 lets me to type Russian title of the site in location bar and immediately gets correct URL?

So, in my opinion modern browsers virtually made IDN a non issue.

On the other side introduction of Cyrillic-based domain names opens several can of worms - isolation of the part of the net, phishing, endless domain name ownership lawsuits, etc etc

And why nobody cries about Arabic numerals in my phone number? I personally demand support for (antique) Cyrillic numerals for phone numbers too! So call me at +З(ДФЭ)...


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