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London's black cabs get wireless payment kit

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Under a tenner >

You cant get around the corner in london for under a tenner !

Wigan man traps todger in metal ring

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Sized of pipe/ring

Strange they didnt notice it was only 5cm piping :)

Sat Navs


Get it right

The TOM TOM One XL featured does not have a round back, at least it didnt when I slipped it into my pocket this morning.

Its a bit unfair to say it does when comparing to the Garmin.

One thing I would say is Bluetooth SCHMOOTOTH... lots of people selling say "ohh any bluetooth phone" my bottom any bluetooth phone the list is very small and very old so check it out first. You may be lucky or you may not be..

Why is the iPlayer a multi million pound disaster?

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I disagree

I use the iPlayer on my laptop and its great, it just takes a little bit of forward planning. It is not click and watch which is clearly what some people may have been expecting.

At the end of the day 20 or 30 days is more than enough time to watch what I download on iPlayer. I have watched hundreds of shows in hotel rooms in an evening when working away.

Not happy with PC World's customer service?



It is the same in Cardiff with them next door to each other and I have often done the same. PCWORLD is terrible for having staff on hand to assist which is so odd considering they specifically market their products/sales and services to those who may not be the most pc literate people.

Astronaut runs Boston marathon from space


Space Race

A couple of points occur to me when reading this story.. Way up there in space.... Oxygen is valuable, how much more did they burn with this lady running for this time ?

But the real reason for my comment can you imagine getting stuck in a tin can with someone sweating (not in a nice way if there is one) for nearly four hours.....