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Take-Two sues over death of Duke Nukem Forever


Best Quote

My favourite quote about this game:

Zero Punctuation critic Ben Croshaw: "I just hope that 3D Realms understands that if this game doesn't turn out to be history's greatest contribution to human culture and the cure for at least one type of cancer, I and every other reviewer on earth are going to saw its bollocks off."

Would be nice if it was released at some point even it was a leaked dev version to see what the fuss was about.

VeriChip shaves 3mm off human RFID chips

Black Helicopters


And in other news - "Gov 'smart meter' plans: Sky box in charge of your house"

Wonder if it includes an RFID scanner on it....?

Intel hit with largest ever EU fine



You really want that game on the Wii don't you!!

It's not really the same at all is it? Really? If they went ahead and canceled it on all platforms mysteriously, and the game writers couldn't find another publisher that would work with them to put the game on other platforms then you might have an argument but they haven't.

Checking out Wikipedia (pinch of salt ready) and it says that Sony just bought the rights to publish it for the Playstation with Blu-Ray copies of the films, and Atari are going to publish it everywhere else later in the year. I'm also assuming that all parties know about it and agreed rather than a shady under-the-table-in-a-trenchcoat-with-a-brown-envelope-and-a-funny-hand-shake kinda deal.

Sikh coppers request bulletproof turbans


@taxpayers money

Could everyone banging on about tax payers money please remember that all our turban wearing friends (750,000 odd) pay taxes too? If it helps pretend that your tax money goes towards keeping them out in the first place, and theirs go towards bulletproof turbans.

Sounds like a few coppers can't fit the regulation helmets on and want the job anyway. I say let them not wear helmets if they feel that strongly about it, it's their head on the line not ours! So long as they sign legal waivers that say they can't sue if they have any head related injuries whilst on the job of course.

Anyway, I'd have thought you'd prefer to have more gun toting police so you could get them to shoot non ID carrying, DNA databased underage crims that are dropping litter in your street and shouting loudly after 9pm. Nothing to fear nothing to hide!!

BBC seen to yield over website snooping



As said on the register a few times: Firefox, no script and cookie buddy is the way to go then.

I let theregister.co.uk give me a cookie and run scripts, but google-analytics.com, googlesyndication.com, quantserv.com and doubleclick.net (all of which are loaded on this page) can all kiss me bum. Actually with noscript they aren't doing that either.

Countdown to Conficker activation begins



Did anyone else read about the "software giant bears" on page one? Has Panda (page two) employed said bears to eat the Worm?

Wow serious stuff!

Tiscali pulls plug on 186K

IT Angle

Anonymous Coward @ 11:37

>Even if the connection goes down just leave it alone for a while, go out for the afternoon or >go to bed, you'll find it's working again later on.

Brilliant! If you're in IT support and your customer rings up; try and use that as an excuse and see what happens. :) Home users shouldn't really need to speak to their ISP that often, IT companies talk to theirs all the time.

We used to use Mailbox for DNS hosting, website hosting and reselling ADSL connections. We would have to contact them to make changes to the services and they were great. When they we're bought out by 186k we would have to call their customer services with questions like "Where has this website gone?", "Why does it say this domain has expired when I'm paying you a monthly fee?", "Why is this business connection between 2 offices running at 5kbps?", "Why have you disconnected these ADSL connections?", "Why are you billing me for a service I cancelled 2 months ago?"

If your electric/gas/cable/tv/water/telephone provider just cut off your service for a bit wouldn't you be mad? Or would you just go to bed for a bit? Personally even if I was just a home user it would piss me right off.

Paris Hilton

It's probably 186k's fault

186k are without doubt the most stupid cretins available. Their rich owner just buys small ISP's left right and centre without bothering to stop to see if they can actually support the userbase. I also had a large number of small businesses signed up with the excellent Mailbox who were had brilliant support -2 rings on the phone and you're talking to an actual Engineer.

186k bought them out and you couldn't contact them by phone because they were so busy, so they moved the call centre to India where they answered the phone a little more but couldn't really do anything there either. Then they moved it to Ireland and things were a little better although they still made stupid billing and technical mistakes. Throughout this time however, their sales line was always answered by a friendly sounding English person who couldn't support you at all (they actually said that in the phone menu).

I have a fairly good idea of what happened - 186k bought out some companies that were reselling lines from Tiscali. Because they couldn't identify which customers they had bought they refused to pay the bills so Tiscali were forced to put up block pages.

Thing that makes me laugh is the indignation that 186k are treating this with "It's all Tiscali's fault - OMG how dare they put up block pages!!oneone". Yes well 186k did exactly the same thing a few years ago but worse. They actually cancelled ADSL lines that they thought weren't being used without contacting anybody and then said it would take 5-10 days to get back on when people rang up. When I asked for MAC codes for 5 accounts at once the engineer was very surprised and said that everyone else just said they wanted to come back.

I really hate 186k - they couldn't find their arses with both hands, a map, a torch, a TomTom, help from their friends and a big painted sign saying "Welcome to your Arse". Sorry for the rant but the amount of people they have screwed over by buying and ruining well managed ISP's makes me mad. I really hope all their customers migrate away from them and they go bust.

....Paris Hilton 'cause I said bust.

NASA announces 'name the inflatable Moon tent' compo result



@Eirah Lewis

Whoops! Lots of cheap viagra pills and organ enhancment products coming to an Inbox near you!



@Eirah Lewis

Whoops! Lots of cheap viagra pills and organ enhancement products coming to an Inbox near you!

US lawmaker wants health warnings on video games


Chicken or Egg or just crap?

I LOVE being violent and destructive - so I play violent and destructive computer games.

I'm not violent and destructive, but I find the violent and destructive games fun!

I want to learn how to shoot people, so I'm going to buy a gun and practice. Oh I can't :( so I'll get a video game instead for now!

I don't want to learn how to shoot people, but that Call of Duty sure is fun!


Data Protection the DVLA Way


Debt collection feckers

I had a demand for payment sent to my house for someone with a similar surname and different date of birth for £1500 from American Express. After calling the company back and sending them a photocopy of my drivers license they left me alone.

Then it happened again a few months later from a different company...

Then again a few months later...

Finally I wrote "not at this address" on any letters with my name misspelt and sent them back.

Job done! I thought until I tried to get a mobile phone contract. They blacklisted my credit for my correctly spelt name and address! After getting Experion reports I was told that the original guy lived near my area and they had found my name and address after a search despite most of it being wrong and tried to tap me for the money. Eventually I had to contact American Express and get them to sort it out. Bastards!

eBayed VPN kit hands over access to council network

Paris Hilton

What about setting it up correctly in the first place?

Surely VPN access should be locked down by IP address when creating router to router tunnels??

Paris 'cause even she knows to check caller id before picking up.

Hackintosh maker bites back at Apple


I don't like Apple since..

They bought out emagic and immediately cut support for the PC version of Logic Audio. If Microsoft did that all Mac users would have a giant fit and they would be taken to court for being a monopoly again. Sure you can say that it costs extra to develop on 2 platforms but they were doing it before the buyout quite happily...

Did we say you can read that?


@Roger Pearse

Wow I never thought that I was part of a "privileged racial group"! I must remember to tell that to people next time I get racial abuse hurled at me and threatened with extreme violence. They'll back down for sure!

Laws unfortunately have to apply to everyone regardless of their colour or religon. Go back a few years and you'll find that Irish people were targeted because of the IRA and they didn't like it much either. Sure you could just search every brown person in the airport but wouldn't serious terrorists cotton on to that fact and plant explosive devices on other people?

Just because I'm a bit brown I shouldn't have more laws against me than everyone else. I'm tempted to read the Koran just to see what all the fuss is about, but better not do that in public though eh?

US appeals judge shares porn stash with world +dog


website directory listing

For those of you who thought it might have been "by mistake" check this page out:


Some of the videos/images have *very* interesting names!


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