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France gets closer to 'three strikes' downloader web ban


back to old times

I have not read the small print so I don't fully understand how they prepose to do this, but from what I do understand their system will be able to reconise illiagle content. I don't see how that can work. If I down load a recent release movie then they could maybe tell from the file name, but if the uploaded were to change the name of the file to something unrelsted or archive and encrypt the file then how can the ISP tell.

The only way I can see them doing that is to warn people that download large files. Although that is a problem with people downloading leagl software. Just think iTunes movie rental.

The piracy of software as been arround since before the Internet, and it has always been a problem it is just since it has become easy for the avarge joe to pirate warez that these issues have popes up. It all started with nspster and programs of like. Those died then came torrents that every tom dick and harry can download. Before those there was and still is IRC which the avarge joe has never herd of.

All that's going to happen is torrents will be the first thing they will target and when they are gone piracy will drop right down and only the few that have been pirating warez form the begining will carry on with out affect. Then the genral piracy will go back to swapping floppys. So get your 1.44s out and wipe the dust off!


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