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Gmail offers 'undo' email option



perhaps people could just use their brains every now and again if they thought about what they were doing before they did it they would realise they didnt have to hit send at all. Proof reading takes maybe 30 seconds for your average email and saves you a lot of hassle. Society is getting more and more stupid but a good idea I guess

Nokia unveils N79 and N85 smartphones


iphone v nokia

I have an Iphone I like it but honestly its not all its cracked up to be with its lack of mms, poor camera, no video recording facilities, slow 3g and no copy and paste. Dont get me wrong I love it but for now I have put my o2 sim back into my N95 8GB

sorry folks Iphone doesnt touch Nokia yet

Gmail outage causes outrage



No company can provide 100% uptime 100% of the time. Things do happen. Give google some credit they give millions of customers hundreds of billions of gigabytes free storage, free bandwidth, free email blah blah. These things all cost money. Bandwith doesn't just appear. It isn't just there! It has to be paid for. Severs cost thousands and google will have hundreds of not thousands of servers to serve their community free. Stop complaining they dont charge you a penny for their 99.9% reliability uptime. They like every other company have problems sometimes. Thats life.

UK ISPs agree to menace their filesharing users


bbc Iplayer settings

There is an option to turn this off - quite clearly stated in the BBC Iplayer settings

By Anonymous Coward

Posted Thursday 24th July 2008 00:49 GMT

refer them to BBC. Since I downloaded BBC iPlayer, it took over my bandwidth, uploading something to someone even when it is not in use. Cheeky bastards!

Blinking to replace remote controls, claims Japanese boffin


blinking mess

well thats it then. We are gonna have a society of blinking wrecks. Everyone will be bling winking whatever all bloody day. Give it a few weeks we will have a case of repetitative blink injuries. Im happy with my hands thanks!

AMD confirms 'Atom-smasher' chip on its roadmap

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Reversed engineered crap

AMD chips dont last very long. Look at their warranty period. Intels give you ridiculously long warranty cos they know their cips wont blow up on you at the last minute without any reason at all. AMD can't build reliable chips they never have and they never will. I have not once owned a chip that hasnt blown up at some point or another. I think this is a total waste of time. sorry guys Intel all the way for me

Oyster system failure causes travel misery


Its calling a driving license

in my experience most people carry their driving licenses around with them thats proof of address. If you dont have one get one they prove invaluable at proving who you are even just as provisional ..

unbelievably convoluted process for getting a replacement card...

By Harry Percival

Posted Monday 14th July 2008 11:00 GMT

Obama bloats Vista by 11MB



Maybe they just put the wrong file size information in the update window? Maybe they just cocked up the information telling you how big the update is. BBC Iplayer do it all the time. They tell you eastenders will be 600MB to download but when you come to download it its really 300MB.

Google evaporates Docs and Spreadsheets cloud


quit moaning

Stop your whining I would like to see you lot do a better job. No company is perfect.

Virgin Media ads throttled by peak time bandwidth squeeze

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throttling virgin

I wouldnt worry about it. The throttling is un noticable and the company hardly ever do it. Its happened to us and it didnt make much of a difference. upload was piss slow at the best of times anyway. ,

Comedy UK social network berates moaning users


FP stuff

They belong in the zoo.I cannot believe a site aimed at the younger generation would use such appalling language and behave in such an immature why. Its unbelievable. Shame on them

eBay calls for end to grey import laws

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:) x

agreed. This is one of their better ideas

3G iPhone not ready for the enterprise?


re: slOw2 '3G'

slOw2 '3G'

By Anonymous Coward

thats crap I use o2 3G with a built in 3g datacard as my primary internet solution o my laptop. I can downlod at speeds well over 140Kbs. I havent seen edge go above 30 Kbs.

Firefox 3: now available bug-free, say devs



firefox 3 is miles ahead of anything windows has to offer. give these guys credit they aint as big as Microsoft but the stuff rhwy write is definitely more stable. firefox under linux is far more stable.

God makes you stupid, researchers claim



religion is just an institutionalized way of social control