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UK data cops warn Optical Express to stop spamming 1000s of customers


Should've gone to Spec Savers..

Ok, Ok I'm going, I'm going. :0)

Uber surge pricing kicks in during Sydney siege



One man... a gun... several city blocks... siege zone..

Seriously WTF!

Or is this the gun?


Branson on Virgin Galactic fatal crash: 'Space is hard – but worth it'



We are Human & this is what we do.

Thorium and inefficient solar power? That's good enough for me


Re: Hydrogen Cycle

hmm.... maybe not so bad.

IIRC, Hydrogen is 1000 times LESS explosive than petrol and also, IIRC, it doesn't actually "explode" per se but burns very, very quickly as seen in the Hindenburg incident.

NASA: THE TRUTH about the END OF THE WORLD on 21 Dec

Black Helicopters

"4 weeks of chaos as mankind descends into hell, rioters taking to the streets, wide spread looting, law and order breaking down, mob rule taking over as no one bothers to go to work and many people dying horribly?"

Sounds like it could be the Police are on strike, the Electricity has went off or Chickens are extinct.

EDF: We'll raise bills 11% - but only 2% is due to energy costs!


Once again

said before and saying it again. We need to find a new way to generate electricty not find not fuels for turbines.

Surely the boffinry out there have some ideas?

Besides, and no one talks about this, private companies exist to increase, or at the very least maintain, shareholder value. Doesn't matter if you shave your consumption to the wire where every milliWatt is a prisoner, your fuel bills will go UP. Now you don't see anyone talking about that! Why?

The solution? Move power station/generation to Public domain? Have the Government seize power generation from the foreign nationals on the grounds of national security?

Greens wage war on clean low-carbon renewable energy



Ah the Greens, nothing will every be good enough. But wait! Here's a novel idea, why don't you stop bitchin and moanin and come up with some frackin ideas?

UK's thirst for energy falls, yet prices rise: Now why is that?


What would help...

Right now, aside from a few novel technologies, electricity is generated by turbine. What we really need is a new cheap, clean and efficient way to generate electricity not new ways (fuels) to power turbines.

Binary dinosaur drive found alive and breathing fire


Maybe Maybe Not

"But will it run... Crysis"

Probably not.

But from what I hear it'd run Crysis2 no problem.

Ton-up speed merchant blames dyslexia



But aren't we all, technically, terminally ill? There's no cure for death is there?

Smart meters pose hacker kill-switch risk, warn boffins



Can we legally refuse these new meters?

The Wrath of Jobs' latest victim: Motorola


Why now..

well why now? Smartphones have been around for years now so if this "problem" were so wide spread why are we only hearing about it now?

Remember, it was iPhone4 users who raised the complaints, not some malicious rumors from anti-Apple campaigners, so why no flurry of complaints about the previous generation iPhones or for any other Smartphone for that matter.

If it were so wide spread we'd have heard about it years ago. So, again, why now?

Could it possibly be because the iPhone4 has a unique problem?

Lord Carlile: Police are taking the proverbial on terror



"taking too many photographs in a busy shopping area".

"by two special constables who told him he needed a licence to take pictures at the public event."

Say isn't that the Google camera car, now where ARE those cops when you need 'em.

Two US men charged with running phony Cisco biz



"Myers also stands accused of obtaining access to a website containing Cisco's confidential serial numbers,"

Now that sure casts a huge shadow on Cisco. Any more details on how he achieved this?

Space firm to send Christmas Day tweets to dead people

Thumb Up

I'll 2nd that. @Ad Fundum

"It's almost as though we need some sort of award - like a Darwin award for pointless use of technology."

Now there's a regular feature, website and merchandise operation just gaggin' to be Headquartered at Vulture Central.

So come on El Reg, you know you want to.

Triumph in Geneva! LHC beams up and running again



What is wrong with us? Seems to me that we are prepared to believe that something catastrophic and very bad, Earth getting sucked into a black hole, another Big Bang or Bangs, demons & monsters from other dimensions, will happen much more readily than the possibilty of some good happening, unlimited free eneregy, cure for cancer, instant erradication of all Lawyers.

Now why is that?

NASA: the world will not end in 2012


A hundred years

D'oh! The count is off by 100 years.

Everyone knows that the world as we know it will be destroyed when the Temples of Parliament in London and The White Temple in Washington are torn down by the Elders in their joyous return in 2112.

Hell they even wrote a song about it.

'Something may come through' dimensional 'doors' at LHC



if there's is an unknown unknown event or otherwise, how can we be sure we'll know anything about it?

Gmail users howl over Halloween outage



if you get something for nothing, do you have a right to complain if it doesn't work?

NASA chuffed with super-accurate new map of universe


Damn shame!

"For all we know the universe out there may be empty, with one big black hole or full of new stars screaming with radiation. I don't know about you but it scares the hell out of me."

Oh what wonders await...

Hubble gives us the tinest glimpse of the majesty of the the known Universe, but to think that there is so much more that we will never know makes me, not scared but deeply and profoundly sad.

Farmer fined for ignoring cow's 'psychological needs'



"Except that of course the farmer has no electricity in his house, so those are pretty much the conditions he does endure."

Not exactly, the report says "under the house" and "with little natural light" the farmer has easy access to natural daylight, unless he needs electricity to open the curtains or get him out of the house.

The cow is a diurnal animal same as you and so needs the pattern of light and dark. Jeez!Humans get SAD during the shorter days of winter, don't you think that animals could have similar problems.

Hurt yourself? Try f**king swearing


as said before

Fuck the fucking fuckers.

With any word other than "fuck" the above sentence would make no sense. Swearing is so deeply ingrained in our psyche that the above makes perfect sense. If swearing has such far reaching linguistic effects, touching unknown comprehension centres deep within the brain, then I guess it's possible that it has healing effects as well.

Don't be surprised when you next visit the Doc and he tells you to quit fucking smoking, he really is trying to heal you.

Net pedants dismantle Quantum of Solace



Isn't this the whole point of fiction? It's not real. What part of that can' t these sad sacks comprehend.

Having said that, continuity errors are unforgivable and those responsible should be punished by having to sit naked on a block of ice for 24 hours and then have the heat paddled back into their arses with cricket bats. That should sort the problem.

Peaches Geldof cops a severe shoeing

IT Angle

Here it is.

The IT Angle is found

"general consensus" = redundancy.

Do I get a prize for spotting IT?

Speed cams ditched in Wiltshire


@David Kelly

Yeah, but Human reaction time is still 2 seconds and therein lies the problem, you could have anchors, retro rockets, parachutes or any other braking system, it still takes 2 seconds to think "Oh fuck...." and begin to deploy said braking mechanisms.

So it's not speed per se rather the fact that the majority are dumb asses whos' reality shrinks to about 10feet in front of the bonnet, with them at the centre of the universe, when they get into a car.

Get them to look, think, act responsibly and courteously and then, only then, can we consider altering laws and limits

Ford cars to gain prang-preventing radar rigs


@AC 10:42

You are 100% right, all these "safety" gadgets remove the responsiblilty from the driver and increase their false sense of security.

I think it's kind of funny that on one hand you have all these "conveniences" removing thought from everyday life and on the other there a lot of complaints about not wanting a nanny state. For instance, just look at all the muppets who put petrol in their diesel cars screaming for the manufacturers to take them by the hand and make it so they can't make the mistake. I'd ban these bozos from ever driving a car again, if the don't have the presence of mind on the forecourt what they hell are they doing driving?

Okay, slightly differenct from a nanny state but you get the idea.

Stick health warnings on gays, says Stock Exchange chaplain



You know it would seem the guy is right, far too many people are too eager to be offended these days and if you don't put Joke, sarcasm or satire at the start of your post, article or blog entry then it's like 'light the blue touch paper and run for cover'

Oh and El Reg isn't immune to this, why do you think they have this Joke Alert icon?

Gov seeks UK nuclear competition for EDF



This is a good thing I think, now before the greenies come on banging about environment, renewables etc, until the advent of fusion or viable, widespread geothermal we have to make a compromise or be sitting in the dark.

The way I see it is that we can either produce more to meet the demands of an ever growing population or consume the same or less by introducing strict, even draconian, birth control.

88% of IT admins would steal data if fired



Abuse or betrayal of trust, treason by another name, is a very, very serious matter. They have a word for folk like this, traitor.

Hey, isn't treason still punishable by Hanging in the UK?

Admins hold a very great deal of trust and if the guys answering this survey aren't just having a laugh then they should firstly be utterly ashamed of themselves and secondly named, shamed, bagged on the spot, ID'ed, RFID'ed and never, ever allowed to work in any position of trust again.

Ofcom considers termination charges


Go on

Yes bring on the termination charge. As soon as the majority realise that they are getting screwed for recieving calls the sooner their mobile phones will get flushed down the toilet. Then we'll have some peace on the bus/train/plane.

Yay for termination charges.

Council clamps down on 'man on the street'



Could we stop this guessing that someone somewhere will be offended PC nonsense please?. FFS people these phrases have been used for countless years if anyone was offended don't you PC nutters think you'd have heard about it by now?

Wait until someone complains then, like the ASA, uphold that one complaint. Just don't let trivial things like one complaint out of 60-odd million citizens stop you.

Arctic ice refuses to melt as ordered



Why do I have this suspicion that there's going to be a very large, very damaging, very messy civilisation changing fraud case coming up pretty soon?

My guess is that the trial will start on 21st December 2012.

American man too fat for execution


@ Sarah

"but the worst crimes are often committed impulsively"

Maybe so, but don't they establish if the crime was premeditated at the trial? Is that perhaps the difference between life and death.

Bebo users to summon superhuman alien pop-fancier invasion



Not content with filling our little Earth based network with spam we just HAVE to fill the whole frikin' Universe with spam, don't we?

"where will this end?"

"in fire"

Steve Fossett may be alive, investigator claims



My guess is Michael is using HP Protecttools and he has opted for autologin. This same thing happened to me and whenever I tried to post an new comment on any article in Channel the stupid thing would login and repost the old comment before I could blink.

AVG chokes fake traffic spew



"for bringing these challenges to our attention"

Thanks Lloyd, but one little thing, cut the mumbo jumbo and speak your mind. A spades is a spade and a challenge is still a problem.

Here the PROBLEM was your spam traffic, it wasn't/ isn't t a challenge, it was a PROBLEM. We brought the PROBLEM to your attention.

The CHALLENGE was for you fix it.

Can we get ti right next time please, and can we bin the management speak? Oh and this has got NOTHING to do with and positive attitude mind games you guys play around the boardroom table.

It was a PROBLEM and you rose to the CHALLENGE of fixing it.

Spread the word my good man.

Stunned commuter finds more secret papers on train



mmm..... maybe this is some kind of campaign of mis-information. I find it hard to believe that anyone, in gainful employment, is so absent minded as to leave such sensitive documents lying at their arse. But then again you still get folks filling their cars up with the wrong fuel.

FIPR slams central communications database


@ Steven

Yes the terrorists have already won.

I wonder though, how long before these self same terrorists are viewed as freedom fighters and heros by a constantly monitored, controlled, oppressed people?

Deutsche Telecom caught doing an HP



Spying on Directors and Senior Execs eh?

So who exactly is doing the spying, if not the Directors and Senior Execs or are there Senior Directors and Super Execs or maybe Deutsche Telecom the name of the fellow doing the spying.

What's it to be?

Social networking site bans oldies over sex offender fears


Don't understand

All the comments here about lying about age, multiple email addreses etc are perfectly valid, what I can't understand is why the hell ordinary Joes, like us, can see this yet those we have elected to do the job seem totally oblivious to the real world.

Is having your brain removed the prime requisite for a politician these days?

British Gas sues Accenture


How many

How many more failures must society endure before the lazy, fuckwit bullshitter "consultants" and "executives" get turfed out on their ears, yes fired to fuck, penniless NOT asked to resign with golden parachutes and other such nonsense.

It's well passed high time these jokers learned that there is a price pay for FAILURE.

Windows XP SP3 blame game begins

Gates Horns

So what

Question: in light of these recent problems with Vista, it's service pack and now the XP service pack, will anything change with, or at, Microsoft.

By the looks of it there are a few folks at Microsoft needing their asses fired straight out of the door never to work again. Not least Mr Gates for letting his company name be tarnished by idiots, slackers and hangers-on.

Hey Bill, start firing people (yes firing, NOT asking to resign) big title, big salary managers first, you'll soon get the rest showing some pride in their work for a change.

EDF circles British nuclear powerplant sites



does anyone else see where this is going?

EDF build a bunch of power stations here, supply the power to France, shut down the French stations and charge us double the price the French pay.

Just watch and remember you heard it here first.

As Bart Simpson would say "twice the pet, none of the mess"

Lancashire plodcopters in laser dazzle outrage outbreak



I don't understand how a guy on the groud can see the guy on the 'copter and shine the laser in his eye? There's no way he can do this in one "shot" unless he has a very steady hand, a pair binoculars, his target is static and he has a shitload of luck.

What he's most likely to be doing on a moving target is sweeping the beam in the general area of where he THINKS the pilots head/eyes may be and if if he does get lucky and the beam strike the pilts eye it's only going to be for the briefest of moments.

Besdies, as mentioned earlier, what of dispersion at distance of a narrow beam.

Unless you can tell me that the the guy on the ground has was in a Laser Lighthouse with a super wide, high powered beam, then sorry but I think this is horseshit.

Scottish Government scuppers Lewis wind farm plan


Democracy at work?

I can't see where LWP have scope to moan, 11000 objections, I mean fuck me this is a democracy isn't it,. I guess the people said no and that's that. That and the fact the some folks obviously appreciate that we share the planet with other lifeforms and as Ian indicates, "we bought apples at your cart before"

Europe moves against Internet's 'virtual training camps'


@Steve: Too late

"How much longer can it be before plod can arrest people on a charge of 'looking at me in a funny way'?"

It's already happened


UK consumers lose £6.6bn a year to unfair treatment



Let's not forget the unfair taxation costing us more than businesses ever will.

At least with businesses/banks you get something in return, even if it's only a £25 letter to tell you that you are skint.

This DVD will self-destruct in 48 hours



Stupid Jerrys, technology for technology's sake. Utter lunacy, there is already a veritble MOUNTAIN of crap on the planet, in the ocean and now, as we find out, in space.

Scrap this idea and throw the idiots resposible in the Cooler for a month or so to contemplate their, literally, rubbish idea.

Windows Vista update 'kills' USB devices


Do you think.....

.... Microsoft have learned anything from all this? Maybe we'll get a very slick, polished, unbloated, secure Windows 7?

EU sets cellphone users loose in aircraft


Have they ever thought....

stopped to think that some business users, the ones who actaully do the work as opposed to the pansies who only like to look important, may WELCOME being incommunicado,

Not to mention other passengers enjoying the, relative, quiet?

Is there to be no peace?