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Public sector faces hefty fines for data breaches

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How do fines for publicly funded bodies work???

So, if some council cocks up they fine them. So, they money that we pay to the council every month is now used as a fine which goes to the Treasury (or some other government agency). Then the council says, "sorry, no more money, we scrap a few services and we need to put up the tax for next year to cover the shortages".

That's great, they cock-up, the Treasury gets more money and the council gets the money the year after anyway. So, they do a bad job and then they all get more money out of us. Any other bright ideas?

BBC must reveal EastEnders costs


£12/month? That's a bargain for what you get!

£12/month for the BBC. Is that a lot? You get a lot more than Eastenders. You get Top Gear, Doctor Who, Little Britain, Mock the Week, all the Attenborough programms (but I guess most of the Reg's readers are far too busy having sex with their PDAs to notice anything in the natural world so they wouldn't be interested) plus the fact that you can watch a program without having to stop every 5 minutes to learn about the latest advances in washing powder and the cheeky chaps at Phones.

As for those saying why do they pay their people so much, well, fine, cut their salaries to Nuts TV levels, then they all go so you end up paying £12/month for really rubbish TV. Go and watch some US and European TV. Tenths, hundreds of TV stations showing recycled rubbish, series from the 70s, budget movies from the 80s, game shows and news ripped off from BBC, CNN and Sky because they can't afford their own reporters.

£12/month is a bargain for what you get: I probably watch on average 1 hour of TV a day and I still think it's a bargain, especially as 9/10 times it is BBC.

If you want to complain about something, complain about council tax. That costs 10x as much and all you get is a broken pavement in front of your house, closed schools and ever expanding "controlled-parking zones".

Jobs bars 3G Jesus Phone sales at Canuck Apple Stores


Aaahh...the eternal debate in El Reg...

I see the usual order of events has been preserved:

1 Apple makes new product/releases new version of existing product.

2 El Reg slams it before they even see it.

3 Apple fanboys come to the rescue.

4 Apple haters respond.

It makes one wonder whether all these people (the Apple haters in the Reg, the Apple fanboys and the Apple haters that read Reg) really have no personal lifes and can only get satisfaction by loving/hating an electronic product...

God makes you stupid, researchers claim


Academics have higher IQ?

Maybe they do, but they are also some of the most socially inept people as well. So how is that linked to religion then?