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EU abolishes the acre

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A4 is very logical, not weird!

It's based on A0 (1 m^2) and the ratio of the sides means that it doesn't change shape when you fold it across the long axis. Note sure if there's an imperial equivalent.

As we're all in IT isn't it important to maintain a range of standards that we can choose from?

Nick (Just give me a British pint, not the range of beer-glass sizes each state here in Oz has ...)

Lab tech supplier redefines corporate song paradigm

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Thumb Up


We're in biotech so I've sent it to all the lab-rats. I'll just give them a couple of hours to rehearse their moves ...

King Arthur was English 'propaganda', French claim

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Arthur English

As English as they come: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0257583/

Mines the one in the Grace Brothers fitting room.

US appeals judge shares porn stash with world +dog

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Paris Hilton

"a step-by-step series of a woman shaving her public hair"

So not her private parts then.

Paris, who exemplifies the brazilian commando approach.