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Phew, galactic accident helps boffins explain dark matter riddle


Re: Explains the riddle...?

"What did you expect?"


A Schweppes add? ;-)

Supernovae may explain mass extinctions of marine animals 2.6 million years ago



Fascinating, and also something that really shouldn't be flung into the 'common-sense'-verse before actual Proof.

Jupiter suffered growing pains before becoming our system's big daddy


Not even close to a star

It's a misconception that Jupiter got close to being a star. Even to become a brown dwarf it would need about 13x it's current mass.

Remember that $5,000 you spent on Tesla's Autopilot and then sued when it didn't deliver? We have good news...




gullibility (countable and uncountable, plural gullibilities)

The quality of readily believing information, truthful or otherwise, usually to an absurd extent.

Pentagon in uproar: 'China's lasers' make US pilots shake in Djibouti


Welding glasses

Pilots will have to start wearing glasses similar to Welding glasses during take-off and landing. Don't wait for planes to crash first.

OnePlus Android mobes' clipboard app caught phoning home to China


George Orwell wrong

Not just the Government. Not Big Brother either. Worse, much, much worse.

Astroboffins say our Solar System could have – wait, stop, what... the US govt found UFOs?


ET's back?!

I thought E.T. went home in the '80s?!?

So the 'Year of Linux' never happened. When is it Chrome OS's turn?


try it!

ChromeOS is simply the Chrome browser but on steroids, with many Android apps now also available on may of the latest Chromebooks.

The short of it : everybody should try it at least once, and it's possible to get really cheap but still very capable Chromebooks on the second hand market that should make it almost painless to get a taste.

Helpdesk? I have a software problem. And a GRIZZLY BEAR problem



It's just a Grizzly looking for a CheeseBurger. They'll be fine @MacDo.., if they've got some ready.

IT's Holy Grail, but is DevOps a Poisoned Chalice for sysadmins?


No doubt

Not a shred. DevOps is the death of the BOFH. All Hail the new BSYSOFH

Philae comet lander officially dead



Some day someone will direct their version of the Millenium Falcon towards it and pick it up, only to sell it further on the black market to some dodgy spacejunk collector nameed D'horku, who will then turn it into a dune buggy.

Little warning: Deleting the wrong files may brick your Linux PC




Electrician cuts wrong wire and downs 25,000 square foot data centre


Asking for it, they were

Get it, they did.

Red dwarf superflares batter formerly 'habitable' exoplanet



If it's in the Goldy Locks zone then surely bears can live there.

Top VW exec blames car pollution cheatware scandal on 'a couple of software engineers'


rogue CEO

"Rogue employees" wouldn't do this kind of thing without telling their superiors. You'd want to get promoted for that kind of shit or get a raise.

No. he's dishonest and hopefully he'll answer for that later on.

Belgium trolls France with bonkers new commemorative coin


for collectors

It's not ment to be used as legal tender (and why would you use it if it cost you 6Euro and it's only worth 2.5Euro).

This is only ment for colelctors.

Apple to devs: Watch out, don't make the Watch into a, well, a watch



Don't doubt the fruit that knows better than its customers what its customers want,

Revealed: The AMAZING technology behind Apple's $1299 Retina MacBooks – a lot of glue


better make a backup

And you might think ... this is Apple , it'll last forever anyway.

Well... not my experience : over the last couple of years I had one macbook air and one macbook pro suddenly fail on me. No front warning, none. Just a black screen.

And that's when suddenly you realise : good thing I've got a backup because there's absolutely no way I'm going to get that data from that soldered on storage.

Chrome version 42 will pour your Java coffee down the drain: Plugin blocked by default


Google is mean!!

Well, when you're playing with the Big Boys you better play like a Big Boy.

So I guess I'll have to start using Firefox if I still want to be able to reach the Java Consoles of my Blade Servers from now on because Chrome already beat Internet Explorer to a pulp :-/

HP Stream x360: Flippable and stylish Chromebook killer


chromebook killer?

A chromebook killer that is only useable for browsing the web yet requires frequent backups, patches, anti-virus and anti-malware software?!? Seems to me it's a somewhat crippled Chromebook-wannabe.

Maybe some day this Windows OS will be able to compete with ChromeOS ... but that day is not today.

Apple's Watch is basically electric perfume


Rich nerd?

There may have been a time when Apple attracted nerds but that time has long passed.

HP Chromebook 11 quietly slips back on Google Play shelves... but where's the FIRE?


Real trolls love it

No , it does almost everything Trolls love to do exceptionally well ... except for Uber-gameing.

But I still think you can fit one next to the gameing rig your dad bought you.

Then again, maybe it's time you got a job, or ask yourself the question how well the browser works on your PSP4.

Higgs data shows alternate reality will SWALLOW UNIVERSE


If this were true ...


Apple banishes Java from Mac browsers


Re: I can gues at two reason

That indeed makes sense.

Good thing Apple isn't a car manufacturer for they might remove the wheels from your car if they find it's prown to punctures and , probably even more important : sourced from another company and not helpful to their bottom--line.:-)


Reality Distorting Fruit

Oracle? I get my java from starbucks!

I wonder what spin the Reality Distorting Fruit has prepared to make this paletable to the fruit-aholics.

"All Rise !

The Ministry of Fruit expells Java as it is not a Fruit.

We deem it an Evil Herb which does not belong on our, erhm your, fields.

That will be all.

You may now kiss our feet !"

UK: 'We're legally bound to arrest Mr Assange'



He's gonna have to pay the pied piper.

Tech hacks should admit taking corporate coin, but don't start a witch hunt



There's money to be had from being a professional troll? No way! I'm shocked!

I may have to revisit all this fear and uncertainty and start being more trusting.

Fact of the matter is that a "professional" journalist tends to gets away with misinformation if he has 2 independant sources but a consumer needs at least a dozen if he wants to avoid investing in yet another lemon.

Global warming: It's GOOD for the environment

Thumb Down

Happy Ending

Woow, a Happy Ending after all ! Just like we're taught to expect in the cinema !

And who needs grass anyway?

Icebears don't need grass so it's all good!

CO2 for President !

What should Oracle do with Sun


Re: Hang on a sec

Anonymous Coward: "They should just port Solaris to x86 and kill Sparc."

What are you talking about??? Solaris has been ported to x86 for a very long long time! More than a decade ago , in fact I think already in the previous millenium.

In fact, many companies run Solaris on x86/64 server and many run it on vmware even!

What Sun refused to do was port Solaris to ITANIUM ... but even Redhat agrees with them on that decision now.

Dinosaurs were DRAINED of blood by GIGANTIC HORROR FLEAS


grain of salt

I've always been told that insects can not be 'very large' because of the fact thaty they don't have longues but a completely different 'breathing system' that requires them to remain small.

So they can't have been 'football' size, but they can be 'ping-pong' ball sized.

Philips intros dual-view telly tech


saved marriages

I truly hope they aren't just going to limit the possibilities to Split-Screen gaming for that is not going to change my marriage.

What I need is the ability to watch a different channel from my wife on the same screen.

So that I can watch The News or Sports while she watches ... well.. crap, really.

Imagine how many marriages that would save !

Sparc M4 chips etched by Oracle, not Fujitsu


IBM said something about a competitor and therefor it must be correct ???

Time to say goodbye to Risc / Itanium Unix?



What is changing in the industry has more to do about 'virtualisation' than it has to do about 'architecture'. Many enterprises are going for virtualisation on VMware, and yes, VMware does only run on x86. Therefor we find that Windows and Linux are on the rise... not because they're perse so good , but because they are easy to virtualise, which cuts TCO. That said, Solaris CAN run as well on VMware but currently is not (yet ?) considered probably for the simple reason that most IT managers simply don't realise that it does run on VMware.

Big iron RISC servers during an economy in trouble obviously are going to see a decline because of their cost. But when workloads need more than 4 CPU cores and the best in IO performance then Windows simply can't do what Solaris, AIX and HP-UX can do. Linux can do a lot but it also has it's limits, not in the least because Linux isn't an OS, it's a kernel. Build around it we have SuSe , Redhat, Ubuntu ... So choices need to be made because although these are very much alike, in an enterprise you want them to be IDENTICAL to keep down the cost of administration.

So Big Iron isn't going away any time soon, what is going away is 'Midrange iron' and it's being replaced by VMware on Blades, but only for the 'small' workloads, essentially Tier 1.

'Upgraded' Apple iMacs lock out hard drive replacement

Jobs Horns

Even fanbois

Even fanbois will eventually have to come to the inevitable conclusion : Apple is trying to rip it's customers off through hardware lock-in.

I've got a bunch of hardware from Apple but I definately won't be buying any PC or portable they bring out that does not allow at the very least easy replacement or upgrade of the disks and memory.

Oracle chief bean-counter mysteriously quits database giant


hardware company

Oracle isn't just a software company anymore.

Strange as it still may feel they actually sell servers , storage and other hardware.

May want to catch up on that.

iPad alert: Are you a selfish elite or an independent geek?



People should watch out for polarisations like these. As Unfortunately people DO tend to stump themselves into boxes, stop thinking.

It's not a coincidence that bad publicity is known to be better than no publicity : for even it polarises. For once people are aware, some of them will care - no matter what.

A Rumba with a Roomba

Thumb Up


Yep, the Roomba IS indeed a great thing.

However, people should be aware that when you use a Roomba there ARE 2 things you still need to do yourself (apart from turning it on) :

- You need to prepare the room somwhat, meaning you probably will need to move shoes and such out of the way. Arguably this is something you may not needed to do before the Roomba because you would just push items aside as you went ;-)

- The Roomba needs maintenance after every (big) vacuuming job. With maintenance I mean : the cleaning brushes need to be taken out and 'cleaned'. It's not a big job (takes aporimately 3 minutes or so) and the Roomba is build in such a way that it makes this maintenance easy (no screw-drivers or other tools involved)

One of the extreme pro's of the Roomba lies in the wonderful fact that brushes and wheels and generally everything that could break can be ordered online AND for a reasonable price !

We've had our Roomba for 2 months now and frankly, we couldn't live without anymore



You need to service your Roomba often, in fact, I recommend that you take out the brushes out after every (big) deployment. But the Roomba is made in such a way that maintenance is not a big job : the brushes are easy to remove and place back, the front wheel can easily be removed and cleaned as well.

Without maintenance , however, you indeed will find that your Roomba will die on you sooner than you like but even then you can buy relatively cheaply the replacement parts : this device is clearly not designed following the throw-away phylosophy.

Adobe man to Apple: 'Go screw yourself'


Apple haters

Apple deserves to be hated because it does not respect it's customers.

I've bought many of Apple's products and I used to appreciate their products but now that it's clear what Apple is REALLY about I happyly and glady have converted myself into an Apple hater.

My next systems will not run MacOS , they will not run Windos either, and they will not run anything from Google either. My next systems, as most of my previous ones did, will run one of the true Open Linux distributions : Debian or Ubuntu, and I hope many will start to understand that 'Freedom' can only come if Customers have Choice and I hope people will stop surrendering their 'Freedom' so darned easily to this and that company.

Apple iPad vs netbooks: fight not over yet



When Apple came out with the Mac Air I understood that it's added value was more than just it's estethic form. With the iPad it is however alot more difficult to argue pro such value.

Fact of the matter is that many people without a PC will consider buying this but they will find that is a dumb thing to do because you need a PC to be able to use the iPad ! In other words, the iPad is a PEREPHIRAL to your PC and because of this fact it definatly DOES suck because with the wifi and the relatively fast processor it COULD and SHOULD have been AUTONOMOUS. It should be , in other words, a netbook in the for of a pad, and not 'yet' another extension that clearly intentionally is ment to expand the Apple market , through the iStore, the iBook store and the iApp store ! We deserve to be able to CHOOSE where we buy our music, our books and our apps but Apple is putting a noose around all it's FANBOIS and they don't even object, they in fact love it for the sake of the easy user experience !

Michael Dell: Netbooks go sour after 36 hours


smart-phones ?!

Netbooks may not have all the capabilities of Laptops but then one has to wonder :

do consumers hate their smart phones after 36 hours ?

No, when you buy a device you know what it is capable of and netbooks definately beat smart-phones at just about everything Internet related and are "as good as" Laptops at these simple tasks (browing web, email, even VoIP), while they remain far more transportable...

The only thing a smartphone is better at is phoneing ...

What Dell and Intel are scared off is the following equation :

When on the road the combination of a "cheap netbook" with a "cheap phone" beats or matches the combination of an "expensive laptop" with an "expensive smartphone" at just about anything you'd want to do whilst on the road ! Especially when it comes to portability and price !

Dutch cat skinner publishes critics' personal details


mind games

Some people just get their kicks playing mind games... let's press here and see what happens.

It's more of a sociopathy than anything else ... wanting to be in the center of attention, being talked about, proof one exists. Huzar !!

And then think this does the world a favour, changes it , ... for the better ?!

But at best it briefly puts a mirror in front of us makes us refect upon ourselves (great excuse) but let it be clear that the lesson I've learned here is that I can and will from now on start wearing fur coats again and eat puppy-liver. Especially dutch puppy liver.

Sun silent on sorry server sales


sparc servers

Not so sure if the SPARC server drop is really all that meaningfull.

Sun EOLed many low-end SPARC servers like the SunFire V240 and did not really put anything in place. The story was that the way to replace them by Niagara based processors split up through the LDOM technology but in the end the price of those machines of course had the end result that many customers replaced their low-end SPARC's with x86 based systems...

So sure there was a drop in Sun SPARC based systems but was this only in the low-end range of thigns because there it's obvious that the sales would drop , with no low-end sparc servers being provided anymore !!!

In the end the whole SPARC line currently depends on one thing and one thing only : ROCK.

Will it arrive and if so ... when ? How fast will it be ? How much will it cost ? ... Numbers of SPARC sales really mean nothing atm , they could sell 10000 High-End Rock servers and it would still be a great result.

HP skims another 10% off some EDS workers' pay packets


just say "No"

This all sounds to me like a more elaborate strategy from HP/EDS direction aimed at getting an extra bonus before slimming down their work-force even more.

The best way to get somewhere is not necessaryly a straight line.

All you people really should do is say "NO" to this but you just know that you're all going to have to come in to the manager his office who will try to pursuade you one by one.

So have you people ever heard of the word "strike" ? No ?

Well, I suggest a 2 day worth unannounced strike so they understand why they have people working for them in the first place. Especially in the US getting fired should not bother most people, there are plenty of jobs around and you really have no reason to feel secure in the company you are in right now so let go of that idea of false security and fight for your rights.

DARPA seeks self-aware AI robot mega-tanks


friendly fire

This is so going to give "friendly-fire" an extra dimension !

IBM solves world's 'paper or plastic' crisis


pay for the bag !!

Am I living in the only country where people actually have to PAY for the damn add invested bags in grossery shops ... and we do not even have the option for a paper bag, only plastic bags with the name of the grossery shop on them ?

Using the environment as an excuse many companies are actually shoving one of their costs right into the throath of the customer.

Even worse is Carrefour, who have their own "Carrefour Visa" card and a cassiere ready for just those few customers that have one of those. Being in controle of how many cassieres are available this has the end result of all customers haveing to wait in long lines except for those with the Carrefour Visa cards !!! All I hope for is that other people, just like me, stop going to grossery stores that feel they can abuse their own customers in subtle but very real ways.

And so we begin the tech sector's journey into the Heart of Darkness


Fuji !!!

Wanna know what I think ?

I think that Fuji IS indeed considering buying Sun but decided that although the JAVA stock is already very low; it would be even more tastier and less risk to buy them when it would be even lower.

So they then contacted a TheRegister editor and promised him a few million $ (or Fuji shares) if he could somehow, by posting a few filtered well-known facts (economy has been in the slumps for a year or 2 now, hadn't you noticed ?), through the TheRegister distribution channel.

Hey. I can invent stuff too, you know. but just think of the consequences ...

Shrinking Sun under the gun


Ain't no sunshine when you're gone

What really lays at the base of Sun's problems is it's naievity, it's naievity and the small size of the company (compared to IBM,HP and Fujitsu).

It's very unfortunate because it's that same naievity and small size that makes Sun so very valuable to the IT sector and both will be lost once the company fuses into a bigger one. I feel ill too, at the very thought.

You can do half a billion worth of R&D and create great products only to find

that 10 million of PR just isn't enough to advertise it, especially not when competing companies love to spend 20 million of FUD stomping your product in the ground.

Sun isn't expensive, but it is perceived that way. Sun isn't 'proprietary', but it is perceived that way.

Rabbit murderer stalks Ruhr Valley


pet shop store

Detect rabbit hutches via satellite pictures ?

That's absurd , from they sky might as well be bird cages.

If I were them I'd check out the pet shop store first, odds are that the owner knows all of the victim's owners and is therefor the prime suspect.



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