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Lars Ulrich threatens to make another Metallica album during web chat with Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff

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Great rock after the 80's

I have come across a lovely sounding trio that goes by Ningen Isu in my video recommendations. Can be found on the usual Chocolate Factory site.


Ninja Pirate Zombie Vampires versus Chuck Norris and the Space Marines

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What about better than improvised human civilians? McGyver and A-Team for example. Granted, McGyver doesn't even line weapons but has proven that he can defeat pretty much anything used against him with a roll of duct tape...

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Re: Morris Dancers.

Morris dancers should not be lumped in with the human mob. They are well organized. They should be a flavor of human military.

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R2-D2 etc ARE combat robots by design.

C3PO is not a combat robot. He is a mass produced protocol droid. Some say he is some kid's homemade project. Right. Some kid is going to name the biggest achievement he makes some hodgepodge designation. Anyhow...

R2-D2 is a combat robot: R2 units are used as integral components on combat starships. (See the droid cup holder in the X-Wing and other designs.

Johnny-5 is the fifth combat droid in a series. He goes haywire due to a voltage spike.

There seems to be some confusion on the vulture's part as to what is or isn't a combat robot by design. Please do not unduly increase the chances of the whimsical robot brigade by including purpose built killing machines into their ranks.

Google dumps all 11+ million .co.cc sites from its results

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subdomain sans google indexing

So if i wanr a subdomain (for free even) that google ignores this sounds like the perfect place.

I have nothing against google, mind (international treaties and laws against certain items of mass destruction being what they are), but this sounds like a good place for anything tinfoil related.

Start-up outfoxes Apple, Dell and HP by offering stock options with PCs

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Where do I sign up?

Free kit /and/ stock options for a little creative writing?

/me looks for the box of integrity and tosses it in the corner.

Mine's the one with a little Devil (tm) on both shoulders.

Firefox 3 Download Day falls flat on face

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ff is so innovative etc et al. WtF?!? "a bigger back button" as a new feature? how innovative.

anyhow, some things just run under the heading "it's good enough" for me. does ie7 have some drawbacks? yup. do ff, opera, safari have drawbacks? i'm sure they do. (don't use any of em regularly, so can't say for sure)

ms has married the browser to the os in no uncertain manner. a lot of the os'es activities involve parts of the browser in some way. this is why i am happy with the way ie7 and its predecessors worked. i do not see the point of installing another piece of software to replace one that comes with the operating system and performs in an adequate fashion, especially since i can not remove the included browser from the system as the system needs parts of it to run...

Boffins: Roadrunner hypercomputer could drive a car

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this one is a good bit of progress. now code an app that designs the next one on this beast and we might actually get somewhere...

Foldable sports plane gives Everyman a chance at crashing

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@ the cube

too damned right. it's an ultralight. and i think just my arse alone would be taxing it. on the bright side, it being an ultralight, the potential damage to things it hits is rather negligible. if it blunders ito the path of an airliner on takeoff or landing it should leave a mark but not much else.

DARPA pilot-ware unflappable in wing-fling damage test

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Impressive, BUT...

@ AC #1: quite, the F-15 landing sans one wing was brilliant. as with this F-18 model, the huge fuselage of the eagle helped to maintain some lift, that and the gigantic control surfaces.

@ DARPA: cute. but nothing more. as Chris W noted, put a bick enough engine on a brick and it will fly. Paint stripes on it and it works even better. look at some of the things model airplane enthusiasts fly on the weekend. from lawnmowers to snoopy's doghouse, it's all there. The fact that the wing was dropped just outside the flaps also helped the 'bot maintain flight. in the head-opn shot the deployed flaps on the truncated wing are clearly visible. the clean "break" also helped reduce turbulence. a real F-18 has a lot of composites in the wing. if one were to fall off i surmise that quite a bit of peeling of the remaining stump would take place, creating drag and turbulence.

repeat the experiment en vivo and you'll get my vote.

The black chopper 'cause it will now be harder to shoot down.

Pope gives blessing to anti-christ terrorist squad

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spanish inquisition all over...

this is nothing but a ploy by the vatican to reinstate the spanish inquisition.

thanks to their access to interpol they will now be able to track heretics all over the world.

the black hel(l)icopter because that's what the inquisition death squads will descenfd upon us in.

Google supports US privacy law

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Don't be Evil...

oh please, don't make me laugh...

I have nothing against google, i use their services privately. (in moderation)

but anyone foolish enough to use all their nice "free" services for business has got to rethink that.

most business and some private data that is given to google through these free office apps et al should /never/ be given out so freely. do people not realize that they are not incidentally showing their goods to some philantropic org but rather throwing their goods into a system set up /specifically/ to trawl the intartubes for usable data to sell advertising?

el chopper negro because google has a fleet of them...

Interstate web host foils gonzo porn baron Max Hardcore

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@ ashley

and that is precisely why critter pron is so popular in japan. most of the critters used don't need to be blurred. besides, the shuddering of the accidental viewer takes care of any required blurring...

do aliens have blurrable parts?