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Beeb reworks Wuthering Frikkin' Heights

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Amazing how many people rush to slag off the beeb for wasting our money on costume dramas.

Read the article - it's on the radio, so will consist of three people standing in a room, reading a script.

Replicating DNA

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Caught the tone

A good effort, although I think you're a little late to pitch for the new book.

What's more worrying is that does seem to be how publishing works these days.....

Like the graph - sets the bar about right for the new one. I'm not sure how anyone can ruin the legacy more than DA did with the last two books...

Heart because I don't think I've seem it used anywhere else!

Full-size Roman siege artillery offered on eBay

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Very poor quality

Who'd pay for something that only fired twice!

The trebuchet at warwick castle fires twice a day, and has for several years...

.. and it goes further than some Roman rubbish (what have the Romans ever done for us?)


Noel Edmonds defies BBC's jackbooted enforcers

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IT Angle

Well someone's got to...

"There is no IT angle to this story. What is it doing here? I am removing The Register from my bookmarks. Please cancel my subscription. I am also dissatisfied with today's weather. Please make the weather the way I like it. Goodbye."

Seriously, can I be the first to welcome our bearded, jumper wearing overlords....

Acer Aspire One A110

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Extra memory without the HDD

I really like the AA1. It just annoys me that I can't have the extra memory without also having a HDD instead of SSD. What is the point of 120Gb in this type of machine anyway?

It seems that to do the memory upgrade yourself requires taking the machine apart...

Think I'll wait to see how much it costs with the bigger battery and 3G.....

El Reg nails Street View spycars to Google Maps

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Black Helicopters

A title is required.

Black cars, black helicopters, they are all the same.

Here's a competion suggestion - a stack of El Reg goodies to the first person to find a picture of themselves taking a picture of the google spy cars on street view? (Something to do whilst looking for bulgarian airbag snaps anyway.....)

How to be an instant Web me-2.0 developer

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On the money

As Ever, right on the button.

Can we have the diagrams available as a powerpoint? I have a meeting this afternoon that the web 2.0 diagram would be very useful for manager baiting.....

Boozers rejoice - it's the USB wine tap!

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Sacre Bleu!

What a great invention!

Now, where do I get the CAMRA version from?

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You mean that you can't download wine from the internet?

You'll be telling me next that I don't need to put the network cable in a bucket to catch the bits when I unplug the printer. That must be true, a tech support guy told me to....

BBC, ITV, Channel 4 plot single broadband TV player

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RE: virgin charge for bbc

Virgin don't charge for their "Catch Up TV" Service, over your regular monthly subscription. This allows you to watch "selected" shows from BBC, Channel 4 and Virgin own channels (Bravo, Challenge etc) for 6 days after transmission.

The keyword there is "selected". You have no way of knowing in advance if the programme you want to watch will have been saved.

There is also a pay-per-view service, which allows you to buy episodes of older series, including BBC content. But this is no different than buying it on DVD or from iTunes or similar.

So they do not "charge" for BBC content.

BOFH: PFY spreads his wings

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RE: Murder?

Not that anyone will ever prove....

Why do robot experts build such lousy robots?

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re: The first copulating dinosaurs?

Actually now you mention it, my son's Robosapien 1 has a pelvic thrust move. I always wondered what for, but I guess that since it's never met Mrs RS, it hasn't had chance to demonstrate. I just thought it was so it could do the Timewarp properly...

Doohan's last landing party missing in mountains

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Wouldn't want to be ....

...the anonymous looking security guard at the back of the search party...

Currys to cease stocking cassettes

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RE: Death of music?

Just listening to the charts will tell you that it was killed a long time ago. I'm not convinced that home taping was guilty though...

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Currys pull free publicity coup again

Great, so Currys/Dixons have managed to get a load of free publicity by announcing to big fanfare the death of a old format.

By my reckoning that's at least the third time they have pulled this stunt, having previously anounced the death of floppies and VHS.

Looking at the Google news link shows how many journos have bought it. I'd moan about lazy journalists, but I can't be bothered....

Woman serves hubby really crap curry

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be fair

...This isn't reprinted from the Sun. It's copied from the BBC instead....

BT brings Wii-like remote control to PCs

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Seems familiar...


Chocolate the key to uncovering PC passwords

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Missing the Point

Of course lots of us would lie to get our free chocolate, and walk away thinking how we've beaten the system. Meanwhile the researchers chalk up an alarming high statistic on how easy it is to get passwords, which they can then sell on to companies selling security software. And by the time they quote the stat, the details on how it was obtained are quietly dropped.

There are lies, damned lies and Market Research....