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Vampires not good role models for Catholics, declares Vatican

Philip Blythe

How Ironic

Seeing as one the main catholic rituals involves the drinking of Christs "blood".. oh, and the eating of His flesh, I believe they have issues about cannibals too. Although the cannibals probably liked catholic missionaries

China scales back censorship plans

Philip Blythe

Did you say voluntary?

It is mandatory to volunteer citizen if you don't then you're clearly an activist/criminal/pedo.


Malta pair charged over illicit Playmobil trade

Philip Blythe

I Think...

We need a Playmobil recontstruction here.

Error time counts towards FOI rejections

Philip Blythe
Black Helicopters

Doesn't this mean

that any FOI request can now be foiled by an agency "misunderstanding" the orignal request and wasting time producing meaningless answers?

very slick (and convenient) way of getting out of embarrassing situations or holding back key information.

Koreans cook up glow-in-the-dark beagles

Philip Blythe
Jobs Horns

Need Photographic or PlayMobil proof

I need hard evidence of these Red nailed glowing devil dogs

Straw grants ICO half its wish list

Philip Blythe
Black Helicopters

Missing the Govs get out..

The ICO can now investigate public bodies handling of data.

So all the public bodies need to do is contract out to private firms and if it goes missing the ICO is powerless as the public body did not lose it. Go ask firm X, they'll say, oh that's right you can't can you and proceed to smile smugly.

What genius good old Jack thinks he has.

Am I sounding a little cynical here?

Angry? Try the Tw*t-O-Tron

Philip Blythe

OOPS - A bit of overload at the Tw*t-O-Tron

It's broke cos there's fecking millions of you coming to look at it.

I mean, I'm not going to start actually PAYING proper money to host this. And adverts are shit. So you'll just have to wait until the load dies down a bit, then I'll put it back.

In the meantime, why not go and sign a petition or chain yourself to some railings. Go on. It's about time you did something useful.

Maybe you should go and read something on Media Lens or sign up for their Media Alerts.