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Palm Pre's inner iPhone revealed

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Damn, I should have waited zzzzz

And I got a shitty Storm (with no keyboard for people who text).

At least I have off-loaded it onto a colleague.

Hope it isn't a turkey...

iPhone 3G S in the UK: what you need to know

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It's a bargain, but not for the user

Wow, what a great deal - for O2.

A phone which crys for data bits, has a dreadful inclusive voice and data tariff.

Only a complete chump would go PAYG with these rates.

LxLabs boss found hanged after vuln wipes websites



What a terrible outcome.

Nobody wants to hear about this kind of thing happening to their business.

Chinese firm unveils long-distance e-car


City cars only I think.

So you're driving your battery car to Derbyshire [let's say] and you get to the hills.

Apart from pissing every other driver off because you sanctimoniously stick to 60mph, you suddenly hit the gradients.

I think there will be a fleet of these things chugging around the country with outboard Honda generators on the roof.

Pirate Party wins seat in European Parliament

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BNP - how dare they...

I'm not a leftie, but the BNP getting a result like this on the commemoration of D-Day is utterly outrageous.

Shame on all of you who couldn't be arsed to vote.

Gordon 'to sacky' Wacky Jacqui

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But the damage is done,

even if she *does* leave we are in a worse state after her reign of ill-informed reactionary arse.

Can we get a refund on all of her legislation?

Microsoft uncloaks invisible XBox controller


Shame about the shite build quality.

And now all they have to do is fixing the amount of racket the console makes when it's switched on.

Currently it makes more noise than a Harrier Jump Jet making a scram-jump during an armed conflict.

I'll be buying one.... yeah right!

Renault intros e-MPV



Why are all of the French leccy cars so plug ugly.

Is it a prerequisite?

Skinn-Eee Asus out next week


You'd have to be keen.

Not that thin and rather underpowered, all that an £379 to pay too.....

HTC Vodafone Magic


Played with it and loved it

Someone I know got a demo model and it was excellent, but it's not for me.

As hardened text user I like to feel the 'click' of the keyboard.

Where will this touch screen madness end?

Fujitsu LifeBook P8020

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How much?

Some kind of joke?

Peugeot preps 4WD diesel hybrid


Like this....

Normally a car like this would be, hideous, crap, awful to live with and have very little ecological benefits compared to a small run-around 'tin can' with stupid-skinny tyres.

People are going to love this car when our French neighbours launch it.

I swore I would never drive a French car until I tried my g/f''s 309 estate, what a revelation!

The French have managed to corner the market in this sector and provided jobs, space to develop ideas, nurture training and in turn guarantee a future of their industry.

It's a shame that we have no manufacturing base in the UK that could follow their lead.

We used to have a country full of clever, innovative people in the mechanical engineering sector.

Are you reading this you short-sighted bunch of publicity-seeking, expenses-fiddling, short-sighted, political twunts?

HTC's second Android phone coming 1 May

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Had a play with it....

Someone I know had a demo model and it was quite good.

I think the form is better suited for females, but a nice phone all the same.

Flying-rifle robocopter: Hovering sniper backup for US troops


Outstanding work US Gov.

If it saves lives and removes *real* problems it's a good thing.

It's kind of a fate accompli that this would happen anyway, I just wonder how they mitigate for the recoil of the barrel.

If it's used to control peaceful people, however, it's a bad thing and there's nothing that you, the Septics or anyone else can do about it.

Start-up Bee pledges 'affordable' British e-car

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Great idea

Excellent to see this kind of creativity.

I hope they get this running and it's a complete success.

About time we started making things again in this country.

YouTube yanks music videos from German site


PRS are a f*****g nightmare.

As someone that has had many dealings with them about radio music licensing I can confirm that they are indeed a complete and utter shower of cocks.

Shame on Google though, they could have done a deal and this would all be settled by now - PRS will be pushing for even tighter rules now on the distribution of music rights.

Do no evil you bunch of charlatans.

Detroit does mass-market e-car deal with Proton


Such potential and yet - a Proton?

Even the hardest green warrior may think twice about that.

Now if someone like GM or Chrysler did this...... just a thought.

WAG sues CPW for phone pic nick

Paris Hilton

Well boo hoo, what did you expect ?

So life has finally happened to you...

fancy thinking 'private' pictures of her left with testosterone-crazed boys in a low paid job wouldn't be ripe for the distribution.

£50k, for mental distress? I didn't think there's be that much to actually cause it.

And people like this are allowed to vote.

Paris because she's seen it all before.

Battlestar Galactica eyes 'technology run amok'

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Great show, but it wasn't The Shield.

BSG will go on to be the argument point for many people for decades, but I'd like to say I enjoyed it.

Great writing, good looking cast and a genuine tingle down the spine on the last episode.

*The Wire starts on BBC 2 next week

Cops wanted compulsory DNA cards

Paris Hilton

What a shocker

I bet the Daily Mail's comment board would be red-hot with this little gem!

Nothing to hide.... blah blah blah

Send 'em back...


Paris because she already carries all the DNA she needs

BMW, Fiat partner to dominate small e-car biz?


Have BMW learned nothing?

BMW choose Fiat?

Were the Bavarian 'funsters' still on a come-down from a weekend of hard MDMA abuse?

My brother worked for the said motor manufacturer and stated categorically:

"The designs look ok, but everything else in them is shit!"

I see pain ahead.....

Robbie Williams, Billy Bragg et al say downloads aren't illegal


Billy Bragg

Top bloke.

He'd get my vote.

BBC botnet investigation turns hacks into hackers



I think Shakespeare put it best.

Some people may say that lawyers rake-up the mud as an attempt to pursue fatuous legal cases, I couldn't possibly comment.

Government rejects call to limit insolvency firms' fees

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And the winner is.....

Amazing just how many politicians are associated to law firms or firms of accountants isn't it.

Just another example of looking after your own.

I spy the need for "a summer of discontent".

UK IT should 'fire men first', says Kate Craig-Wood



Next she will be championing full maternity leave where a man can take up to a year off work (on half pay) and return to his same job with the full protection of the law - even if everyone else has been made redundant around him.

I agree about equal pay for equal skills, but really, this stupid outburst could not come at a worse time for our industry.

Ofcom plots out wireless mic future

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Yay, another triumph.

Ever tried using a digital mic on an analogue set (tv or theatre) using multiple mixed feeds?

Results are you get more lip sync problems than a Grecian 2000 (That's called Just For Men now kids) commercial - Result, bemused cast, technicians and audience.

Ofcom really should talk to programme makers more, this *do anything to sell off the frequency* strategy is becoming detrimental to lots of folk now - not just national broadcasters.

Hollywood to totally recall Total Recall

Paris Hilton


How can anyone even dare to think of improving on this perfection?

Oh well, at least ITV4 will have something new to show every week.

Parris becasue she knows the only way to "get your ass to Mars" is to film it on a cheap camcorder in night-vision mode.

Straw slaps ban on Iraq debate docs


Man of straw- Jack.

Completely unbelievable, if you were to make it up people would laugh.

What next, The Smith Youth and internment camps?

* can we have a "Christ on a bike" avatar instead of the blue circle please? *

Home Office plans to force CCTV on shops and pubs

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Early April fool?

Enough now, we all know it's not April for another month.

This isn't a joke?

I feel a summer of discontent coming on.......

iPhone trifecta rumored for 2009

Paris Hilton

Anyone feel a whoosh coming on?

I seem to remember all the hacks being taken-in by this kind of guff before.

Maybe a "I'll believe it when I see it" approach should be adopted here?

Paris, because she isn't interested in small ones anyway

Microsoft's IE 8 beta adds 'special' list


Tail wagging the dog?

Yet another reason not to use IE as your default browser..... or for anything else.

Paris because she likes to see a wagging tail.

New Italian Job ending revealed Friday

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Have mercy on us all.

You can imagine The BBC's execs working on a series: Andrew Lloyd Webber's search for a Charlie.

Or even worse, another Hollywood re-make.

Church of Scientology seeks 'ban' against HIV+ protesters

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The whole thing is a complete racket

I can not believe that in this day and age this level of homophobic bollocks still exists.

What sort of *religion would go out of its way to do this?...... oh.

Just so you all know how this cult works, may I suggest watching this excellent parody created by South Park:


Spin through to about 47" to get past the usual rubbish.

British workaholics win EU opt out deal

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And how is this a victory for the working person?

The only people who seem to benefit are the workaholics and the CBI.

Great work UK PLC.