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Lawyers scared of computers

Aaron Reynolds

Data Protection

I've lost count of the number of time various companies have hidden behind the DPA when they obviously don't understand it at all.

I studied the 1984 version for my Computer Studies GCSE 15 years ago and understand the updated version too but highly-trained customer service staff ;p still seem to think they know better.

But on a related note: isn't it time the Law Society enforced changes among its brethren so we can stop the over-use of paper - and while they're at it, outlaw the use of fax machines.

Manchester's congestion charge: pay-to-leave

Aaron Reynolds

Just to clarify

I'm not in favour of the scheme for several reasons BUT the money being generated from the government (and the rediculously large loan which we'll all be paying for in council tax rises) is actually intended to be used to improve public transport. The scheme is only viable to the government (supposedly) if it regenerates public transport.

Because the lead-in period is several years away that gives the government the opportunity to find the money that they kept-back for the Metrolink extension.

Do you think the charges based upon time-restriction and direction of traffic are bourne out of realising the London system is not working?


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