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Trump reveals US cyber-attack on Russian election-misdirection troll farms

Andy Scott

Fake News

I thought Trump said that's all The Washington Post prints is fake news?

Jocks in shock as Irn-Bru set to slash sugar and girder content

Andy Scott


I wonder what the BOFH's opinion of this news is, as he's a big Irn-Bru fan

BOFH: Do I smell burning toes, I mean burning toast?

Andy Scott

Re: Good on ya, PFY

All I'll say to that is older than me

BOFH: There are no wrong answers, just wrong questions. Mmm, really wrong ones

Andy Scott

BOFH old stuff

If anyone needs a bigger fix of BOFH stories you can find the really old ones here(from 20 years ago) http://bofh.bjash.com

Verizon tipped to buy Yahoo! for US$5bn

Andy Scott

Re: Is Geocities still around

They're still around, they've been owned by Yahoo since about 1999

New York outlaws ticket-hoarding buybots

Andy Scott

Re: Futile Effort

In the case of Live Nation, they own Ticketmaster that sell the tickets and also the resell site Getmein, which Ticketmaster always link to when a gig is sold out

Winston Churchill glowers from Blighty's plastic fiver

Andy Scott

Second plastic notes in general circulation in Blighty

The Clydesdale Bank released a plastic fiver into circulation in march last year in Scotland. I've had a few of them. I know at one point they were selling on eBay for £100 each.


Don't split Openreach, says BT, and we'll splash BEELLIONS on broadband and 4G

Andy Scott

Re: Government Agency

I thought the government still had the golden share as well, but it turns out the government sold it in 1997.


Photographer hassled by Port of Tyne for filming a sign on a wall

Andy Scott

Not all security is like that, I'm not

I work in security at a major site that is on a uk list of sites that are high risk for a terriost attack to take place, because of the events we hold(think Paris attack last year or Brighton hotel bombing 1984 for the kind of site we are). We are told to keep a eye out for people taking photographs of the site, when we see someone we let control know and they'll let me know if they know about it or not. If they don't they'll put a camera on the person and ask me or one of the other guards to go and talk to the person. Once we've spoken to the person and got the information on what they're up to, control is informed and the person is told if they can continue or not. 99% of the time they're allowed to keep on taking photographs.

400 jobs to go as Texas Instruments calls time on chip fab in Scotland

Andy Scott

I know IBM are still there, but I'm not sure who else is

Wanted man sends selfie to replace 'terrible' police mug shot

Andy Scott

Re: I thought this was an article about Carlton

I'm glad I'm not the only one that thought it was a story about Alfonso Ribeiro

Has the UK Uber crackdown begun? TfL opens consultation on private car biz

Andy Scott

What am I missing

Maybe I'm missing something, but I can't see the difference between what Uber does and what my local private hire firm does with their app. I.e. Allow me to book and pay for a taxi through a app

Seoul-blackening disappointment for Samsung backers as stock droops

Andy Scott

Re: @AC

The fingerprint reader sounds great until you learn it can be bypassed by entering the the 4 digit pin.

Grand Theft Auto V: Violent, sweary and amazingly ambitious

Andy Scott

Re: multiplayer?

Yes there's a multiplayer, but it doesnt't go live until the 1st October

Three's UK mobile network goes down on unlucky northerners

Andy Scott

That'll explain why my 3 payg is saying no access to network. My contract 3 sims are ok, just a bit slow in making calls

Lost phone? Google's got an app for that, coming this month

Andy Scott

It sounds Good in theory

It sounds good, but only if it will switch the gps on when it's switched off

BBC abandons 3D TV, cites 'disappointing' results

Andy Scott

Re: Cinema

You missed out translating for the person with them as the person with them doesn't speak or undetstand English(well in Glasgow anyway)

Bill Gates slurps bigger share of Olympics bungle-boys G4S

Andy Scott

Does this mean I now get a staff discount on Micro$oft office, since he's bought more of g4s?

So, who ought to be the next Doctor Who? It's up to YOU...

Andy Scott

Re: My vote goes to

Or even Belinda Stewart-Wilson(will's mum in The Inbetweeners) in a top like this


Three's mobile data goes titsup in mysterious spreading outage

Andy Scott

It was down in Paisley for at least 2 hours this morning. It's now back though at the moment (11:40)

I know I lost signal the other week there and three replied on twitter that they're upgrading the base stations in Paisley.

Google's Glasses: The tech with specs appeal?

Andy Scott

I wear glasses and don't wear another pair when I see 3d movies, I bought a clip on for my glasses, I think they were £3 or something like that

Dead Steve Jobs' patent war threat to Palm over 'no-hire pact'

Andy Scott

So if you leave Apple you're not allowed to work for another IT company then, or am I missing something.

off topic but does Judge Lucy Koh deal with anything other than cases involving Apple or is she Apple’s favourite judge

'What was Google going to do, force Apple to change its mind?'

Andy Scott

Re: Generosity

Microsoft Bob! Now that's cruel

George Lucas: 'No more Star Wars'

Andy Scott

So let me get this right the last film he'll make will be a remake of The Tuskegee Airmen?

Channel 5 snubs Freeview HD again

Andy Scott
Thumb Up

You already get Channel 5 in HD on Virgin and I'll say Pollyanna Woodward looks even better in HD

Orange and T-Mobile join hands with 3G coverage

Andy Scott
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At last

It's about time they did it, though I did think that might be happening soon as the data seemed to be switched off on the Orange mast in Paisley( the one covering the town centre) last week for a few hours. Now lets see how long it takes to roll out though.

Apple said to have 3G-enabled iPod in pipeline

Andy Scott

Ipod Touch

Maybe I'm missing something, but isn't the iPone just a iPod touch with 3g anyway? While the iPod Nano being something different

Glasgow cammer not thrown in slammer

Andy Scott


What I don't get was why wasn't he caught sooner as in Cineworld Glasgow(Renfrew Street) the staff use night vision goggles to check if anyone is filming in the cinema.

Virgin Media frustrates customers with 'intermittent' routing blues

Andy Scott

nice to know

Its nice to know it's not just me. I thought they'd cut me off again by mistake. I never bothered giving them a call as the last time I did I was called a liar by one of their call centre monkeys.

Tesco pricing cock-up provokes beer stampede

Andy Scott
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Ah Ha

So that explains why I've never seen Tesco round the corner so busy and everyone was buying booze.

Service Birmingham offshores IT jobs

Andy Scott

Save money for???

Does this mean the money saved will go back to the council, of course not.

Nissan Leaf electric car

Andy Scott

Idea from a Bike

It may sound daft, but why don't the fit dynamo's to a couple of wheels and get the power from that to charge the batteries on the go?

iPhone morphs into pinball machine

Andy Scott


All I can say is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aOUqRZkR8dE

UK police crime map website: Who's the victim here?

Andy Scott

Site doesn't work

Can anyone get the police crime map site to work for anywhere in Scotland? All I get is a message saying "Sorry, we couldn't find a policing area that matched your search."

Txt tax would wipe out half UK deficit, claims union baron

Andy Scott


I've got a big problem with that as it means it would cost me even more money to work. As my company uses text messaging to man up shifts.

Cinema chain bans laptops, tablets

Andy Scott

Re: That's why I don't go to the cinema any more

I know in Cineworld in Glasgow's Renfrew Street the staff come in a few times during the film with night vision goggles to see if anyone is filming or using a mobile phone/laptop etc

Orange mobile data chucks punters

Andy Scott

Me too as well

Its nice to know i'm not the only one having the problem, i thought it was just this stupid phone

Ten Essential... Symbian Apps

Andy Scott

Ovi for Nokia

The main problem with the Ovi store is that it only allows Nokia phones to get stuff from it, rather than all Symbian phones, to me that's a fail as they're trying to compete with the Apple apps store and the Android marketplace

French website surrenders on Bastille Day

Andy Scott

re Language bias

According to Google translate the french part says

The team regrets that France.fr enable you to find the gate of France. We are now facing a problem of configuration of our servers. We have undertaken an audit of all systems to allow us to reopen as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience and see you soon!

World Cup stats fever - have you got the balls to win?

Andy Scott

Jules Rimet Trophy

Eh they've not played for the Jules Rimet Trophy since 1970 when Brazil won it and got to keep it as the first country to win the it 3 times.


Thousands wrongly labelled by CRB checks

Andy Scott

the answer

What happens is when I CRB check is carried out, the company that carried it out gets the information and a copy of the check gets posted to you, as you own copy. I only know that as when I got my SIA badge I got a copy of my CRB check through the post.

Train rebrand costs us dear

Andy Scott

They Did

National Express did sue the 225's that GNER used as that's what runs to Scotland, however they never re-painted them. Instead just put stickers over the GNER saying National Express East Cost. One big thing I noticed they didn't do is use the electronic destination screens that are on the doors of the 225's instead its a bit of paper telling you the info. The governments East Coast company’s the same. what the point of the screens if they're not going to use them.

Northerners give up ID cards for Lent figures suggest

Andy Scott

I dont take them

I work on a bar in a concert venue and we've been told by the bar management only to take a valid passport or driving licences, but not id cards as they’re to east to forge.

Retailers fooled by fake and borrowed IDs

Andy Scott


That's all good and well, however when i'm checking i.d on one of the bars at work(i work in a concert venue), the bar manager has told us we only except a Driving Licence or a Passport as they Proof of Age card and especially the i.d cards are not worth the paper they're printed on. Hell just before christmas i had someone show me their rail card as i.d wtf.

Students get deep Windows 7 price break

Andy Scott
Gates Horns


Exactly how many colleges and universities give out email address and to how many students. I mean does someone doing nursing get one? It could end up as a good idea in theory, but in real life not so.

Sun and IBM - What price Bigger Indigo?

Andy Scott
Gates Horns

its all about the money

it wouldn't surprise me if Dell or Micro$oft tried to buy sun