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Siri: Helpful personal assistant or SERIAL APP KILLER?

Andrew Hart

Siri can be useful for somethings, my most frequent use is to turn all the alarms I've set off. Say 'disable all alarms' to Siri and it will turn off every alarm set in the clock app. Great timesaver!

Fanbois, prepare to lose your sh*t as BRUSSELS KILLS IPHONE dock

Andrew Hart

Re: The world does not revolve around Apple

"Hehehe, Apple, offer something they made royalty free. Good one."

You mean like mini displayport?!

'Bogus IT guys' slurp £1.3m from Barclays: Cybercops cuff 8 blokes

Andrew Hart

Why oh why does anything involving moving money not require 2 factor authentication. The employees at my local HSBC put a smart card in when unlocking their computer, surely this would stop this kind of attack?

Curse you, old person, for inventing computers!

Andrew Hart

Real coders use a magnetised needle and a steady hand!

Obligatory XKCD: http://xkcd.com/378/

Sony NEX-7 24.3Mp APS-C compact system camera

Andrew Hart

@Sony NEVER learn

Surely the frame rate of 50fps in the UK and 60 in the US is less that they hate us pikey Brits and more about flickering seen when videoing under lights that flicker at the countries respective mains power frequencies??

Mackie Onyx Blackjack USB audio interface

Andrew Hart


Phantom power spec is 10ma max at 48v so only 0.48w, well within USB..

But if I were gonna spend £150+ I'd get the Roland Edirol UA25..


'Lion' Apple Mac OS X 10.7: Sneak Preview

Andrew Hart
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@Sir Wiggum You have a choice

When you click Shutdown/Restart the normal 'Are you sure you want to Shutdown, if you don't do anything for a minute I'll shutdown on my own' dialoge box pops up but there's a new option (ticked by default) that says 'Reopen windows when logging back in'. It works very well!

Steve Jobs no longer Eggman as Beatles hits iTunes

Andrew Hart

Please, please...

If you want them new buy them from Amazon from £3 less, you can even throw the CD away if you only want a digital copy..

Outlooked Office for Mac 2011 unveiled

Andrew Hart
Paris Hilton

@Big-nosed Pengie

Because everyone else in the world uses it....

Paris cause I'd like to use her :)

BOFH: Trussssst in me

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About Time!!!

been so long with no bofh...

BOFH: A safe bet

Andrew Hart


The Bastard is back! Was worried for a while...

Mines the one with the BOFH archive in the pocket

BOFH: Blackmail and fine wine

Andrew Hart
Dead Vulture

Just when

You think one of them has finally got the best of the bastard, they do somthing stupid like confronting him!!!

Mines the one with the lime in the pockets...

Apple's 3G iPhone to launch 11 July

Andrew Hart


Even people who don't approve of apple smugness (myself included), have to be impressed at the iPhone 3G, I think it looks good enough to replace my trusty Vario III.

Mines the one with the fruity smell in the front pocket