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iPod cans menace pacemakers

Ben Jamieson

Only Reg Hacks....

Can manage to make a piece about headphone magnets affecting medical equipment into a headline attacking Apple.

Just how low in the barrel are you guys scraping in your hatred for all things Apple?

An Alien, because its more relevant than this Apple-Bashing rag has become.

iPhone apps selling like hot cakes

Ben Jamieson
Paris Hilton

Removal of apps

When apps are removed from the app store they aren't removed magically from your phone, morons.

No moreso that when WH Smith stops selling your Linux Penguin Porn mags do they come round to your house and ask for the ones under your bed back (sticky and moist though they probably are by now).

Paris, because she's *way* smarter than most of you, it would seem.

Apple to charge iPod Touch owners for new OS - again

Ben Jamieson

Two things, people....

1: This is not a required upgrade. Your iPod Touch won't stop working if you don't pay for it. In fact, it will work exactly as it did yesterday. No difference whatsoever. It continues to do just what it did when you shelled out your lucre to buy it in the first place. So if that's your problem: Shut the f*ck up and sit down.

2: Apple puts a lot of money into developing this stuff. Are you honestly saying they should give it to you for free, just because you're a whining bitch?

At the end of every month, do you say to your employer (yes, I'm presuming you actually have jobs and don't simply live with your Mum in a bedroom covered with Star Wars and Take That posters - unlikely, but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt)

"No, its OK, you have all my work for free, I don't want a paycheck."

If not: Shut the f*ck up and sit your hypocritical arse back down.

As for all you saying proudly you don't/won't own anything Apple in the first place... what the f*ck are you doing here? Why not shut the f*ck up and sit down.

Ben Jamieson
Paris Hilton

If the Allan Rutlands of the world...

...spent less time with their fingers in their ears shouting "I am right, I am right" and spent ten minutes reading up on what people were saying and realising those people were, in fact, correct, then those same Allan Rutlands would have lots more free time to find new ways to make themselves look like idiots in public forums.

Paris, because even she is less embarrassing than Rutters.

Ben Jamieson
Thumb Down

Surely you can't be....

.. trying to rehash the "why is Apple so mean for charging for updates" crap when the entire world knows they are required by law to do this due to US accounting practices.

Very lame, RegHack

As for the rest. Meh... its a phone. Admittedly, a better phone than 99.99% of other phones around, but its still a phone.


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