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Vodafone hangs up on Tiscali auction

Rupert Wilson
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What value an undercharging ISP?

Perhaps this is the price to be paid when an ISP charges below the going rate for broadband; it feels good whilst it lasts and if it works for you, but if the economic model is not one for profit, it will not last forever.

In this case, perhaps no one wants to buy Tiscali because its balance sheets are poor, even if Tiscali thinks that this does not matter - "...never mind the quality madame..." ...just check out our customer numbers...

Personally I prefer an ISP that is broadly in business for profit and able to offer a few thrills, er, frills, such as free phone support, rapid support call answering, lack of tie in linking telephone line rental and call charges to provision of broadband. I never liked that last trick. And I want my ISP to be reliable, here today, here tomorrow - else why would I ever be able to trust them with email facilities,etc.?

Well done Vodafone.

Browser makers throw up drive-by download barriers

Rupert Wilson

AVG easy to configure? Insufferable Hotmail?

If you turn off anything in AVG it frowns constantly - ! ! Alert ! !

Why? I cannot fathom.

This is a fine reason to turn to Avast antivirus, and away from AVG on slower connections and slower machines.

Mike: "Hotmail is one notable page that becomes insufferably slow thanks to link scanner."

Hotmail needs no help to become insufferable.

AVG is frowning.