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Pioneer calls a halt to LaserDisc hardware production


Goodbye then to...

...the originals of the BBC Domesday Project, which ran off LaserDiscs. And all those old LaserDisc games like Dragon's Lair and Mad Dog McCree. When these players break down, as they inevitably will, there will be nothing to replace them. At least these have been saved from obscurity by emulation and the Internet, but it's the end of an era nonetheless.

El Reg dresses The IT Crowd


That sounds so exciting...

...I may have to put on my bigger glasses.

Instant trojan to worm toolkit sighted


Poison pill?

And what are the odds that this "noob-friendly" tool quietly installs a rootkit on the unsuspecting scriptkiddy's PC for later exploitation? The user base of judgementally-challenged bozos who wouldn't think twice about running an "instant revenge kit" to wreak havoc on the PC of someone who wouldn't add them as a friend on MySpace must be huge.

RM boss says school's out forever


As we say around these parts...

..."RM" is a four-letter word.

Police probe pirate-DVD detecting dog's demise



I'm guessing it was trained to smell for the dyes used in recordable discs, dyes which wouldn't be present in pressed discs. Even I have noticed a curious and distinctive odour when opening a fresh pack of blank discs. It's quite pleasant actually...ooh, look at the colours...of that dancing elk...flurb...