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El Reg pays tribute to father of Playmobil

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Another Reg/PlayMobil classic

That is all. Thank you and much plastic-arm-waving-respect to all concerned.

First case of sleep emailing documented

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Not only asleep ...

But obviously changing sex at the same time!

While staying at a relatives house, ***he*** was even able to start the unfamiliar computer, enter a user name and password to log in, launch the web browser, access the website, and enter ***her*** password to compose and send out ***her *** somnambulant messages.

Terrible standard of writing, never been so shocked, what's the world coming to, journalists of today, so appalled I shall cancel my subscription, all the usual.



Mozilla hastily shoves Firefox updates out door

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@Sim, various ACs etc. re: 'Awesome' bar

Want to turn off the 'Awesome' bar? Allow me to let you in to a closely guarded secret - you can do it! Just by typing, you don't need no stinkin' extension!

It's even been published on El Reg several times already!

There's a top secret L33t HaX0r way of finding out what to do. The thing is: there's this pretty good website called 'Google' that runs this, like, index of the Internet. And the best thing is - you can search it! So if you go to Google and you type in something really complex like

turn off Firefox awesome bar

Any one of the 74,800 hits will tell you ...

In the 'Awesome' bar type

about:config (and press Enter)

Find the line for


Click that line so that the value changes to true

The end.

Now put your computer back in the box it came in, and send it back to the manufacturer asking for a full refund.

MS lines up six critical fixes for Tuesday

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Tuts, rolls eyes, sighs deeply


'for next Tuesday as part the last edition this year'

Shouldn't that perhaps be

'for next Tuesday as part *OF* the last edition this year'?

I for one welcome our grammatically-challenged Reg overlords :)

Yes, I am a pedant, and yes I do have lots of better and more important things to be doing at this time of a Monday morning.

Best wishes as ever, thanks for another entertaining and informative year


Reg readers rage at comment icon outrage

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+1 for a 'bad/evil linux' icon

Not of course that anyone would ever dream of using it, or ever find the need to, of course :)

Also another vote for good / bad Google icons, so that I for one can welcome our new data-guzzling all-encompassing no-evil-doing overlords?

And thank Dawkins that the PH and IGMC icons are back, if you'd not reprieved them I would have ... er ... been extremely mildly annoyed for a few minutes then ... I might even have tutted exasperatedly. More than once.

Google smears Chrome on 'sacred' home page

Steve Mansfield


My comment of 5th September made this precise point:


You, sirrah, shall be hearing from my lawyers, assuming of course they're not sucked into a black hole at 08:30 this morning ...

Ubuntu zoo preps for new arrival

Steve Mansfield

First sighting

> Shuttleworth raises the prospect of Ubuntu becoming a much stronger competitor to Windows and Mac OS in 2009, with several million consumer devices, from netbook to desktop PC running it.

Is he therefore the winner in the annual race to be the first to say '[CurrentYear+1] will be the year of desktop linux'?

Chrome: A new force for web applications?

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Link on the Google home page?

> I notice Google have placed a link to download it on their home page.

What does this do to the Holy Word Count Of 28 on the Google home page, which only two months ago they were defending in the face of Californian legal threats?


What's that smell? Horse? Cow? Dog? No, it's definitely bull ...

Grid computer recreates ancient Greek lute

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@Why look to the past?

>The 303, 8-bit chips and various other tools have created some distinctive and interesting music

*Some* distinctive music, yes, but the vast majority of it is IMNSHO rendered completely unlistenable by the ubiquitous addition of the sound of someone roughly nailing a garden shed together.

All of which still doesn't explain why an ancient Greek instrument would (a) play a medieval tune and (b) sound like a midi file played on a cheap soundcard ...

Mine's the one with the 'Keep Music Live' sticker and the rauschpfeife in the back pocket ...

Oz cops call up phone records after car smashes

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Excellent news

The sooner this comes in force in the Uk the better. You always get breathalysed, the check for mobile usage should be mandatory as well. The current penalties for mobe-driving are still way too low and patchily enforced, and this is a rare case where it really is true that if you've nothing to hide you've got nothing to fear ...

Next Visual Studio going multi-screen?

Steve Mansfield

Dilbert on dual monitors ...


'Milestone' Microsoft service pack staples .NET's stomach

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Lo and behold ...

> a lot of people are angry at the fact they have to download

> different version numbers of the .NET Framework on their

> machines to build and test applications. Imagine how messy

> it could get in a world of multiple profiles, all of them running

> different version numbers.

No need to *imagine* - just try to do anything client-side involving the myriad mutually exclusive versions of the Java runtime! At least all the various .Net Frameworks co-exist on the same machine - installing a 2nd JRE nearly always breaks the first one.

Paris, because she's imagining how messy it could get ...

Microsoft charts security vuln MAPP

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Maybe ...

Maybe this is at least partly a response to the great ZoneAlarm / Windows Update cock-up of a few weeks ago, where a security update knocked loads of ZA users off the Internet.

If the other vendors (ZA in that particular case) can get more and better information from Microsoft about both the vulnerability and about the upcoming patches designed to fix said vulnerability, surely that reduces the chance of a similar scenario in the future.

MAPP looks like a good move to me.

Thunderbird patches are go

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Core functionality patches?

One hoorah for keeping the security up to date, but how about getting some functionality upgrades?

My most recent Thunderbird trial went in the recycle bin recently when I was hit yet again by the 'slow startup due to exponentially growing inbox.nsf' file bug which has been there for donkey's years since version 0.?? - at the third time of asking in about as many weeks I just deleted the Thunderbird install rather than the nsf file.

Combine that with the sl--o-o-o-w performance, the endless disc thrashing, the truly pathetic message filtering, the toytown icons, and the general impression that Tbird is a neglected token half-arsed poor relation to Firefox (of which I'm a great fan) and it'll take several large bribes to make me try Chunderbird again.

And yes I know all about extensions, but I really have better things to do than spend countless hours looking for extensions to get key bits of basic functionality (I need an add-in for next and previous buttons? C'mon .... )

Paris? She's a Chunderbird too ...

Cnet blogger squadron discovers long lines at Apple retail stores

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+1 on pointless

A septic writing about other septics who are writing about other septics who are going to the shops? Be still my beating heart ....

Now if only the scene had been recreated in PlayMobil or on a DiReW cover, I'd understand why it was on El Reg ...

Strange cults, vocal surgery and the quiet man: Inside Microsoft

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Not just ogg

It won't play on my TBBTABABOS (two-baked-beans-tins-attached-by-a-bit-of-string) rig either.

For God's sake RegPodMeisters, you really do need to support every possible hardware / software / codec / OS / language combination if you're going to do it at all properly.

Paris, because she wants it her way too

Knight Rider satnav spied in the wild

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> the GPS gadget greats you with “Hello, Michael,

> where would you like to go today?” when

> you turn it on.

Shouldn't that be 'greets'? Or, seeing as how it sounds like it would be *really annoying*, how about 'grates'?

Icon? Bill Grates ...

Cyber B52 strikes mooted as response to Chinese infowar

Steve Mansfield

Truth by persistence

'the truth of a thing is determined by the number of Americans who can be found to assert it. In another manner of speaking, if one can fill a room with bull, hearsay and gossip, there's always a magic tipping point where it transforms into fact, like lead turns into gold when touched by the Philosopher’s Stone in alchemy.'

The Wikipedia philosophy strikes again!


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