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Lloyds sorry for phone problems

Chris Bulow


Of course their branches weren't affected - they'd have been closed....

Ballmer stirs excitement with Yahoo! comments

Chris Bulow

Ballmer & Yahoo?

So what? If MS had bought them then at that price, there'd by now be no Yahoo share price to track, so nobody would have been any the wiser!

"Ballmer is probably quietly relieved he withdrew from the deal six months ago, given the way the market has turned. Yahoo! rejected his offer of $33 a share, saying it was not enough. Since then, Yahoo!'s shares have lost more than half their value: Yahoo! was trading around $27 in May. An agreement would have left Microsoft out of pocket and raised questions about Ballmer's judgment."

Intel shakes AMD's chip-fabbing baby

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Network Solutions falls off the web

Chris Bulow

Network Solutions

Working fine here from Orlando...

Amazon.com's US site KO'd!

Chris Bulow

It's back as at 3.15PM EST

So, I can now use my plastic again :(


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