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Sacked Indian workers beat chief exec to death



Uhh... it could be that Detroit has spent the past 4 decades making disgusting automobiles is why there's a factory in Uttar Pradesh. I've read that Brits even know about the Aztek now. Sorry, that was better kept "domestic".

The Toyota, BMW, and Merc factories in the USA appear to be humming along reasonably well.

IBM misses memo on economic slowdown during Q2


It's really not that tough

Dear Employee,

You are not receiving a pay rise because the employment market in your locale does not currently demand it and we are smart enough not to pay beyond market price in any economic transaction. You may expect us to apply the same discipline with our supplier contracts and in negotiating business with our client base.

Yours, etc.

Capita wins NHS website contract

Dead Vulture

How do we all get a piece of this?

What recession?

One shudders to think what Capita would charge for a full SAP deployment at NHS. Extrapolating the above number, it could perhaps consume the entire operating budget of uk.gov.

France gets closer to 'three strikes' downloader web ban


Confusion, and a Killer App

Music is more expensive now? Here in the USA we ricains fous can download an entire CD on iTunes for $9.99. In 1978 it was a happy surprise to find an LP for $10. That $10 in 1978 is worth $32 today, using the US Consumer Price Index as a baseline. So in real terms music now costs 1/3 of what it was 30 years ago, and I can download it legally 24/7. Also I can preview tracks and not buy the crap if I don't want to - which was tough to do in 1978. Anyone else remember buying a whole LP just to get one song? And that's all you got!

Not being a freetard - how does the law of supply and demand work there? I have friends who brag about having 8K songs on their iPods, but what's the point? Who is ever going to have time to listen to that much music? (PS If you answer this question I will not assume that you are a freetard, just informed).

Now the killer app part: Have we finally found the killer app for Public Key Infrastructure? There are very good asymmetric keys and software available for free (legally) - and it could be a challenge for sniffers to identify intellectual property that is well-encrypted with AES or 3DES.

SCADA security bug exposes world's critical infrastructure


@AC, Rodent and Duncan

The petrol companies don't add 5p per litre to the price because their costs go up. They add 5p to the price because they can. Capitalism in full tilt.

Duncan - agree agree w your comments. Assuming Tiered security includes boring things like VLANs - this isn't that tough to implement and payscales assume that network admins know and do this.

ADA is still alive? That's cool. Does anyone know if APL is still around? Someone could write a complete SCADA deployment in one line of APL code. Though it wouldn't sound as catchy as "ADA for SCADA".

Comcast rolls out brand new bandwidth throttles



"Transparency is the key" - by Anonymous Coward

Drugs, hookers and cranked customers: Ex-Broadcom boss indicted


Dude, that's impressive

Flying time from Orange County to Lost Wages is about 35 minutes. They smoked up the plane that quickly? Perhaps attempting to recreate an old Cheech and Chong movie.


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