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Playboy TV offers 'Jacq off' special package

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Wackoff Jacqui package?

So our so-called over worked MPs and their staff may now have the opportunity to indulge in some "educational adult films" to help them unwind for a reasonable rate? Does this mean there may be fewer complaints about expenses abuse?

Paris, becuase she may help our parliamanterians de-stress!

US mums sue anti-sexting crusader

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Sorry old chap, but being on the SOR almost gurantees inclusion on List99. Infact you can be cleared of all charges in a court of law, and at a whim some anonymous civil servant can include on List99 on behalf of the Home Secretary. So your statement I am afraid to say is completely wrong.

National Express to 'ban' trainspotting

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NXEC Can't ban trainspotters

What seems to have been overlooked is that NXEC DO NOT OWN any of the stations on the East Coast Mainline, they are leased from Network Rail. Thus a part of the lease conditions they have to abide by NR rules and regulations, one being that "rail enthusiasts/trainspotters are to be accomodated as long as they advice a member of station staff that they are on site, and no act in a way that breaches any safety regulations".

Having had a major row with the station security gestapo at Bromley South station a few years back when having fulfilled all of the criteria, the Met were called to assist. Whilst talking to the two plods I pointed out the notice at the entrance to station stating that the station was the property of NR and leased to SE Trains.

Plods radio'd in, duty inspector phones NR, NR confirm excatly what I said, two security buffoons then threatened with arrest for wasting police time! Result, two lovely letters of apology and some vouchers for free train tickets, all station staff (re)issued with guidelines which 90% still seem to ignore!

As for the RPI's/inspectors not chasing after fare dodgers, I wouldn't either! I am an ex BR employee,. I jacked as I could see from the mess the buses were in 1989 that the railways would end up a shambles! Even then ticket gate staff, RPI s and guards were regularily being assulated. Attacks got so bad on the Waterloo - Reading services that security guards were employed to ride every service train after 1900! That was in 1988 as well, 20 years later its now worse!

Extreme pron vigilantes are after you

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Burning torches

Buy your ducking stools, here, burning torches, lets chase the heritics out, we can't burn little old aldies anymore and if you touch her moggy the RSPCA get stressy, so lets burn the sexual deviants even if they are not doing any harm!

Remind me of a cartoon strip in 2000AD comic where it is no longer "pc" to hate the aliens, so the Arch BIGOT (I kind you not) I summonded upon to find someone new for the masses to hate, so they their attention is kept away from the real issues. He came up with freckled folks, and boy was the retoric he came out with spiteful and vengeful!

So watch out you frecklees, you could be next!

Portsmouth punts naval boy-on-boy to innocent kiddies

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You obviously don't hail from either Highcliffe, Springvale or Stanmore!

Lies, damned lies and government statistics

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@Dave Bell

Dumfries & Galloway Police noticed this point and re-set and re-angled their cameras to snap any large vehicle going over 40 mph. The net result was a large number of bus and coach drivers legally traavelling above the 40 mph speed limit being issued with fixed penalty notices, myself included! Numerous phonecalls and faxing of the actual vehicles V5 failed to stop proceedings so I took the very vehicle I was driving to the magistrates court and aprked it outside! The case against me was dismissed in 28 seconds and I got the costs awarded! May be its time the rozzers stopped blondly issuing fixed penalty notices and checked to see to whom they were issuing them to? That little episode severly buggered up D&G's traffic statistics.

Paris Hilton - the compromised candidate

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Paris for President

I'd vote for her, purely and simply as the other two seemed to be determined to carry on GeeDubya's moronic policies! How to Win Friends and InfluenceThem is definately a book GeeDubya and his advisors could do with reading.

Cheque-red flag for Max Mosley

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About time Fleet Street was reined in.

Congratulations to Mr Justice Eady for his excellent, beautifully worded and well thoughout judgement in this case. Yet again the News of the Scews has been found wanting. What I really found unbelievable was the audacity of Colin Myler to try and take the moral high ground, and his rebuttal was almost in contempt off court!

He banged on about the (nonexistant) nazi theme, obviously he and his staff have seen something that no-one else could. Isn't it about time we had similar press legislation akin to that in france, when tripe like this never makes the headlines and the the newspapers are expected to publish news worthy stories, not titilation??

Capita wins NHS website contract

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How long before it crashes??

Taking bets now on how long in nano-seconds it'll take the new website to crash, that is if it ever amkes it to the launch date!

San Francisco's 'rogue' sysadmin still being paid while in jail

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In the UK locking local government departments out of systems has a name...

In the UK we now call problems like this Capita or is it according to Private Eye Crapita.....

Dog off the menu at Olympic restaurants

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Is everything off of the menu?

Do I assume unlucky fried kitchen, kitchen kebab, egg flied lice amnd latex duck are off of the menu as well?

Europe acts on mobile charges

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The day they start that, my mobile off into hibernation! I'll be damned if I'm paying to receive grief from my boss, so it might be a way of getting the tight old git to cough a works mobile!

Ohio table-shag man gets six months

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What about the potential offspring?

As he managed to inseminate the table, is it now pregnant? Think of the child support issues here (what polish to use, have they had their rust treatments, oh god, what about metal moth??)

UK clamps down on bus-spotting terror menace

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Taking photo's of public transport

This debacle has not only affected the omnibologist, but also the many rail enthusiasts who take pictures of trains. There have been many instances reported in the railway press about security guards harrasing people legitimately taking photo's on railway stations.

What is not well known is that the infrastructure including the buildings, platforms etc at your average national railway station bel;ongs to Network Rail and not the train operating company. Network Rail state quite clearly that they "encourage rail enthusiasts" as they believe that they would be of assistance in identifying people acting strangely on railway property. I downloaded that page from their website and I've now have it laminated and carry it with me.

It has proven useful on several occasions, especially at Bromley South where I was photographing the last of the Eurostar services passing through before the new high speed line was opened. I was berrated by the station security staff, who at point threatened to physically remove me, at which point I phoned the police.

The Met arrived in force and after a 20 minute debate promptly threatened to arrested the security staff! I have written several letters to South Eastern about this, just standard letters back. I then wrote to Network Rail, instant personal response which was received with a strongly worded letter sent to the South Easterns management.

So it's now spreading to the public highways? Personally, If challenged I suggest being polite, cooperative, then if they start to go past the legal boundaries ensure that you have your solicitors phone number on your mobile. Then when they ask what you are doing, tell them that you are seeking legal advice. I've found it's worked dividends in the past and it puts the wind up the average plod!

Ex-Sun chief to fight Davis in '42 days' by-election

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@ Mike Richards

Damn good question and having had a chat with m' learned friend it seems it would be illegal for the Dirty Digger to finance Kelvin McKenzie. Anyone worked out what his campaign ticket will be? Possibilty the Lying Bullshitting Bigot Party? Still we all know thw Sun always tells the truth, well it's version of it anyway!

UK is not a surveillance society, MPs claim

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Has CCTV prevented crime?

I have serious doubts, the local chav are still up to no good, its just they disguise themselves better now and as they know where the cameras are they find ways to stay hidden.

Hass it helped prevent violent crimes in city centres, not froom what I've witnessed, only useful aspect is Pc Plod gets the scene faster and the perpurtrators are easier to identify, well that is if the operators not busy watching the couple having a shag on a bench!

US bars ID refuseniks from planes - but not ID losers

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Doing the terrorists work for them!

This to me just seems another knee jerk reaction to the terrorist threat. All the US administration is doing is playing into the terrorists hands. The whole idea behind terrorism is to get administrations to introduce draconian new regulations to make the life of that countrys citizens more difficult. Everytime a new daft idea is introduced in the name of fighting terrorism, the terrorist has won again!

The attitude these days in the UK saddens me, we had 30 odd years of the IRA blowing up and shotting people and we Brits did exactly what we did to everyone else who tried to terrorise us, we flipped the middle digit and carried on as normal. Now for some reason we are all panicking, treatting any middle eastern as a threat and thus we are doing the terrorists job for them. It seems that 30 odd years of experience has been forgotten over night.

I actually agree with photo- id on flights, not only for security, but also it has helped to expose quite a bit of identity theft aswell. It was far too easy to get on a plane in the US, security was lax so unfortunately a 9/11 was inevitable. However, the excesses of Homeland Insecurity has seen me now refuse to go to the US, even if its working again as a defence contractor. My last experience was enough to put me odff for life!

A quarter of UK adults to go on child protection database

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CRB checks gurantee nothing

Too much is put into the wonders of the CRB check. As yet there is nothing illegal about giving false details to any voluntary group, it is not even illegal to carry false ID unless it is for "percuniary advantage!" All the CRB check says is that the person checked has never been charged with any offence that may bring them into conflict with the people they interact with in the position they hold.

Experience has shown that the dangerous individuals in this country are always one step ahead of our guardians as they are not a grow of idiotic dirty old men. Many are well educated and well versed and they ensure that the those who are not amongst their ranks are kept in check. These people are very well organised, something that studies have shown time and time again.

The current 2003 Sexual Offences Act is showing its weaknesses by the fact that an increasing number of cases are being dropped as it is becoming clear that there are more and more false allegations being made. Reference to the SAFARI website www.safari-org.uk is showing an increasing number of these cases. If you read the act it is all too clear how easy it is to become convicted on a lie. It also shows up an alarming number of repeat false accusers who arwe believed time and time again!

My biggest worry and it is now becoming increasingly evident is the number of people who have done nothing wrong in their lives falling foul of the CRB checks as they have a similar name. There are also now special needs teachers who accept as part of their job that they will suffer false accusatuions finding that they are dis-barred from their work due to over -zealous police and social services investigations.

Yes we need to protect our children and vulnerrable, but the simple fact is that the actual abuser of will be more than likely located under your own roof! 95% of chiild abuse is committed by a family member or someone who is directly involved with your family. There are also an increasing number of cases of family abuse towards the elderly as well. Those facts are something that the government and media always tend to overlook. Then again, if they didn't how would they frighten the public into believing that they were producing guff like this to protect the "children and vulnerable" or sell their poor quality newspapers?

All this new bit of legislation will do is drive more people away from volunteering. I have already seriously reduced the time I give freely to help out on community projects and this new gem will now see me withdraw completely. I have nothing to hide and I need an enhanced CRB for my job, but I accept that as I need to earn a luiving. I'll be damned if I have to go through the same just to give my time away freely, whether it costs £64 or not.

This idea is not to advance protection, it's been concieved by a piss poor government to show to "Fleet Street" editors that it is doing something positive! I can see all of the knees jerking merrily in the cabinet office as I type!


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