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Brit plods' post-TETRA radio omnishambles comes home to roost

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Why did they move from FM radios?

I remember Tetra coming in but I was a bit too young to recall the details

Time to get your babble on: Microsoft opens Skype Translator Preview to all comers

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It will be good as long as there is an option to take back what you said to the vl'hurg about his mother...

Mysterious STAR set to appear on Christmas Eve above Blighty: The ISS

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I wonder

I wonder if my little radio would make contact.....

Just got my M6 callsign :)

iFind: Critics slam Kickstarter campaign for miraculous battery-free phone finder

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Re: depressing lack of common sense/base scientific knowledge @stu 4

Shut up and take my money!

Apple reveals bare bones iPod touch

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Re: Excuse me, but...

Dollar pounds... the currency of red dwarf ;)

Microsoft: All RIGHT, you can have your Start button back

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I don't mind windows 8 to be honest.

If I want to open something I can press the windows key and start typing and it appears.

I did however show this to my uncle at the weekend as his XP laptop is getting near it's end and he was a bit unsure.

The only thing that irritates me is Chrome, for some reason I can't get my taskbar to appear unless I minimise the window and I can't run it in windows 8 mode as then I can't seem to have 2 sessions open at once.

Other than that I have no real gripe.

Asus doubles up phone-slate combo's specs with Padfone 2

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Never seen that before to be honest, I think it's a nice idea.

There are downsides I suppose but I like it.

iPad Mini pics spied on Twitter

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I'll wait

I'll wait till it's been released and I can have a look before making a judgement.

I have an IPAD 2 and a cheapo bluetooth keyboard and I use it daily, It works for the things I wish to do on it.

(Although the battery life seems to have decreased since IOS 6 which can be annoying)

The change of dock connector though is annoying.

Orange 3G data network goes titsup

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Mines still off in Manchester..

Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards

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Was it this one that had the stand up comedian on stage complete with rim shot after the jokes.

Or am I thinking of a different game?

March release for Samsung Galaxy S II Android 4.0 update

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i'm on Orange

I wonder how long we will have to wait for their customised version?

Fans goad Valve for Half-Life 3 gen

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Ill sign

Damn websense wont let me view the link, I'll deffo add my vote for another installment though.

I was only playing this last week, LOVE IT!!!

No pain, some gain: Ubuntu Oneiric Ocelot examined

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The message of 11.10 seems pretty clear: Unity is here and you're either going to love it or leave it.

And that is a shame, I tried unity for a while and I hated it.

I'll have to look into XFCE next and see if I can configure that to my liking.

Do you guys have any desktop suggestions?


Orange mobile data chucks punters

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My 3G is off at the moment (im in the Manchester area) , although I agree when it is working its very very slow.

I did speak to CS about it but all they could do was get me to perform a network reset on the device.

Administrator access: Right or privilege?

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@ AC : Thursday 8th April 2010 12:27

Have we worked together?

That is the exact scenario that we had forced on us.

'McDonalds' burger-lers making millions

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I wonder if

The salesperson got a nice bonus for giving lots of equipment away?

Loud sex ASBO breach woman spared jail

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I had to endure..

Endless nights of my stupid neighbours shagging at 1:00 in the morning and waking me up.

Not to mention the partys till 4:30 / 5:00 in the morning.

Why go to bed at night (and sleep) when you have no job to get up for and can sleep all day???

I was glad when the scrote bags could'nt pay thier rent and got evicted.

I have a lot of sympathy with the neighbours of this loud mouth

Bloke uses nail clippers to go roundhead

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Nail Clippers?

The name says it all...Nail clippers...

Surley he should have used a "Pipe" cutter instead..

I'll get me coat....

Acer extends Aspire One netbook line with 11.6in model

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is it to much to ask?

I would prefer it if they could put more money in to hiring programmers to sort out the issues with the Linpus install on my aspire one rather than spit out another "new" model.

I know I could always change the install to <insert distro here> but I dont really want the hassle, I just want it to work. is it to much to ask?

Microsoft cries netbook victory against Linux

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Paris Hilton

Re:Guilty as charged

I have not read all the comments so apologies if this has been replied to already.

I have the aspire one running Linpus (modded though to get a desktop rather than the 4 windows thing)

They have some software now called mobile partner that handles 3g dongles,you can get it by doing the live update.

I have a '3' 3g usb dongle and it seems to work ok.

The only real annoying thing for me at the moment is that Linpus does not remember my WPA key unless my SSID is broadcasting.

I have also tried other distro's (I was running ubuntu for a long while but decided to return to the original linpus install)

Paris : Because my dongle seems to work ok when I look at her videos.

Designers mock up bonkers 'leccy car concepts

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Those look fantastic!

Where do i sign to get me one?

Royal Mail disses runaway post van man

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Paris Hilton

Re: He wrote to them?

I agree.

I wonder what he hoped the reward would be?

Paris because she has probably suffered from grazed knees at some point.

Mayor Boris backs McKinnon in extradition fight

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the world is run by giant lizards in disguise.

And I for one welcome our new evil lizard overlords...

Red Dwarf finally returns to Earth

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I can't wait....

I think Red Dwarf is brilliant..

So much so I have just bought the 10 disc series from play..

El Reg salutes ultimate shed anthem

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Well thought of..

Rogue SF sysadmin coughs up passwords

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Paris Hilton

If the film Hackers has taught me anything...

Its that all admin passwords are either GOD or SEX....

I wonder if they tried those?

Paris cause i reckon all her password are related to sex...

MS takes Windows 3.11 out of embed to put to bed

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I still have a sealed box....

Of Windows version 3.0.

It says on the box "New! Breaks the 640k memory barrier. Unleash all the power of your PC"

"Microsoft. Making it all make sense"

Ahhh the good 'ole days

Virgin warns 800 punters for file-sharing

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Not as I understand it.

The BPI send IP addresses to VM that they suspect and VM send the letters out.

Since details have not been passed to a 3rd party no DPA has been broken..

Virgin Media and BPI join forces to attack illegal filesharing

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I will be voting with my feet I think.

First they make friends with Phorm and now they are all friendly with the BPI.

It seems like they are on a mission to piss everyone off....

Mines the one with the new ISP signup contract in the pocket.


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