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Virgin Media battles privacy campaigners on P2P monitoring

Paul Livingstone


How does this play out if your client only accepts encypted bitorrent connections? And what about magnet links? Does that approach make fileshare monitoring harder for them to track?

Windows 7 still baking in oven, insists Microsoft

Paul Livingstone

just stop it...

...honestly, enough with the cooking metaphors.

Apple Time Capsule

Paul Livingstone

Cheap Ethernet NAS

Can anyone actually recommend a good, energy efficient and well priced Ethernet NAS device if the Time Machine is 'too expensive'?

iPhone SMS error bug won't go away

Paul Livingstone


@Mark and @G Plumb: I've owned a LOT of mobile phones and while the iPhone may have the occasional short-coming, it's still EASILY the greatest piece of mobile technology I've ever had.

US nuke boffins: Multicore CPU gains stop at eight

Paul Livingstone

Isn't this about copper?

So the processor can't get data quick enough from the RAM or Network... doesn't that mean the problem lies in the connection between ie. the copper wiring?

Surely someone is working on a fiber optic solution to seriously ramp up the data delivery from RAM to processor?

World+Dog predicts new iPods, Macs imminent

Paul Livingstone
Thumb Down

Why GPS?

What's the point in the iPod Touch having GPS if it doesn't have consistent access to the web (3G/EDGE) to pull down Google map tiles?

Sure, there's always wireless, but most wireless web connections I've used (via iPhone) are only available either inside or 2-3 feet from buildings... where you can't get a bloody GPS signal anyway!

BT seals free Digital Vault

Paul Livingstone


Why pay BT when you can just run a cron job of rsync, gzip and mcrypt over ssh to an off-site server. Duh!

Seriously though, poor show BT.

Microsoft proposes gadget feature disabling tech

Paul Livingstone
Gates Horns


Only Microsoft would consider developing such a heinous system.


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