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Gambling boss gets three years


Both ways

I expect this doesn't work both ways.

So there will be no rush of US executives being prosecuted in non-US courts.


Record labels seek DMCA-style UK takedowns


Entire Work ?

"The BPI believes it is analogous to defamation injunctions, where publication and distribution of an entire work can be halted because of an offending passage."

Wrong - they don't halt publication of the Daily Mail because of one offending passage three days ago, do they

Google too powerful, warns German minister



I'm back on Altavista

Google gets all Minority Report with Street View



Oh, I thought this was going to be integrating the ads into streetview e.g. popping them onto a handy billboard in the image, or creating one if one wasn't there.

Now that would be something (awful)

Dadaist user manuals - a call for submissions



Manuals, or more correctly 'Maunals', are just not a bloke thing.

And since there are no females in IT, why do they bother writing them ?

Casio goes superfast with compact megazoom



Why do we need 10 Mp ?

How big is that at 300 dpi ?

What's next ... 15Mp .... 20 Mp ... 25Mp

Do we really need this ?

Southampton chap lodges todger in steel pipe



Playmobil or it didn't happen !!!

Mobiles protect against Alzheimer's



Erm, correct me if I'm wrong, but hasn't the moby industry trotted out 'fact' after 'fact' 'proving' that mobiles have no effect on your brain.

So, over to you, Mr. Nokia

Meanwhile, presumably you'd need to be pretty demented anyway to use a moby for that amount of time, oh wait, I forgot the 'manager class'

Johnson reveals ID register linked to NI numbers


Shared Secret

Please, make totally sure that your secret answers for the ID DB are unique i.e. not the same ones you've used _anywhere_ else.

That way when they lose stuff on a train your bank a/c etc won't be compromised. I mean, any more than it already is.

UK prosecutors drop 'tiger' sex video case



"I wonder if the only reason that they paid attention to the tiger video was because the other video that he is still being prosecuted for had something very wrong going on in it"

Exactly - then when the March trial comes up, they can say he's got a previous, and make the sentence all the more severe. I suspect that the March one is actually a bit flimsy, and needed this tiger one to 'bolster it up'



Is a video of a tiger having sex with a tiger legal ?

(assuming one of them isn't a minor)

BT names 63 more exchanges for fibre upgrades


"Seriously though, what would you use more than 20 Meg for?"

Same as I use more than 20 Meg for.

(in case you don't get this, look up XT286)


And the point is ?

40Mbit/s very nice

Try using it and see how long before the "bad boy downloader" letter arrives

Nexus One web address used to punt smoky jazz


Not a search engine

FFS when will you stop believing that Google is a search engine.

It's an ordered list where who pays most comes nearest the top.

Of course Google won't need to pay themselves, they can just "cream off" searches for their own products at the first level.


Google uncloaks the Nexus One



Google also announced on 5 January a plan to launch "pay to call" adverts that would appear on mobile phones.

First one that appears and my Nexus One becomes Nexus Zero very fast.

Taoist truck driver guilty of unlawful sex


I'm not falling for it

Au Yeung Kwok-fu

that's got to be an anagram

Bono accuses ISPs of 'reverse Robin Hooding' over piracy


Record sales

No pun intended ... how does Bono's whinging stack up against record music sales last december ?

Today is not New Year's Eve - or the end of the decade


0 BC

1 BC was not followed by 1 AD

It was followed by 0 BC, then 0 AD then 1 AD

366 days BC was the last day of 1 BC since after that there would not be a full year BC.

0 BC ran from 365 days BC to the actual birth day.

Then 0 AD ran from then until 365 days AD after which it became 1 AD since it could not be 1 AD until an actual year had elapsed.

(I'm ignoring leap year possibilities here)

So it's worse than you think, there was not no year zero, there were TWO of them !!


@ Steve Evans

missed a bit off ...

Unless it's a millennium year in which case it isn't a leap year

(which went tits-up in 2000 which was classed as a leap year and should not have been)

Hacker rattles 21,000 iPhone unlockers


Re: I smell a fruit

My first thoughts exactly

They said what? Quotes of the Year



"sole member of the YesToID" ... brilliant

and I pronouce it furor-ay since I did Latin at school

Plod to retain personal data from DNA innocents


two words

Johanna Upton


Next year

November 5th

Google slapped in domain name spat



I recall another website out there with "OO" in its name.

And it's a SEARCH ENGINE to boot !!

Of course they predate Google.

Perhaps googol.com should sue Google, after all the latter

freely admits their name was "stolen" from Googol

Google accused of scrubbing bloody Berlusconi pics



When they blocked in China

I remained silent; I was not Chinese.

When they blocked in Italy

I remained silent; I was not Italian.

'Doctor Dark Energy': The Ultimate LHC eccentric?


Ah but ...

"There is some chance... that it will open up a dimensional portal... a disappointingly tiny and short-lived one"

But what if the forces on the other side grab hold of it and hold it open, then enlarge it so that vast armies of lizard (contd page 94)

Home Office battles to make CCTV useful



Indeed, so to solve the, say, 100,000 crimes a year in the Met area we'll need, tap tap tap, 100,000,000 cameras in London. Hmmm.... time to buy shares in camera makers

Hackers declare war on international forensics tool


@ AC 11:08

Don't be silly - those things are memory stored, not disk stored, so no point switching them off "for privacy and security reasons"



Don't have any.

Local cache was invented when we were all on dial-up, to avoid

delays/costs re-downloading something you already had.

Now we have broadband, so why bother.

El Reg uncovers Tiger Woods tech angle



Those corporates ditching him would gain more public respect if they supported him.

Oh wait ...

UK air traffic control goes after Wikileaks


@yarr "They DO own it"

ok mate go to the next <insert bandname> concert and record that on your iPhone

you'll have copyright ?

hahahaha get real



NATS have clearly not heard of the Streisand effect then LOL

Durham police demonstrate DNA will stuff you



What about all those guys, who when there was a 'big' rape investigation, were asked to, erm, come forward and provide DNA to eliminate them from the enquiry. 10-20,000 were done. are they now "he's on the database so must be suspicious" ?

New DNA rules may still breach human rights



Do you really think they will erase it ?

Or simply "put it beyond use"

To be later retrieved from "backup"

Place your bets

LHC pulverises previous record: 2.36 TeV surprise collision!



Come on you guys at the LHC we want to have an end-of-everything PARTY and want to know when to start

oh wait ...


Well ...


(a) this is the future, and we didn't realise it

(b) this is the present, and we can't see forwards

(c) this is the past, and we think it's the present


H. Boson

Brown launches 'Zip it, Block it, Flag it' net code for children


Huh ?

Can this perfect world get any more perfect ?

Oh wait ...

Spook firm readies Virgin Media filesharing probes



Acoustic matching won't affect me, I only ever listen to electronic music

iTunes gifts Blighty 12 freebies of Christmas


Huh ?

"gifts" surely you meaN "gives" dood yo !!

RIM joins queue for Qi



It's the Duracell bunny not Energiser can't you lot get anything right



Oh and if it has to sit on the pad, what's the point, might as well be plugged in ... FAIL

Accused phone thief snared after phone sends pic to victim

IT Angle

IT aspect

or at least it would have an IT aspect if you told us what ruddy phone it was DOH

NHS hurls iPhone into booze abuse fray


Huh ?

There's an even simpler app than this.

It's called nothing.

If you can still type sensible stuff into the phone, you're not drunk yet.


DARPA balloon-hunt compo: Stand by for skulduggery


Huh ?

I can't see any of them.

Wait ... I'm in the UK

eBay fined 1.7m euros in perfume kerfuffle


Huh ?

Who do these people think they are ?

I buy the product, it's mine, not there's anymore, they took the money instead.

But they seek to prevent me from selling it (unopened as new etc) for some spurious reason.

They took the money, now they want control over MY property.

Fuck off.

Border agency to start fingerprint checks



I have a biometric passport - got it last year - it has an RFID chip in the back.

Unfortunately during the entire process of acquisition I didn't actually notice a single biometric measurement being taken.

Oh wait ...

McKinnon family 'devastated' by Home Sec's latest knock-back


Extradite ?

I thought we didn't extradite people to countries that have the death penalty and engage in torture

Oh wait .....

LHC smashes Tevatron record: Humanity enters the unknown


Huh ?

More weather "anomalies" forecast then .... just ask the residents of Cockermouth what was happening at CERN at the precise time 12 inches of rain landed on them ... remember in science there's no such thing as a coincidence

Cartoon smut law to make life sucky for Olympic organisers


Huh ?

It might be a picture of a midget

RIPA III: A legislative turkey comes home to roost



I like evil_trev's idea #2 withe the double password. Excellent.

3. What about if the password to my encypted files is not actually held by me e.g. a friend typed it in and I actually and genuinely don't know it (I do the same for his files)

4. What about if the password is about 50 characters long and I only ever copy/paste so I have no recall of what it is, like who can realistically be extected to remember a 50-char password made up of mixed alpha, num, and special chars ... oh and the source I copy it from is online "somewhere" can't remember the URL which is not a "key" it's a URL - important difference - the key is located at the URL but I'm being asked for the key itself, and nothing but the key



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