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Lesbos climax as lesbians lick Lesbians

Paris Hilton

Both boxes

So, gay men from Lesbos can tick both boxes on the form then ...

Gay (X)

Lesbian (X)

Paris, because she always ticks both boxes

Jeremy Clarkson tilts at windmills

Paris Hilton

SPECS the fatal flaw

.... they couldn't find a bush big enough to hide it behind

boom boom

Pars, because she saw it coming

Oz Anglicans embrace Darth Vader



It's wookiee not wookie

Dutch university can publish controversial Oyster research


Oh ...

... It's not about shellfish

I need to get out more

El Reg tells you what the Highway Code can't



Full marks to ASDA then for restricting their lorries to 40 mph even on 60 mph roads. And they boast about it on the back of the trailer.

What happens - a huge tail-back of cars taking increasingly mad risks to get past it.

Well done guys, what's next, cheap petrol ..........


The Point

The Police have long said that the point of cameras is to slow down traffic.

So, Jel Mist, people putting on their brakes is surely the desired outcome.

A cynic might suggest otherwise hopefully.

Anyway, on to my point ... the other never-actioned-action was that cameras were only sited at places where there had been enough serious/fatal accidents in previous years.

Talk about missing the point - surely the reason there were accidents is that there is something wrong with the design of the road at that place, not because a camera was not present to make traffic slow down, and the correct action would be to look and analyse why, then provide corrective action thus saving lives.

Wait ... I've missed the point ......

Nike pulls Air Stab trainers


Oh no !!!!

All our stuff runs on a BLADE SERVER !!!!

HP shatters excessive packaging world record



I think the AC was trying to be smart in that a sheet can hold 2 pages.

Of course he is presuming that they were all printed on.

"If a side of a sheet is not printed on, is it a page ?"

Unless of course it's an IBM blank page with "this page intentionally left blank" printed in the middle of it, thus renderinng it non-blank.

Those were the days, you can still do that with PDF files of course

UK's future super-stealth jumpjet 'rock solid' - Brit test pilot


mod con's

I'm not buying one unless it has a built-in CD player and aircond.

Oh and ABS

Court advisor says poem list infringed database right


@ mark

It doesn't have to be art to be copyrighted.

Have you heard of this stuff called software ?

Intel bets millions on speedy DNA sequencing chips



Indeed, the life insurance industry will cease to exist.

I somehow don't think they'll want that.

Obama bloats Vista by 11MB



Do they ever send out unimportant updates ?

Telegraph falls to the Tw*t-O-Tron



If the immigrant-haters leave England and go to live in another country, won't they themselves then be, oh no, immigrants !!

French handbag eBay over fakes



In the EU trade is meant to be carried on without restriction.

By saying that Product A can only be sold here and not there and there, is allowing cartels to control the market and of course it ceases to be a 'market' the instant that happens. No amount of corporate-speak exclusivity upper-echelon nonsense makes one jot of difference, it is still a restriction of trade.

So is it ok then for these big shops to get "authorisation" which they have to BUY (it is not 'given') ... I don't think so.

Even high street retailers do that with records, if you want your album on their shelves you have to pay 'for customer face management' WTF


Not fAuthorised ?

I'm ok with the prevention of fake goods being sold.

What worries me is that French companies have managed to prevent ANYONE selling their product who is not "authorised" by LMVH and of course my corner shop won't be authorised because he can't stump up the dosh to BUY the "authorisation"

Real researchers discover 'Music Without Limits'



What's the betting that when it arrives in the UK that 99 cents has morphed into 79 pence but the same server is used to deliver them worldwide

What's the betting also that a 'premium' service is launched where you can get 256kbps versions (which are upsampled-on-the-fly 128k tracks so no quality increase) and are 99 pence per track

What's the betting also that from 5.5 million tracks there's none of the ones that I want e.g. KS's UE

However all academic since no Real products allowed on my comp.

As Gates strides into the future, we wallow in the past


@Michael H.F. Wilkinson

Betamax lost because Sony was trying to use it for world domination.

VHS won because JVC released it licence-free.

There's almost a parallel here, but Windows had already got its foot in the door, and so all subsequent OS's have something of an uphill struggle to usurp it.

However, if a 'killer app' OS comes along, that allows you to retain your investment in Windows software and hardware, and is free or very cheap, and works exceptionally well .... I think the word would start in the online community first, spreading to the manufacturers etc.

It's all a bit like the rise and fall of an Empire



I always understood (and please correct me if I'm wrong) that the first ever MS product MBASIC was written for MITS Altair and then didn't it appear a few weeks later as a shrink-wrapped MS product, therefore being theft of intellectual property ?

Gordo's DNA database claims branded 'ridiculous'


Computer says no

As a matter of interest, can I, uncharged, refuse to have a DNA swab taken ?

North Carolina targets WTF licence plates


so last year

give me FUD anytime

but then I'm and old RPG'er

Asda declares baby's arse 'pornographic'


40 mph

This is the same Asda whose HGV's travel at 40 mph in the 60 zone. They even have a proud sticker on the back commending themselves for this action.

Of course the net result to road safety is that the queue of cars tailed up behind start to take ever more dangerous risks to overtake it. Anothr good move there Asda.

YouTube admits ad impasse


aha that's what it's for

now I finally know what the 'off' button on my computer is for

The war on photographers - you're all al Qaeda suspects now


@ A J Stiles

Copyright law is civil law not criminal law.

The police can not arrest you for possession of copyrighted material.

How would they know, for example, that you don't have a letter back at home from the copyright holder giving you permission to use the material.



Can I please have my image removed from all those cctv camera that have taken my picture without my consent. Thanks.

Oh and while you're at it, next time there's an 'incident' and you appeal for pics from members of the publ .... oh never mind

Do you know how much of your porn is extreme?


@anonymous coward

"The act of deleting shows intent to comply."

"- Oh no it doesn't; it is a sign of a guilty party trying to cover up the evidence"

Here in the free world we are innocent until proven guilty


@Ian Ferguson

The act of deleting shows intent to comply.

You'd be let off in my court.

The people who prevent that act of deletion from totally removing the image, now there's a thing, step forward Bill ........

eBayer slaps $714 price tag on $630 in cash


Re: Guilty until proved innocent

Been there, had that.

I bought a branded Kingston 2Gb usb memory stick off ebay (from a reputable big-name seller) and paid with paypal.

A few months later I decided to sell it on ebay.

Within hours of it going on my ebay account was suspended due to 'inappropriate activuty'

They even suspended my paypal account as well, even though I was not asking for paypal payment for the item (and isn't paypal a separate entity under the law even though wholly owned).

It took 2 months to get back.

Some twerp from Kingston flagged my item as counterfeit, apparently they have a program that searches ebay listing looking for "Kingston" and then they tell ebay it is counterfeit - whether it is or not - because they don't like "thier" product being on ebay - well sorry guys I bought it so it's MINE

the whole thing stinks

Zuckerberg's Google boycott reaches 32 days (and counting)


Whose data is it anyway

Surely in a normal world the data belongs to the user who

input it, not to Facebook, so the user can do what they like

with it. But wait, this is Web 2.0 so there's probably some

small print on page 93 of the Facebook user 'agreement'

that states that everything you input they own, of course.

Can I wait for Web 3.0

Thief swipes cabinet minister's laptop from Salford office


and the rest ...

These are the ones we're being told about.

How many more are there going missing etc

And that's without 'enemy' activity ....

Blu-ray ramp beats DVD up-take in Europe



How come they included the BD drives in consoles, but didn't include the DVD drives incorporated in consoles ?

No need to answer

Cambridge woman in £90m 'leccy bill shocker



Npower are clearly suffering from ampered judgement.

RAF strafes Next in pirated duvet copyright rumpus


@Michael, etc

It's Red Army Fraction, not Faction

BBC and others please note

Windows Vista has been battered, says Wall Street fan


not me thanks

My 2 sons both upgraded to Vista solely for DX10 which a lot of the newer games require.

Both working well thanks. Their machines make Roadrunner look a bit pale though ...

Me, I'm sticking to XP, which I changed to from Win98 only about 3 years ago

Ofcom swoops on caller ID-faking firm with... request for information



Since Martin Brundle made the comment in Canada, and is thus subject to Canadian law on the event, the only beef that Ofcom can have is with the broadcaster in the UK

Boom boom

Manchester's congestion charge: pay-to-leave


@Maurice Shakeshaft

The Thames (Dartford) crossing is not a motorway, it's an A road.

It's the classic quiz question - Does the M25 encircle London ? No (not quite)

CSC cranks the whalesong up to 11


4 corners

All four corners are cut, but two of them are cut in a different dimension, and you'd need either a laser refracting anti-gravity cosmotron or a piece of greaseproof paper to see it clearly. Don't try this at home.


Cheap too

It's single colour so cheap to print up on preprinted stuff like business cards etc

Not that stupid then

Oh yes did I mention it looks like something from 1973

Actually im fact not as good as stuff from 73


Solid mess

Unfortunately the eye tries to make a solid form from the edges,

i.e. a rectangular block, which would be fine, except that the 'CSC'

letters unfortunately protrude beyond the 'front' edge of the 'block'

thus rendering the entire thing a bit wonky ... so spot on then chaps !!

US nuke boffins smash petaflop barrier with 'Roadrunner'



"Hello Joshua"

Climate supremo deploys knitwear in war on patio heaters


Daylight lights and Volvo's

I've never been able to understand why Volvo cars have daylight lights on but Volvo trucks do not.

UK is not a surveillance society, MPs claim



Not a surveillance society - what we get is pictures all over the internet of some guy mooning in a Beamer, whose driver of course was not doing a traffic offence at the time. But the system still took his picture, and it got published. Was that a case of "appropriate, brief, and for the purpose" ?


Virgin Media and BPI join forces to attack illegal filesharing


Duet Diligence

Virgin won't prosecute anybody.

Virgin won't cut anybody off.

This is entirely an exercise in being seen to do the right thing.

And it gets their name into the news for a day.

And the BPI's. Ah yes the BPI.

Remember that the BPI is not part of the UK government.

It is a pressure organsisation created and supported by the majors in the music industry.

It is not the same as Defra etc it is a private organisation put in place to lobby and defend those majors when things happen.

Moreover it is NOT another organisation called MCPS or PRS,

Those are the ones who collect royalties and distribute to the artists, not the BPI.

Please remember that, The BPI does NOTHING FOR THE ARTISTS it is there to protect the interests of the record industry majors and their shareholders, not the artists.



So the BPI can download a file from my HD, log my IP, and then say I've committed a crime ?

A file exists on my HD. Fine, how does that prove I obtained it illegally ?

How does it prove I downloaded it ?

I might have ripped it from a CD under the 'ok to make one copy for personal use' provision.

The only only who committed a crime (in their definition) is the BPI by downloading the file.

Boom boom


Copy(ing)right in the UK

When you buy the CD/LP/cassette/etc you did not buy the music, you bought the licence to play the music. That licence does not limit you to playing the music on the media it was supplied on. I started buying LP's in 63 and CD's in 83 so I now have lots of 'licences'

You can in the UK make a copy "for personal use".

There IS a levy on blank media, Why's that then if it doesn't permit you to copy onto it ?

Police advice is to have only copied CD's in your car (I found that out after I had 300 quids worth nicked by a tealeaf)


Huh ?

How can they tell the difference between a legal BitTorrent and an illegal one ?

Oh sorry yes of course silly me, all BitTorrents contain illegal material, it's obvious.

Cyber B52 strikes mooted as response to Chinese infowar


Killswitch engage

Do you really really really really think that Windows does not have a killswitch that can be activated remotely ?

IBM fills chips with water


Hot plates

I think he meant that if multiplied up to a 'normal' hotplate size it would be etc etc

... or maybe I'm being too kind here



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