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Facebook, Twitter slammed for deleting evidence of Russia's US election mischief

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Twitter and Facebook have revealed that their firms are without integrity. Those who choose to remain as 'users' do so with that understanding.

Why Apple's adaptive Touch Bar will flop

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Agreed that the touch-bar will fade. Fortunately, my 2012 MBP will carry on.

The new 'base' MBP, with actual function keys, is OK, but a 'big deal' to me is the loss of the magnetic power cord.

'I urge everyone to fight back' – woman wins $10k from Microsoft over Windows 10 misery

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To block the sneaky 'update' from Win 7 to 10, install free software called "Never 10".

It's the work of a software security expert Steve Gibson, at:


China caught astroturfing social networks

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It's very popular with a 'modest' & well coiffed fellow running for 'president' In the U.S.

American cable giants go bananas after FCC slams broadband rollout

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I wish Wheeler and the FCC good luck in dealing with the smarmy crews diddling at the majority of ISP’s. Since early-on I’ve had the displeasure of dealing with the offerings from the evolving stew of U.S. ‘broadband” providers for both business and personal accounts. At present it’s with “Charter” cable internet and their high prices for mediocre performance, in an areas having the option of the fragile and very slow DSL from ATT, or Charter cable. Charter collects approx. $58.00 per month for 'broadband' internet for 15.28 megabit/s down, 3.17 up.

Edward Snowden on his Putin TV appearance: 'Why all the criticism?'

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Common Sense

Mr. Snowden hung himself in an effort to illustrate the hypocrisy that are our world's governments. Putin is just another ego driven grin who happens to be seated in a large land mass, and is a repeat of a character experienced previously. Originality in leadership. Hard to find a good example. Unfortunately, we face no incentives for 'powerful' people to be honorable.

Microsoft Surface 2 fondleslabs finally get off ground with airline order

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I work in an avionics business and am aware of the popular use by pilots and crew of the Ipad without any promotions from Apple. Commercial and civli aviation pilots have been using the ipads for backup navigation, weather, ADSB, aircraft checklists, manuals etc.

The Delta deal to use the MS Surface devices should be interesting.

This story sounds like an MS PR move, and I wonder how many Delta crew members are going to give up their Ipads.

China confirms plans for first Moon visit later this year

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You knew this was coming. The 'west' wastes opportunities for advancement by building monuments to old concepts, and feeding the egos of those 'at the top'.

As described elsewhere we face the ever popular: 'Finders keepers. Loser's weepers'.

Got's to find them REM (rare 'earth' minerals)

Intel rumored to plunk $10bn down for Israeli fab expansion

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What is the cost benefit of a U.S. firm manufacturing and shipping chips in Israel versus the U.S.?

How many jobs are involved?

Leaked docs show NSA collects data on all Verizon customers

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It's for your own good

I'd assumed that cellular (& other) communication is being monitored in the 'fight for freedom'.

Our leaders know what's best, after all.

Ever considered why the PRC (and all the 'problem' nations) allows their rabble to have cellphones?

Keep calm and carry on with your cellphone.

Google seeks to calm facial recognition furor with app block for Glass

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Where do the critics live? Every modern city is flush with CCDTV, ATMs, and an unlimited number of cellphones clicking images. Google's "Glass" is an interesting toy that seems to distill the fears of the fools. Face it. You are being observed if you are in public. If you are huddled in your abode, you are still being monitored by the choices you make when you change the channel, click a website, or flush a toilet.

Apple's Retina Macs: A little too elite?

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Retina MBPro

Our town Apple Store had three retina MBPros on display for demo's alongside some new version MBAir 13's. These were only for display, and to the disappointment of at least four ready-to-buy customers, no retina MBPro were in-stock. (The three folks I spoke with were ready to buy the maxed-out version). We were told that there was a several week delay on the retina MBPro.

As for being able to add memory or SSD's later, iFixit ( http://ifixit.org/) did a teardown of the retina MBPro and found that this is the least friendly Apple laptop to fiddle with. Battery glued in, track-pad backside unreachable, new and unique SSD connector and design.

Samsung SSD 830

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Lovely, but too much gloss

I recently installed an 128GB 830 in my Lenovo X220. I'd appreciate pro/con comment on encrypting the drive. The web offers up warnings, and not, on introducing software encryption into an SSD. Whether it be Bitlocker, TruCrypt etc., apparently large reductions in read/write speed results.

Apple Thunderbolt Display 27in monitor

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Lovely, but too much gloss

As a 2-decade Apple 'investor' I appreciate the fine products, with the exception of the move to 'gloss' monitor screens. My glossy MBPro 13 is 'O.K.' as I can maneuver the screen to fit most lighting. On the desktops I 'suffer' with the matte screened 'old' Apple displays. I tried the 24" iMac, but could not find a placement in the office that did not result in a light-show going on in peripheral vision while trying to work.

It's truly ashamed that Apple has not offered the matte option (even at a premium) on their lovely new IPS displays.

As iPhone 4S battery suckage spreads, fixes appear

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No problem with 4S battery. Probably because I'm not using iCloud, and watch the data usage like a hawk.

LightSquared blasts GPS naysayers in FCC letter

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Note that At&t & Verizon wireless are spending mucho to assist the GPS consortium in the lobbying & blasting of LightSquared. The concept of wholesale bandwidth not being controlled by the duopoly scares these greedy folks.

Google Linux servers hit with $5m patent infringement verdict

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This little town in the armpit of Texas is known for its' manure and their courthouse patent whoring. A big state, but full of very, very, small minds.

Top CEOs agree: US is down the crapper

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U.S. CEO's might reflect on their decades of off-shoring jobs, as well as filling U.S. tech jobs with HB-1 Visa's so they boot them on a whim . Jobs, skills, and technology lost to inflate their earnings. How much hard technology have these CEO's sold-off to China? (such as specialized tools for building aircraft, processors etc.) Pleasing the major stockholders has a cost.

WikiLeaks dubs Amazon 'The Cowardly Liar'

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As of 1750 hrs. Pacific time, Wikileaks is offline.

Dell warns on spyware infected server motherboards

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How often do you test new hardware for 'altered' architectures? As I recall, the US Navy was a bit concerned over sourcing for the computer internals on some of its fighting ships. Seems that hardware can be built to open doors. The ic's may be designed in secret labs, but where is it that budgets determine where chips are mass produced and put on to boards?

Data collector charged $275,000 for leaking personal data

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They are to be frightened of. They have influenced national elections and are part of the data-mining setup under the GW Bush regime. Richard Armitage, John Ashcroft, Viet Dinh (wrote the US 'Patriot' Act) are part of the hierarchy.

Engineer commits suicide after losing iPhone prototype

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Known poor work environment. Free trade.



BlackBerry update bursting with spyware

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'Intelligence' agencies have been after RIM for access, and likely have been monitoring traffic for quite a while, despite RIM's claims to the contrary. RIM's a honey-pot. Recall that last year India was forcing access to data to allow continued sales.

Google recaptures $761 from Facebook nemesis

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Google - Too Big to Fail

I enjoy the 'free' Google 'net goodies, but deep down know that nothing is free. A cost must be extracted.

Water utility auditor resigns, transfers $9m offshore

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Private Water Co.s

As a resident to California area (unincorporated) suffering under the ever increasing bills from a private water company, I am firmly convinced that greed and water (a necessity of life) do not mix. All water systems must be government owned/controlled. By the people and for the people. Ask the folks in Bolivia.

Governator revives anti-violent video game crusade

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The American Psychological association did extensive studies and concluded: "Repeated media violence exposure increases aggression across the lifespan because of several related factors. 1. It creates more positive attitudes, beliefs, and expectations regarding use of aggressive solutions. 2. It creates aggressive behavioral scripts and makes them more cognitively accessible. 3. It decreases the accessibility of nonviolent scripts. 4. It decreases the normal negative emotional reactions to conflict, aggression, and violence.

This is not rocket-science, but the game-makers have lots of money.

Banned US shock-jock demands Clinton intervention

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Making Noise

Poor judgement here by the 'Home Secretary" in providing publicity for the foul Mr. Savage. He's a hack for the sale of radio ad time and appeals to the dimwits that want us all to live in caves.

Bush-era NSA wiretap violations exposed

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The urge to sneak a listen is irresistible when you above the law. Omnipotence breeds excess. It always has and always will.

How the government uses dirty data to legislate morality

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Politicians and clerics have always used morality as the tool to control masses. Rather than deal with tangible problems, they inflate the monsters that lurk in miniscule darkened corners. The masses, judgement limited by corrupted 'truth', sway as orchestrated, OR realize the fraud and revolt. I hope it's the latter.

Google Earth faces terrorist target airbrush bill

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So much hot air and so few brains. Politicians only have to look good. They do not have to demonstrate intelligence.

NASA talks little green men with Vatican

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Universe & God

Read or listen to: "A short history of nearly everything" by Bill Bryson.

Religion is an elementary school playground.

Info chief slaps Met on CCTV in pubs

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When shall we expect the people of Britain to rise-up and recover their freedom?

US lawmaker injects ISP throttle into Obama rescue package

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Feinstein slipping ammendments

As to what to do: If you're a US res, send a message and phone your two Senators, write editiorials to you local media (as this is not getting ANY U.S. news play).

As to Tom. These folks are not fascists, they're a mixture of the dumb and the opportunists. The folks that just lost the election are fascists, and their Republican cronies, still in-office, are the fascists.

It's monied vs. not.

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Senator Feinstein is planning to run for Governor of California, home to the majority of RIAA cronies. Favors.

Though a Democrat, Diane leans to the political right on too many issues. Her hubbie is CEO of an equity-investment management firm, and also serves on the board of Current Media LLC.

Police bail sysadmin in animal rights extremism probe

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Amazing tale. Fear to keep the serfs in their place.

Miliband refuses to release torture documents

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For an treat read Ron Suskind's "One-percent Doctrine". The US intel agencies have been corrupted over the past eight years and damage has been done to UK intel agencies as a result.

Amazon probed by US Mail

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I believe that the USPS has been slowly disassembled over the last 8 years in a effort by the NeoCons at privatizing the US Postal Service. There's now a push to do-away with Saturday deliveries. Recent (the past two weeks) USPS shipments from Amazon have been delayed, with the USPS 'tracking' being WORTHLESS. I recommend opting for UPS.

US mulls clicks for cameraphones

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Congressman King is an idiot and is trying to tug on every 'cause' to get re-elected.

'Obama quits' spam recruits zombie drones

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Marijuana laws

I agree with this group:


Berlusconi plans to use G8 presidency to 'regulate the internet'

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Corruption Maximus

Berlusconi is about as corrupt as they come. You can fool all the people enough times to get elected, especially if you're rich and own all the nation's media. Addio libertà.

FCC offers prison boss phone jamming help

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CTIA is just another self-serving lobbying organization. The US Gov't already has policy and equipment in-place to allow a complete shut-down of all cellphone networks at the whim of whomever holds the reigns. Lot's of folks advertising jammers on the 'net

US Justice Department free to track mobile phone users

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Cell Phones

Consider the 'all-eggs-in-one-basket" dilemma. There're docs on the web regarding US gov. (& European) systems in-place to allow completely shut-downs of cellular systems 'in the event of potential terrorism'. No doubt the result of phones being used to detonate bombs. Wired phones provide a bit of backup if you're concerned about keeping in contact in a time of need.

As to tracking via cell signature, even the most primitive evil-doers are aware of ESN scanning, GPS, data-mining etc, and are likely to use this tracking system to disseminate false info.

Another item is that there have been several instances of lost/injured people being found by cell-signal triangulation.

DARPA: Self-repairing, learning kill-robot tech is go

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Recall your Sc-Fi library and recognize that the DARPA contractors and want-to-be's will make whatever they can sell, regardless of what 'problems' may follow. Of course, 'our nation's security' is paramount. Listen for the familiar justification for creating solutions that are guaranteed to have unexpected complications. Perfect we are not.

WD adds Firewire 800 to Mac-friendly hard drive

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WD Firewire 800

Does this mean that Steve was in error re: the end of Firewire?

The amazing, endless, bioterror pork conveyor

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Anonymous Coward is right on target.

Recommended reading: Ron Suskind's - "The Shock Doctrine" and "The Way of the World".

E-voting fears run high as election day looms

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Voting Machines

Just shows how criminally inefficient and/or corrupted the voting system is in a USA that boasts of freedom, and prides itself on technical achievement. We have giant profit-making cellular and Internet businesses, space-shuttles (sometimes), submarines, anti-satellite missiles, and yet our fumbling leaders can not guarantee an honest election. They (the government) have allowed crooks to sell faulty and easily-hacked voting 'machines' to local government, and have allowed the continued fractured national "vote".

Airport baggage screener charged with stealing passengers' stuff

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Forgot to add

Mr. McCain, that fearsome candidate for US President, looks forward to appointing former EBay CEO Meg Whitman, as his Treasury Secretary. All that financial knowledge, no doubt.


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Crooks and EBay

EBay as a tool of crooks has been going on since it's beginnings. EBay's relationship with law enforcement had been strained in the past as far a getting info on sellers.

Crooks working for the TSA are also a familiar problem due to poor hiring processes and lack of proper surveillance in back room areas. Most photographers know to carry-on gear, or use locked bags (of course, with the mandatory TSA openable locks).

Accountability is the key at TSA and Ebay.

OpenOffice.org overwhelmed by demand for version 3.0

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OpenOffice 3.0

Excellent software. Using on Mac.

Feds accuse bank insider of massive data heist

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Live Long and Prosper

He looks honest? Right.