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BBC offers briefest of teasers for the next Doctor Who

Steve Davis

Re: Maybe it's "time" for a tardis regen....

The Tardis is supposed to change it's exterior appearance to adapt to it's surroundings but early early in the series it was said to be broken and stuck in police box mode.

Ubuntu 13.10 lands on desktops, servers and (er, some) phones

Steve Davis

Strange, never seen that one.

Gadgets are NOT the perfect gift for REAL men

Steve Davis

I once bought my wife an handheld electric whisk which she immediately recycled as a projectile. Ouch!

I bought my son a torque wrench. He waited until he got home before opening it in case it was a disappointing wind up (carnations in a torque wrench box). Phoned me to say it was the best present he had ever been given.

My daughter bought me a Chinese wok set a few years ago and I am ashamed to say that it is in the back of the cupboard unopened. Still using the wok I bought in the Chinese supermarket 20-odd years ago for about two quid.

The video of Clockwork Orange, still unopened after five+ years :(

BT seals free Digital Vault

Steve Davis


I tried it when they first offered it (there is probably something still there) but I found it too silly for words and abandoned it forthwith.

I don't accept that is was 'free' as you had to pay for an accout in the first place. It was just an additional 'attraction' that they now want addicts to caugh up more for.

They can stuff it.

The war on photographers - you're all al Qaeda suspects now

Steve Davis


I was in a Mr. Twister last week with one of my grandsons.

I took a few photo's of him and shortly after was asked by a management representative to stop using the camera as a customer had complained.

I really can't see the reason for the complaint although the kids there were all quite young, most had an adult with them and all were fully clothed.

Getting beyond a joke. Worse that the complainant felt it necessary to involve the management (who were clearly complying because they had to, rather than they felt that it was a warranted complaint) rather than ask me personally.

The one with "Paedophile" written accross the shoulders.

100,000 sign for BT Fon wi-fi love-in

Steve Davis

That's what they think

I was an existing BT Total Broadband customer and took their offer of a webphone or whatever the hell they are calling it now.

It came with a new home hub and softphone.

As the mobile was charging it converted the existing hub into three - the original, a CT Hub and a Fon access point.

So when the mobile was up and running, registered and everything, I swapped the routers over and the man in the street can whistle for his connection.

Hummer glummer on high oil price bummer

Steve Davis


My last fill up was on the 23rd of May. £1.15/L. This has risen from 78p/L on June 15th last year when I first started using it.

My car is reasonably roomy (a Citroen C5 Estate) and reasonably economical - around 37MPG on average, a recent 633 mile trip was done on one tank (63 Litres to be precise, the tank holds in theory 65L).

It could probably do better if I didn't drive while wearing diving boots.


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