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Big Blue urged to open Notes and Domino

Kevin Mort

@Nic Brough

Almost every single one, eh? Yea that explains the now 17 or so straight quarters of growth in the platform.

I don't expect everyone to like it, just as I know not everyone likes Exchange/Outlook either. My last org switched to Outlook from Notes and productivity went to the floor. Why? Because the MSFT flunkies didn't bother to actually figure out what all Notes/Domino was being used for, nor did they understand the concept of messaging based workflow.

Every platform has it's critics and it's champions. You like what you like and I"ll like what I like. I use webmail, Outlook and Notes every day. Outlook has a nice look to it, but I'll take Notes for functionality any day, not to mention that 8 is a huge UI improvement.

Kevin Mort

Troll parade, abbreviated

Well at least we only muster three (grumpy, DJ and one AC) who are of the bash Notes crowd that generally haven't used the product since like R4 and just like to make noise.

The "truth" you speak of is fallacy. Growing revenues, share do not indicate a stagnant, legacy product no matter how much Microsoft pays it's partners to say it.

Salesforce.com marches on IBM's Notes business

Kevin Mort

Stuck in the past?

So Nic, have you seen Notes 8 or are you one of those stuck in the past and judging Notes on some 5 year old release?

Yahoo! sets date for Icahn showdown

Kevin Mort

What he wants, he gets

Icahn isn't above playing hardball, which he does regularly to get his way.

He'll win this, simply because mr "activist investor" always does get what he wants eventually.

He always says it's in the best interest of the company and its investors, which of course means him. He's a bully that's made many people quite wealthy if you follow what he does.

Of course Wall Street adores him, just like they do with Warren Buffett. Icahn's always the one they support over any corporate CEO he's targeting.


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