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Samsung Galaxy S II punters get a lick of Ice Cream Sarnie

Chris Campbell

"with Google spitting out a new Android version every six months it's not easy for handset manufacturers to keep up."

Well here's an idea, remove all the operator crap from the phone and supply the manufacturer ROM and there's no need to spend all that money making the phone worse.

New chippery on parade at ISSCC

Chris Campbell


It's looking pretty cloudly out here at the moment, bring a coat!

Counter-Strike sequel aims for 2012 target

Chris Campbell


Although my favourite was a mod for the original Unreal, called Infiltration. A great game and great community :)

€1bn handout from the EU targets ambient nagware and robot pets

Chris Campbell


That's because DARPA's crazy no-hope tech ideas are at least good ideas. These are no-hope ideas that even if they did succeed would still be terrible.

Creative Sound Blaster Tactic 3D Sigma gaming headset

Chris Campbell

That reminds me...

Creative Sound Blaster? I'm sure I had one of these in my 486dx in 1995, it made those midi sound effects in Doom sound really life like ;)

O2's free Wi-Fi in detail: How free is free exactly?

Chris Campbell

"You can opt out of O2 Wi-Fi altogether"

Nice to see someone at O2 has a sense of humor :)

I wonder if they will check that the messages are received, if I have already thought of just using a free PAYG SIM to register to aviod the ads then I'm sure plenty of others will.

Yorks cops bust Bradford guinea pig farm

Chris Campbell

To paraphase Bill Hicks...

'Bush says we're losing the War on Drugs... Let me get my head around this, there's a War on Drugs, and the people on drugs are winning it?'

Time to give up. (Fail icon for the police)

Double whammy: The music tax based on deep packet inspection

Chris Campbell

Re: The four horsemen are on their way

"I will put my hands up to being the occasional freetard, but with an ISP levy I'll be subsidising the more frequent freetards which isn't right. Also the non-freetards will be subsidising me, for something they never do, which is bang out of order."

I will put my hands up to the occasional visit to the hospital, but with my taxes going to the NHS I'll be subsidising the fatties and the clumsy people, which isn't right. Also, the really healthy/careful people will be subsidising me, for a service they never use, which is bang out of order.

Get the point? All taxes are the same, we all pay it, but don't all get equal benefit from it, sometime no benefit.

I'm still against a tax on ISPs (or anyone else) that is used to fund the music industry. My main issues with it are in the distribution of fund between artists, and that fact it will kill the genuine music business, because effectivly - through the tax - everyone has paid for every peice of music ever created in the past and present.

UK graduates face bleak future as teachers

Chris Campbell
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'...' is not a valid title

I'm about to graduate this year, looks like I'll have a fun time finding a job! I guess I can still live off my loan money for a few months after graduating anyway, so I have time before I get desperate and start stacking shelves for a living.

Unauthorised Wolverine claws his way onto interwebs

Chris Campbell

@Tony Hoyle

But then you'd be depriving Ferrari of a sale of their car that you couldn't afford and wouldn't have bought anyway!

"The Industry Trust has ditched an advert that carried the message "You wouldn't steal a car... piracy is theft""

Well, at least they have stopped lying in their adverts, copyright infringement and theft are not the same thing.

YouTube gets new mobile client

Chris Campbell

@Chris Pinto

Same for me (with Touch HD), only feature that seems to be missing is the ability to paste youtube url links into it. So when someone provides a link to a video, it's a pain to find the thing.

Google takes aim at drunken messaging

Chris Campbell
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FF addon

We need this as a Firefox addon that prompts you on form submit, would cirtainly have helped me in the past!

Two Shuttles hit by fuel tank problems

Chris Campbell


"The factory where the huge orange external tanks are made, at Michoud near New Orleans, is scheduled to close down starting from this autumn, with massive loss of jobs."

Maybe someone at the factory wanted to go out with a bang... ba doom tish

Hackintosh maker bites back at Apple

Chris Campbell
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"It really is a cheek of another company to think they can just leverage off the work of others, lazy fucks, why don't they just fund and write an operating system themselves."

It really is a cheek of Apple to think they can just leverage off the work of others, lazy fucks, why don't they just fund and manufacture a CPU/Motherboard/RAM/Video card themselves.

If you think MS are using anti-competitive business pactices, then Apple take it to a whole new level.

Patched DNS servers still vulnerable to cache poisoning

Chris Campbell

Re:10 Hours is an average

We don't know how many times he succeeded with this tactic, so accepting 10 hours as an average isn't really a good idea. It's like rolling a dice once, getting a 6 and calling that the average roll of a dice.

Also, it goes both ways, it's theoretically possible to get it first try and succeed instantly, but it's also possible to go on for much much longer than 10 hours.

Phorm papers reveal BT's backwards approach to wiretap law

Chris Campbell

Stealing ad space

Something I haven't seen mentioned in the Phorm debate yet is that they are overwriting adverts in web pages with their own 'relevent adverts' so effectivly stealing the advertising space from the web host.

It's exactly the same as plastering your own poster up on a billboard over the top of someone elses, it's the digital equivilant of flyposting, which is illegal.

Sovereign immunity blocks DMCA suit against Air Force

Chris Campbell

Same as trial software?

This seems basically to be the same as someone offering trail software, a company (USAF) started using it and becoming dependant on it, then the trial runs out and they demand it for free.

Tux because maybe he should've open sourced it and kept his job/pay packet.

Tiscali sues BT for 'defamation and falsehood'

Chris Campbell

Re: Just write to the BT customers

Indeed! I'm sure there's some more damaging headlines about BT on the El Reg, for a start ...

"BT's secret Phorm trials open door to corporate eavesdropping"

Blighty's electro-supercar 2.0 uncloaked today

Chris Campbell

Range on one charge

It's not easy to find, but it's listed as 200 miles on a full charge.

On 'Home' > 'Electric vs. Petrol':

"True to its name, the Lightning GT could be charged in approximately 10 minutes for up to 200 miles of motoring, which would make long journeys a breeze."

Not sure long journeys would be 'a breeze', my daily commute is 120 miles...

Mother pleads not guilty in cyber-bullying suicide test case

Chris Campbell

@Geoff Gale

"for accessing protected computers without authorization"

The above quote appears a lot in the things she was charged for, and the basis for saying she accessed computers without authorisation is that she had violated the myspace ToS, therefore losing her permission to access/use the myspace website.

At least this is my understanding from the coverage I've read.

Quoting from other register articles on the subject:

"prosecutors charged Lori Drew with conspiracy and hacking for violating MySpace terms of service that, among other things, forbid the creation of fictitious accounts"

"The indictment charges Drew, a resident of O'Fallon, Missouri, with three counts of unauthorized access by violation of MySpace's terms of service and one count of conspiracy."

Although, if they were wrong then I appologise, since I haven't checked any other sources...

Chris Campbell

Terms of Service

She is being prosecuted for breaking the myspace Terms of Service, not lieing (although lieing what what broke the terms of service, she's not being prosucted for that specifially).

So this doesn't criminalise lieing on the internet, it criminalises breaking Terms of Service on the internet, which is much much worse IMO. I'm sure most internet users have broken some of the terms of services that they've blindly aggreed to at some point, this would effectively make anything someone rights in a Terms of Service aggreement legally binding with a possible 20 year prison sentence!

Glad I don't live in the US....

World realizes Google home page is 'illegal'

Chris Campbell

I'm feeling lucky

It is actually available from their homepage with only a single click, (and a little typing). Put 'google privacy policy' into the search box and click I'm feeling lucky.


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