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Online payment standards fall on deaf websites


LoveFilm, HateTheirStupidWebsite

Signed up for the LoveFilm free 2 week trial, i had to put in my card details but i was assured i would not be charged during the 2 week trial. after those two weeks i decided to cancel my subscription and deleted my account.

I dont know what made me do it, but i tried logging back in with my old credentials, and not only did it log in successfully, my credit card details were still there!! there is actually no way to competely remove your account just deactivate and reactivate. I emailed them to tell them this and they assured me via email my account was deleted. Nope, logged in again! Credit card details still there! emailed back and i just get told its being investigated by the relevant dept!

As it wont let me just remove the card from the account without putting another card in its place, i need to make up a fake card. is what they are doing against the law??