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Ten USB 3.0 HDD enclosures


I recently had to buy a bunch of 2TB drives here in spain for a nas i was building. It was cheaper for me basiclly to buy external drives in USB3 cases than bare drives. I paid 99 euros for hitachi externals in local hypermarket and you can look here for the going rate for internal, plus shipping which isnt that cheap.

So after shipping it was cheaper to buy them and throw after the usb3 cases.


The curse of Google?: Android licensees fail to cash in


No brand loyalty???? To samsung ?Of course not

I think you will find most people who use a HTC say 1 of two things excellent device, good support, well built or I am bored of android I am getting an iphone next time. I think HTC has developed intself into a premium smart phone manufacturer because they give people things they care about build quality and updates.

Samsung on the other hand has had a different tactic, lets release a new phone every week, sod the build let's just go with features. I know big screen, dual core, more ram, very slim. They seemed to have released so many fing devices they cantrember them all let alone possibly keep them all updated and build is, except for the high end stuff, quite poor.

My experiences are of work mates here in Spain, all teachers, in the last year almost everyone has moved over to smart phones. About 80% android, 10% iphones (way to expensive on contract here) and 10% Samsung Waves on the Bada platform.

HTC are really cleaning up here and cos their build is good people are going back for more second time. They are the old Nokia of the smart phone age.

Samsungs support and build are crap. Try my 16 month old Galaxy Spica, it seems cos me and my Mrs missed an updated which was issued on New PC Studio (1.6 to 2.0) we now cannot updated to 2.1 on Kies. Tried in 3 times on 2machines never picks up the bloody update and Kies doesn recognise the phone. If your going to change your F'ing software support a currently sold phone you arses. Woeful, and Bada is a terrible platform in terms of apps. What were they thinking

Over half of US HD TV owners blurry on Blu-ray


Disc prices are a huge issue

Quite obviously bluray and in fact hd-dvd are massive leaps over dvd in terms of image quality and the more mature the formats are the better the images produced are. Like DVD, authoring and encoding techniques aren't perfected when a format come out and the think now we are starting to see the possibilities of bluray. Also as TV seem to grow ever larger and LCD in particular have come on in terms of quality hugely over the last 5 years, all of these things allow people at home to get close to a sort fo near master reproduction environment for there films watching enviroment.

One thing i would say though is that prices of the disc is way way too high, i own a reasonable HD display and a PS3, and working in tv production really want to watch as high a quality as possible but serious there is no way i would pay £22 for a film. These just aren't mass market prices and until they realise this disc sales will not take off. I understand that production cost are higher than DVD and that due to the smaller market sales are orders of magnitude lower, but disc prices are keeping these even lower, there are millions of PS3 out there and since the HD disc war is now won, people should be more inclined to buy bluray disc.

Peopel often site the player price as the obstacle but i think this is far from the truth, software prices are so high and player now represent reasonable value. Ok they need to get down to £100 before you get massive sales but still all of that will mean nothing if disc are priced at £25


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