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Capita gets £60m deal to merge NHS websites

Ni Khat

Most Expensive Website Ever

For Lordy's sake, £20 MILLION per year for a website? Licence to print money or are Capita providing GOLD encrusted servers.

Or does it include providing the on-call service as well?

Senator slams DHS boss over border laptop searches

Ni Khat

Just don't go there!!

Ever since a cousin of mine was detained for three hours for daring to be a Consultant Cardiologist travelling to, of all things, a medical conference.Nobody in my family travels to the US.

While a friend who also had to travel there a for work was detained for four hours in Miami even though he was there as part of two thousand convention goers and had been travelling to the US for nearly twenty years. When he got back he asked for his contract to be changed so that he never had to travel to the US again!

Until the recession/downturn hits and they start craving those tourist dollars, nothing will change.

So just don't go there......

US imposes 72 hour pre-reg for Visa waiver travellers

Ni Khat

Be Afraid...be very afraid

A number of friends have recently asked their employers not to send them to US on business. One friend, a director at a world wide Marketing agency, was travelling to the company conference in Miami (funny how they are never in Harrowgate) stopped & kept in windowless room for four hours...another friend a well known and internationally published doctor going to Boston for medical conference, kept behind and questioned for 3+ hours.

I am certainly not spending my hard earned cash for the pleasure of being questioned on why I am going to Las Vegas!

Two things we can all do:

1. We should pressure the UK to post reciprocal measures.....I know FAT CHANCE!

2. Boycott the US - see if they miss our money.


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