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UK.gov ready to get muddy again on GM foods

H Lucas

Consider the waste

I live in the usa. As an engineering student - some time ago - i supplemented my income by 'dumpster diving' (so did Madonna in her hungry years i understand). I have read, and believe, that in the usa - about half of all food produced is wasted (i.e. not consumed by humans). In other countries it is higher - due to the less developed transportation and food handling systems. I salvaged lots of produce from dumpsters that was consumable, but not perfect.. This was from food store and restaurant dumpsters mainly. With some judicious trimming, much was usable. GM tomatoes are engineered to be more bruse resistant, and tolerate handling better without becoming mushy. Many tomatoes i ate could have benefited from this. What goes in the landfill doesn't benefit anyone. "The Art and Science of Dumpster Diving" from Loompanics Press in Washington state is a good read. My 'best' find was the discovery of 2 shipping skids of ice cream in a dumpster one July day. It was still plastic wrapped and firm - ONE DAY out of date. I contacted my friends, and we emptied the dumpster. At the end - regular customers were coming over to get the last few packages. We ate icrcream all summer!! It was great! Fortunately, we had freezer space available! Consider people who could benefit from lower prices - if spoilage and wastage were reduced prices could (and would) be lowered - because competiton DOES work - look at Wal Mart! The enemy of 'good enough' is perfection - because NOTHING is perfect! - one of the most important concepts in engineering. Cheers


US bank loses unencrypted data on 4.5m people

H Lucas

Systems Engineer

If you ain't got a NSA certificated key custodian - with an active account - you AIN'T got encryption - you've got PRIVACY.. and that's a 20 min job to break usually.


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