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Netbook SSD usage to fall under 10% in 2009

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SSD will be the future when capacities and prices drop considerably !

I am intrested in SSD technology but at current prices / storage capacities its a turn off. If i was buying a SCC i would rather go for the 120gb Acer Aspire 1 then a 4/8/12GB SSD EEPC. 12GB is just too impratical for todays software when i would want to store the odd DivX film, MP3's, DVD's on the hard disk. I realise they are designed for basic internet use but most people will attempt to use them for tasks beyond this. £175 for a laptop is cheap but not cheap enough that i can live with a 12GB hard disk

Acer beats arch-rival Asus in Q3 netbook match


Asus has got to big for its boots and are overcharging

I have used both the Asus EEPC and the Acer Aspire One and id choose the Acer anyday. Its cheaper, higher spec and better looking then most models of the Asus

Bioshock sequel teaser trailer now showing

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Cant wait for the sequel

Bioshock has flaws but it was a great game, i completed it 2 times as i enjoyed it so much. The graphics are one of the best for its era. The sound effects are really good for the splicers with creepy laughing and funny songs the splicers sing while walking along. I found the plot to be very original and the games storyline has a nice twist half way through. However i do agree on the fact that the variety of enemies was very limited and that some of the plasmids and weapons were useless.

A Blu-ray Christmas? Don't bank on it

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Another Sony fanboy news topic

"I may need glasses, but standing close to a 46 inch Sony Bravia set I could see the beads of sweat on Daniel Craig's forehead without optical aids. I'm sure you can't see that on a DVD and CRT even if you are close..."

46" Sony Bravia ...... . They saw you coming when you walked into the showroom. Now thats a tv that costs 3x more expensive then a TV by another brand of equal credability and spec. Your the type of person that adopts Blu ray as you get sucked into salesman's hype and have little technical knowledge. Perhaps you need your eyes tested if you cant see the beads of sweat on a DVD shown on a CRT TV. .

Nintendo Wii US sales 3x PS3, Xbox 360


GTA4 - Not a game worth buying a console for !

The fact that GTA 4 was pretty average probably had something to do with the fact that it didnt effect console game sales that much. Everyone bought the game under the hype it was going to be vastly superior to the last game. IMO the game is exactly the same and the only change is slightly better graphics and online play. A big disapointment !

Apple store detains teens for installing iPhone game


Another shotp over reacting!

That shop just totally over reacted. Bet that stuff happens in tons of electronics stores , you have to expect it

Date set for next major PS3 firmware release


Yes achievements are important

Yes achievements are important. For eg Tom Clancy Rainbow Six Vegas 2 picks up that you have completed the previous game by detecting achievements on your Xbox 360. You then get certain ingame rewards and rank increases due to this. Plus its also a cool way to prove to people how well you scored in a game or how many games you completed.

Also why do i care if my console can play proper modern films (Steve Hewitt). I bought my console for games not watching movies on (The way it should be). My PC / Media Centre deals with that side of things and would do it a damm site better then a PS3 would.


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