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Microsoft slams OEMs over XP SP3 install cock-up

Charles Hammond

AMD = Junk

Maybe MS should just quit supporting AMD Processors. They are lame duck anyway.

FBI probe discovers counterfeit kit in US military networks

Charles Hammond
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Military Purchase from China#@$!

Why did we buy Military Networking Gear from China? Are we that stupid???

Is the earth getting warmer, or cooler?

Charles Hammond

Where Made the Ice Age Go Away?

Well as a statement of fact the earth has been going through climate change since I first started noticing it in the 1960's. Change is the only constant in the universe. Off and on I have lived near the Mississippi River. There is also a pattern of about 10 years in the seasons of the floods.


This is an article written by a Glacialogist. In the USA Doctor Micheal Savage raised question of what happened to make the Ice Age Go Away? Man did not have any technology 11,000 years ago, so what warmed up the earth?

According to this article:

"The period between 1400A.D. to about 1860A.D. has been termed the "Little Ice Age" when average global temps were between 0.5C and 1.0C lower than they are now. That followed a much warmer period between 1000A.D and 1350A.D. when the Vikings colonized Greenland. Remember--they named it Greenland because it was green."

High Court quashes decision to release secret ID card reports

Charles Hammond
Paris Hilton

Phoney Baloney Whitewash

If you government is working on something as simple and as finite as an ID Card what makes it so confidential?

Either people are for or agin it.

My guess is this will involve a large and obtrusive Database of Names and information that they can lose or misplace through incompetence.

We have this daffy Idea in the USA that if Public Servants are working on something as simple as an ID Card that it is impossible for it to not be public information, and what the hell is so secret about it, to require it to be classified?

This is UK speak for we dont want any of you common peasants from making troube at our meetings because we are superior to you slugs.

Dubai impounds cable slicing ships

Charles Hammond

Deapth of Sea In Gulf

I think the maximum deapth of the Gulf in this area is only about 90 meters at its deepest. Where as the maximum deapth of the mediteranian is about 5,000 meters. This is quite a large variation in Depth. Still 90 meters is quite deep, but that is only at the deepest point. There are lots of areas that are not that deep.


Aliens need to guide us.

Scientology threatens Wikileaks with injunction

Charles Hammond
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Scientology Nutjobs Every One

Scientology is just a para-religious Pyramid Scheme. I think it is all a big joke.

Ban using mobiles while crossing street, says US legislator

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Just Smash The Phone

The law should read that the cops will take the phone and samsh it to bits right then and there. I am tired of all these oafs walking around with a phone attached to their head. I think not only are they a walking safety violation, but they need serious mental help. They hold up lines in stores and theaters and then act like snobs if you say anything to them. They are a public nuisance.

They are typical Air Heads.

Dead wife contacts Lancs man via SMS

Charles Hammond

Cell Phone Bill From the Beyond

But sir, I did not make these phone calls it is my wife calling from the beyond!

US airline pilot pops a cap in cockpit

Charles Hammond

Oops I Shot the Plane

Add to the list of proposed safety Items:

Do not load a round until you are ready to kill someone.

I thought Glock Handguns were suppose to be safer than normal handguns. This just proves that you can not fix stupid.

Australian man killed by suicide robot

Charles Hammond

N0 Last video?

No Youtube video????

I feel cheated.

Cyber attacks target pro-Tibetan groups

Charles Hammond

Red Menace

These are the same Chinese people who arrested the Fulong Gong, a group of people practicing deep breathing exercises, put them in prison camps, tortured them and then sold their body parts to the highest bidder.

Why would you doubt these Chinese Communists capable of anything?

US Army funds $10m bat-droid

Charles Hammond

Maybe we need Mind Control Ticks

Imagine a tick robot that can cling to any living creature and tell it what to do?

Maybe the Vampire can bite the enemy soldiers and use nano-technology to turn them into zombies???

EU investigates DOJ internet gambling tactics

Charles Hammond
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Gamble Your Way To Hell!

Where does the EU get off telling the USA how to run our country? Just because you are a bunch of Godless sodomites it doesnt mean we have to fall into that trap!

Maybe you are stupid enough to think that gambling is legitimate trade but we dont agree with that. Yes there is some gambling in the USA but we dont force the EU people to gamble here. You are free to do what you want. Internet Gambling is just a place for EU organized crime lords to rip people off.

Gambling is not a legitimate trade.

Iowa man sacked for demanding prostitute

Charles Hammond

False Advertising

He should sue for 5 million for false advertising.

Taliban demand night-time cell tower shutdown

Charles Hammond

Turn off all the towers

Just turn off all telephone service.

That solves the problem.

Just send them straight to the stone age. Taliban dont need no stinking cell phones.

Geordie cops arrest two for Wi-Fi squatting

Charles Hammond

How did they get caught?

Well when you see a couple of blokes with a computer drving around in a neighborhood looking for an open connection, it is kind of clear that they knew it was illegal and they had malice of forethought to knowingly break the law. Basically they are cheap bastards looking for a free ride. They can just as easily infect your network with a virus or a trojan.

Ban booze in supermarkets, says health adviser

Charles Hammond

Include Cigarettes

May as well include the nasty habit of tobacco in this ban also. Then maybe we should remove all drugs from the supermarket also.

Charles Hammond

What about Petrol markets

In the USA we also sell beer and liquer at gas stations. Some places have even had drive through liquer stores or even delivery. That way you dont have to drive to the pub, they just drop it off so you can continue on your binge sex party.

Miami cops trial 'hover and stare' ducted-fan Dalek

Charles Hammond

Air Assault Remote Suicide Bomb

All it takes is a little bit of C4 and a few ball bearings and you have a suicide vest from the sky. Either that or strap on a MAC-10 MACHINE PISTOL. Looks like one of those flying death machines mchines. Quick, lets call Conners. Lets call it Terminator Jr.

EU commissioner backs record biz on copyright extensions

Charles Hammond

Copyright Rediculous

You can not even get the music for a church hymnal without securing permission to print and use the songs. We are talking about songs that date back to the 1800's. Like in the USA the Mormon Song "Come Come Ye Saint" was written at the time of the Migration westward to the Salt Lake Valley. There are also songs that either use a melody or the lyrics of old English religious titles.

Healthy? You're a burden on the state

Charles Hammond

Death Tax.

Wrong Dead people do contribute in taxes. Ever heard of the Estate Tax?

You die they sell your property, and someone else pays tax.

I dont know if they have inheritance tax on your side of the pond.

Someone has to bury you or incinerate your remains. Then there is the auction to sell all those items you have been hording.

100Mbit/s sewer broadband rollout coming your way

Charles Hammond

Sewer Spam 2.0

Maybe you will start getting Sewer Upgrades.

Chinese firm sets legal dragons on Microsoft

Charles Hammond

China Executes Law Breakers

Maybe China will execute Bill Gates!

Amazon defies French courts over shipping costs

Charles Hammond


Maybe they should just start offering rebates. That would confuse a lot of people.

Validus backers banking on swing to DC

Charles Hammond

Server Rooms

One idea I had was during the winter months to cool down server rooms with outside air that is already cold. I work in a server room and we run two air conditioners non-stop 24/7. I know how much it costs to air condition my house and it is not easy to pay for my own electricity.

There are some alternatives. Building structures with thicker walls and more insullation might help. The problem is getting rid of the hot air coming off of the all cpu and chipset and power supply coolers. Plus the more air you move the more dust you need to filter out of the air. Dust can kill just as much as Heat.

IT departments poised to fly past airlines on CO2 emissions

Charles Hammond

Green Wars

The Green War is coming.

I can see a need for change and some other cause effects that make for more energy usage than say the average PC.

Take your 60 inch Plasma TV for example. That has got to be using an awful lot of electricity.

Even the old style Tube computer Monitor uses more electricity and produces more heat than the average actual Box with the computer bits in it. Just replacing these with newer thinner LCD Flatscreens will save money, because they are more energy efficient.

In the USA the houses we live in all seem a bit large to me. Basically we just fill them with a bunch of junk we do not really need anyway. Just reducing the sizes of new houses could significantly reduce energy consumption.

Take a look at automobiles and you can see plenty of room for improvements. If we used something like a carbon fiber car frame we could significanty reduce the weight of cars and they could then use smaller engines.

It is the Government that is a significant driver of our storage requirements. Now they want us to keep Internet Traffic Records of every person online for at least 6 months. That in itself requires a ton of storage that has no real purpose. Trim that back to a 30 day requirement and you can save significantly.

Tax or VAT as some people call it is another big contributor to online storage. We look at tax in the USA as a means by which you can give groups of people advantages. Everyone wants a tax break. So we make all these loopholes for the tax breaks, and then we have to raise taxes on those folks who got the tax breaks requiring armies of tax accountants to pile up even more paper and computer records to find even more loopholes for tax payers so we will once again have to raise taxes. Maybe if we had no loopholes the actual tax rates would fall and taxes would be so simple we could fire all the accountants. This my friends is your government in action.

Dont even get me started on the subject of SPAM! Marketing and advertising trash is the single largest creator of wasted energy and resources. Talk about a money pit!

Microsoft funds object of IBM's mainframe fury

Charles Hammond

Mainframe Emulation

We run our IBM software (in the past) on an IBM PIII X-Server with emulation on top of Linux. Seemed to run all our IBM software we use to run on our old IBM Mainframe hardware. All it takes is some emulation software and some hardware devices to hook up to our old Mainframe Controller and Printer. Only took about 2-3 weeks to switch over. In our case we did use the same IBM Operating System.

US navy's robot carrier plane building fast

Charles Hammond

Spies in the Sky

Besides the ability to carry a larger payload and exceed the Maximum G Factor these craft could also be used for spy missions or stealth attacks. Plus if they have no human onboard there are no qualms about self destruction if they get caught.

They could be used for radar and communications support in hostile territory; Kind of like some friendly eyes in the sky.

Melting ice kills polar bears, say boffins

Charles Hammond


This is pure baloney. Canada has been claiming polar bear populations are on the rise.


Tasers can be instrument of torture, says UN

Charles Hammond

Just Beat with Clubs

Maybe it would be more humane to beat the suspect to death with a billy club or a flash light. The way I see it, if the suspects flee from the police they should have the right to shoot them in the back. I grow tired of these idiots that run from the police and then complain because the police had to subdue them. I have no patience for these criminals.

MIT sues architect for crap computing-dept campus

Charles Hammond

Designed By Idiots

This building looks like it is designed by 5th grader that was high on drugs.

Nothing wrong with a well designed rectangular building. If it is not broken dont fix it. I work at a community college and we have some of the lovliest old stone construction and new buildings which have been blended in with stone facing to try to blend in the new with the old. Public spaces are just as important as the offices and classrooms. For a building to be new it does not have to look like it is a reject coors can with some match boxes glued on to the side at ugly obscene angles. A building has to also have form and function.

If you add a few circular stair cases, towers, and architectural accents and join a few structures into one it can look quite stunning.

UK fast food peppered with salt

Charles Hammond

Tasteless Cardboard Needs Salt

Without the salt how are we going to make all the tasteless carboard have taste?

A. Fried Food Needs Salt.

B. Dump copious amounts of sugar on top.

C. Pass the Hot Sauce.

D. Even Soy Sauce is full of sodium.

Ships pollute more than planes

Charles Hammond

Stupid Meetings and Salesmen

Using this line of logic lets cancel all the Tourist Trade. All those worthless idiots running around in their jets scurrying to exotic lands and trying to sell their wares. Let them just stay at home and look at the Internet. Havent they ever heard of a net meeting?

While we are at it list ban all automobiles. Should be able to just use sail boats.

Fire service may charge for shifting fat people

Charles Hammond

Fat People are Human

So how is paying for fat people different than paying for people that smoke or drink or are drug addicts?

What about stupid people that climb mountans or have accidents racing horses or cars?

Arent they just as useless?

Microsoft-loving (former) security czar calls for closed internet

Charles Hammond

Close the Internet to Spammers

The Internet was created for Open communication, sharing Ideas, and for a way for Governmental entities to communicate.

What I see is a need for most is to close the Internet to Spammers. All people doing advertising should have to have a license and their from address should have to provide a means of identifying them. I think I have seen enough adds for viagra and penis enlargement, thank you very much. I also dont want to help a Nigerian to reclaim my money.

You could say that Microsoft is the problem, not the solution.

I for one could live with a requirement that there be a way to identify all people on the Internet in some way. Maybe there needs to be a licensing authority for all E-mail.

I have often thought that there also needs to be interconnects on the Internet between countries where one country could block access by the country of origin when attacks are coming from a specific country. So the E-mail license should be issued by the country of origin.

People just can not be trusted.

Ninja she-devils rob Pennsylvania gas station

Charles Hammond

Drop the Eye Patch

Excuse me, but I must have that Lovely Eye Patch. . . .

Jubie Chan Anime

LAPD patrol cars to get sticky-GPS-tracker cannon?

Charles Hammond


If they got laser, then why not just laser the back tires?

What about an EM pulse that knocks out the Ignition System?

Guided Missles?

Machine Guns mounted on Hood?

IBM signs-in to OpenOffice.org

Charles Hammond

MS Virus Magnet Software

I dont think Lotus Notes is that bad. Works great where I am. Seems to work better than Outlook Express. I am not overly impressed with it, but I dont care for the Internet in my E-Mail.

Acer CEO talks up Chinese expansion

Charles Hammond

Poison Keyboards

Maybe we can give the Chinese some keyboards for their computers laced with some lead paint as payback. This is my attempt at American Chinese Diplomacy. Yanks do not have a very good sense of humor, and even less diplomacy.

On the Chinese market, other companies have tried entering the Chinese market and it is hard to tell how much success they had. It makes sense though, since most computer products are actually made in China to begin with.

Euro consumers favour plasma over LCD

Charles Hammond

Plasma vs LCD

I dont own either one at the moment.

However, I would rather see some more data. The screen may look better in a store than at home. If you dont have HD service, then the point is irrelevent. Also I have not seen any 52" LCD's. Maybe There are some, I dont really know.

Plants will make greenhouse effect flooding worse

Charles Hammond

Water Vapor

Well if you live on an island like say England/British Isles, then most of the rain probably does come from the oceans. However, if you live in the middle of the United States or inland in China, then it is entirely possible that there may not be that much water vapor. This is very complicated in some inland locations. In some of the larger oceans like the Atlantic and the pacific you may see a circular current flow indicating the general air patterns. So in the North the air may flow West and then in the south the air may flow east. However, the areas like norway and the northsea may have a completely different weather pattern.

The depth of the sea may have another factory completely. The Mediteranian is not as deep as say the atlantic and may heat up faster.

Weather is very hard to predict.

Just look at the pattern of the Jet stream. Often in the center of the US the jetstream will dip down and become stationary for a long time in the summer causeing many storms to go more south of St Louis.

Very Complicated.

User seeks $1.4m from IBM for shoddy server packing

Charles Hammond

Forklift Massacre

If you drive a forklift and the forklife actually tips enough for the packing to break, then it is the fault of the fork lift operator. I will wager this Item is just so heavy that it can not be tipped too far before it starts falling. Also, if the forklift tipped under the load, maybe they really needed a bigger forklift to begin with, and the reason it tipped is because the load was too heavy for the forklift to begin with. All of these things have to be onsidered when moving a heavy load. It is most likely the gurrilla's unloading the device were underpaid buffoons.

However, I can still see how they could still win in court. There is a certain expectation of well packaged crate considering the cost of the item. Still you can expect them not to rock a giant server back and forth as it goes down the road. With an item like this it should be handled with a little more care.

Is Chernobyl behind academic slump in Sweden?

Charles Hammond

Danger Still Present

I am not so sure that things like groundwater are not contaminated in that whole region. It has been a while since we have had a lot of volunteers to test for radiagion poisoning.

At any rate, I think this website is worth reading:


'Wild West' internet needs a sheriff

Charles Hammond

Wild West Internet Sheriff

I think all ISP's should be required to give you the option of blocking all email that either does not have a verifiable return address or has a from address which is just a bunch of scrambled letters like: xc7RtyIO2fR56Zx or something like this which is obviously just a stupid computer generated ID. Your ISP should also block certain kinds of files or give you the option to block them. Your ISP should also be required by law to give you the option to filter your input for your children. They could actually make money off of this by charging a small fee every month for children filters.

The ISP has the ability to block and filter a lot of this junk E-mail and viruses, and executable files from getting to your PC to begin with. If the consumer is paying for a service, they should at least have the option of getting a service without all the viruses and junk mail that obviously is not from a verifiable ligitimate business. I think I have seen enough adverts for Penis Enlargement and Viagra to be a giant oversexed gorilla. We should be able to block some of this junk.

I have an idea, maybe you should send every one of these stupid Email's to your Department of justice. After a few billion forwarded E-mails maybe they will get the idea.

I also think no one should be able to send E-mail without a verifiable Post Office ID or some kind of Security Code.

Sony announces 80GB PS3

Charles Hammond

Stupid Isnt It?

They should just dump the DVR and stick to making a game console. PS2 Works great without a DVR. They are selling something that the gamers do not really need.

Just more overpriced junk.

Sony is run by idiots.

Sony posts big Q4 loss, blames PS3

Charles Hammond

PS3 Overpriced

It does not matter to the consumer if the PS3 is sold at a loss. If it is priced too high not many people will buy it. Sony chooses to try to gouge the consumer on an inflated price for all of its goods.

Honda to debut hydrogen fuel-cell car in 2008

Charles Hammond

Hybrid From Hell

So who is going to make and sell this Hydrogen?

'As I watch England turn into a quivering pile of dung'

Charles Hammond

Spineless EU

I can not help it; I have to speak out here being one of those ignorant US Citizens you are referring to. I would like to bring up some facts.

How come all of Europe could not defeat Hitler? I am willing to give a lot of credit to England for helping to defeat Hitler. Their Air Corps was probably superior to the US Air Force at the time in quality, if not quantity. However, in many instances it is the American Boots, Guns, and Tanks on the ground that pushed back the Germans. Britian was a force to be reckoned with, but it was not a large enough force to turn back the horde of invaders in word war II.

As I watched this fiasco with the British Sailors blubbering all over the telly like a bunch of sissy fag boys, I couldnt help wondering if it was worth it to kiss the asses of your enemy? British inaction did save the sailors lives, but it made your entire military force look like a bunch of wimps, and it gave a political coo to the Iranians who are truly experts at diplomacy. By diplomacy, I mean the Iranians are very good at propaganda and out and out lying, and they proved it to anyone that was willing to listen to them.

The British Navy must be led by cowards and idiots. They had a helicopter in the air by their small craft inspecting shipping vessels, and they were told to run away and hide from one stinking Iranian Ship. Are these the same British forces that held land in Norther Africa long after all hope was gone and somehow refused to surrender? Are these the same British forces that would rather die than surrender? Did the British even fire one shot at the Iranians when they committed this act of Piracy on the High Seas? They should have died fighting or running away. They had 2 boats, and they could have split up and went different directions. There were British War Vessels nearby with helicopters also. They could have died as heroes, but the British decided to surrender to these lying Iranian Pigs.

Ask yourself now what you are going to do when the biggest supportor of terrorism in the middle east has a Nuclear Weapon and they smuggle one into your subway? How many times should a country get punched in the face before he fights back?

When it comes to the EU, how come it was the USA that helped you so much with Kosavo?

I venture to say that If the USA pulled all of our troops out of Europe, you would be shaking in your boots the first time war broke out. However, you do not even realize what is keeping you safe and who the enemy is.

Don't Tread on Me!


Dark mutterings on killer Wi-Fi in schools help no one

Charles Hammond

Computer Room Malady

I work in the IT Industry. I have a kind of mistrust when it comes to wireless netwroks; both for security and whatever health risks there might be. However, I have not seen any real difference between working in a room with wireless or working in a room without wireless. However, I do have some misgivings about working in enclosed spaces like an office or a classroom with lots of computers and not enough air circulation.

I have noticed that working in a room with a self-contained Air Conditioning system that it can make you sick. Computers and monitors heat up the air and dry it out. If you are running a lot of printed material that also adds paper dust into the air. Also if the monitors are not that crisp or are a little on the low quality side, this can cause eye strain, and headaches. I think the older you get the more your eyesight has to do with the monitor. All of these things can have an effect on your health.

Wireless technology is probably the least likely culprit. This is my experience of working in a server room with 4 other guys and 20-30 servers working in an enclosed space, with a self-contained air conditioning system, that never pulls in outside air. I have noticed that when one person gets sick everyone ends up breathing it. We have 2 air conditioners and they run non-stop just to keep the temperature low enough to keep the servers from overheating.

So there is a lot going on in a room full of computers that could have be a contributing factor.

Teachers demand Wi-Fi health investigation

Charles Hammond

Honey Bees Revenge

You can probably get more radiation from sitting in front of a monitor. I would like to see a test on this. Maybe it has something to do with honey bees disappearing.

To perform a test like this you might have to turn all the Cell Phones off first. Cell phones may be as likely or more likely a culprit as wireless.