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Official: Eee PC range to expand

Robert Griffin
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EEE is now out of date as a dirt cheap laptop

I see that there is a new small and cheap laptop on sale. It is on alibaba.com produced by CARAPELLI LTD called the NPX-9000. It costs £65 each (unfortunately that is for a minimum quantity of 100). Hopefully it should hit the streets at about £80 (my guess). Admittedly, it is a bit weak on its spec. It has a 400Mhz processor, has 1GB flash memory (OK, you will need to put a decent SD card in the slot) and 128MB SDRAM and a 7" screen and Linux OS. It might be low spec but hey it will do the job for the same price as filling up your car for goodness sake!

The Reg surfs for porn with a San Jose councilman

Robert Griffin


Why not get the internet to add new domain names such as .sex, .xxx, etc so that it is easy to filter out whatever you want to filter out. I think that this is a very serious issue in practice because I knew someone who was sacked for looking at porn during work time. They wanted to get rid of him so they used this as an excuse to get rid of him and not pay him any redundancy or whatever companies pay to get rid of someone.