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Windows XP crashes out of Olympics?


Ok, So if its China...

..Then why is the BSOD in english? Pirated or Legit, I don't think thats right. I'm not saying they couldn't have english educated chaps running the kit, But if China is so, err... Pro China, Then shouldn't they at least run something in Chinese?

Heres to a Chinese BSOD, because if you thought they were frustrating before, Now it crashes AND takes away your right to fix it at the same time!

'Carbon neutral' Dell's wind-blowing pays off


Green Technology

Where's my tree bitch? (I mean that in the nicest way the internet can, but seriously, I want my tree)

We have Gates and Balmer avatars, Now when does Mickey Dell get added to the lot?

Here's to Dell government contracts, because nothing says oxymoron like a field soldier calling up the people his team is shooting at for tech support ; )

Facebook throws open developer fund compo

Thumb Up

You can always hire a US Ringer

If you want a US developer, draw up a contract fielding any US friend as a "developer", offer them 1-5% with a Non-compete and bam. You have a US developer who can't steal your idea (Or probably know what to do with it if they had it). Just because they are labelled as a "developer" Doesn't mean they actually have to develope anything. Offer a lazy american 1-5% to sit on his ass and then you develope your program. Facebook doesn't have to know you have a non-compete agreement inside your team, Hell, I would have one regardless.

Problem solved - as developers, I would expect more outside the box thinking.

Loopholes are the things that make everything else work.

US Congress to vote on in-flight mobile ban



Its getting noisy in here. Someone turn down the interwebnet!

Coat+Door = Gone.

Feds not scouring Facebook for terrorists (say Feds)


Ahmed the Terroist's Status...

".. is so anxious he's about to explode!"

Hat + Door = Gone

Oops - SF prosecutors put city passwords on public record


$5 Million Dollar Bail....

Think The Judge was locked out of his network for a few days? Maybe?

Being a former consultant for a municipality, You are the stool to the Cities noose when in that position. You have too much, WAY too much power over such a network. Part of the reason I stopped. Lacks of checks and balances, and if you try and give them checks and balalnces, they get scared.

Airbus A380-800: an airborne treat for gadget fans

Dead Vulture


....Tell me what you think about Apple? Please? No honestly, and No holding back this time!

AC, Because that shit made my day.

And so we begin the tech sector's journey into the Heart of Darkness


@ AC

Touche my good man! But Ah, Do we not seek alternative means to make exponential funds in unclaimed territories? Housing was good, and then EVERYBODY jumped on board, and it got bad, and everyone got off at the next stop. Dropping the housing market seemingly overnight (and at the expense of many "false" mortgages) Tech stock were good in the late 90's, and everybody jumped on board with whatever pennies they could scrounge up. And then they realised they were buying stock in the 15 year old next door, and EVERYBODY got off. No, I repeat NO economic indicator, Can judge a fad or "Trendy" Economy. Which is how we got to where we are. People buy into something because somebody else made it profitable, and then try and take the reigns themselves with false hope that can keep you up for awhile, but will inevitably bring you down (The higher you are, the harder you fall). Old adages such as "putting all your eggs in one basket" Have been around for ages for very good reasons. Do I have a solution to fixing the human pysche? No, not at all. People do what they think they have to do to strike it rich. But I will always tell people to invest in an economic foundation, and Play with as much as your willing to lose. Until people do such, and until other people stop INFLUENCING people to do otherwise, We will have the rollercoaster that is the current economic situation.

Because I never took college econ, but I am not a blind puppet.

Consider yourself Moderatrixed


The Dating Game

If any of you got a shag because on any of this, I'm totally moving to the UK. Because the thought of this site working match making into its schematic is to MIND boggling to fight, so I might as well just join in.

Because the passive aggressive are a happy people...

Street View spycar prowls Inverness



You're all worried about a picture that will probably show up on the net 6 months from now?

Gamers love in-game ads, ad industry-sponsored survey reveals



Is it Really that big of a deal?So you're runnig around shooting things and you run by a sign that says "Intel" on it... Who freakin cares? You're shooting things and paying attention to the game are you not? Then why even bother whining about it.

"Oh no, They found another place to put products in front of me! hark! I must now be required to buy said product and piss more money away!" yes you paid money for the console, yes you paid money for the game. Then play the game! If things like this really bother your "gaming experience" then you should just dig a hole an bury yourself. Because whatever comes next, they'll do it then too. The only way to stop this? Stop buying anything. Ever.

Game On.

Blackswift hyperplane hits trouble in Washington


Time Frame....

For these projects is irrelvant. Short Term/Medium term projects are great, but they don't push the envelope of science that you can build on down the line. This is not an argument one way or another.

As a geek I would love to see this go through, as a Tax payer, not so much unless they cut current useless projects. I think money needs to be put into alternative propulsion methods (IE non existent, Non fossil fuel based fuels) Which I'm sure they are working on, but I think if you are going to push this kind of plane, you should have more than what we have in this department first.

I grew up as a kid dreaming of the blackbird, and would love to see a successor. But with the predator and global hawk automated flight technologies out there, Manned missions are soon to be extinct anyway.

Free Wi-Fi still a goer in San Fran'


Because they always push it to the wrong people....

One fundamental problem with free wi-fi is that its just that - free Wifi. You have to market some portion of it at a cost basis to reduce management costs or it will be a money pit (Duh). With the capabilities of networks today, wired and wireless, There is no reason you cannot allocate bandwidth for Municipalities, Free personal Users, and Business class users on a pay for basis. Now this just doesn't have to be limited to a SOHO environment, but wireless digital advertisers at perhaps at the Light rail, EL, or "Tube" (as our friendly pond poppers call it .Not a jab, We just put our's above ground, from some ungodly reason) Stations. Now I don't think that municipalities should fit the Bill, I think the corporations backing such installations need a new marketing and idea comittee. Because there is no reason this shouldn't be a viable product.

US dominates tech R&D


@Gene Cash

"And no, I'm not posting anonymously, they're too stupid to read El Reg"

I beg your pardon?

There is no need to knock us all because of a few, er, "many", morons. I'm not university educated. But I do pride myself on being up and up on technology. When you have (whats left) of freedom, there's bound to be more idiots in a population because well, they can be. Not a good excuse, merely the truth. Everyone country has their issues. I'm sure you have yours.

"Can't we all just, get along?" - had to say it.

US town tells Street View to push off


Not Surprised

As a frequent visitor yet outsider of North Oaks, This isn't surprising. I will back the mayor in saying most of the people are not "hoity toity". Some yes, most naught. They have a long record of running a tight ship. They are private roads in that the housing association, not the city, owns the land and paved the roads to begin with. IMO, who cares. There is nothing in north oaks besides houses anyway, all shopping centers on on the edge, and most of those are annexed land to nieghboring cities. So the only reason you would be there, is if you lived there, or were visiting some friends.