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Google taps your IP address for Starbucks targeting

Mike Hunt

Laser Guided Advertising (ish)

Its just not good phorm!!

UK's visa fingerprint system fails

Mike Hunt

Its easier than that......

Instead of spending Trillions of the already hard pressed tax payers money on Government IT systems that don't work, just get the French to blockade the ports....that stops the lorries getting on the ferries.....thus keeping Johnny Foreigner types out......now to work on the chunnel and the airports.....how do you get a trawler down the tunnel, and are there any Scottish doctors looking for a driving job ?

Wrong kind of winter brings England to a halt

Mike Hunt
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C U next Tuesday

This image was running around the Nottingham City Council intranet until somebody mysteriously pulled the plug....not just on the camera, but the whole system. Ironically it was the same day as the City Council was to announce its "credit crunch" redundancies. Maybe it was a message from the workers to the leader of the council - who knows, but if the cap fits (managed to fit a Northern / Biological reference in as well)

UFO wind turbine prang site sealed

Mike Hunt
Black Helicopters


Surely it was a Covert Remote Air Patrol vehicle or a Totally Undetectable Remote Drone......

MP calls for Jezza Clarkson's head

Mike Hunt


Its nice to see, despite the countries current financial status, that this Labour MP chappie has nothing better to do than write "strongly worded letters" to the BBC - thats real value for money. How about he better serves his electorate by sorting out real local issues rather than jumping on the "Bash the BBC" bandwagon. Mind you, MP's never stray across the line do they !! - lets just check the headlines shall we.....

With the government struggling to cope with more important things, such as their ability to stay in power, I think this man's attention is best served somewhere else...mind you, its enough to get Labour a headline (one that doesnt include Gordon Brown losing control of the country anyway.)

Fish snapped snacking at 4,200 fathoms

Mike Hunt

Elephants as a measure of "strength"

I am still waiting with baited breath for them to "prove" the structural integrity of the curved roof of the new office development next to where I work. In their early construction flyer they said the roof was strong enough to take the weight of several hundred elephants, a feat which we want to see happen (not that there is much chance of several hundred paciderms congregating in the middle of Birmingham). There are several logistical quandries - how will the elephants get up there in the first place? Is that weight equivalent a static pressure, or will the elephants be allowed to move? Anyway we are still waiting for the long line of Billy Smarts circus lorries to pull up and to hear the thundering roar of elephant trumpeting.....just nobody release a mouse !!

Why the US faces broadband price hikes

Mike Hunt

Scenario...(with apologies to any budding crime writers out there)

Small police station in leafy backwater....

Ring Ring....

PC Plod: Hello, Townshire Police how can I help

TaxPayer*: Yeah, well, its like this innit. Some teef is stealing me internet.

PC Plod: I'm sorry, somebody is stealing your internet.

Taxpayer: Yeah. I want the pleece here naw to do him.

PC Plod: Exactly when was this internet stolen?

Taxpayer: Well I dont f*in know - they have been steelin down me wireless

PC Plod: And exactly how much have they stolen?

Taxpayer: I don't know - must be loads by now. I have got an f*in bill for 4 gazillion quid.

PC Plod: Ok we will get somebody to look into it. Have you got data logs, details of the offender, oh and by the way, is your wireless secure

Taxpayer: (Long Pause) Wot? I knew the pleece would do nowt about it. Sound of mobile phone disconnecting.....

Small police station in leafy backwater....sound of piece of paper being screwed up and thrown in the bin....

UK cops arrest six alleged BitTorrent music uploaders

Mike Hunt

Spare a thought....

>>>> "If there is still problems like that then why are these wankers wasting PUBLIC money on this for?

How about an inquiry into how the Cleveland police set their resource priorities."

This is because somebody has reported the offence and the police are "duty bound" to investigate / take action or they will suffer the wrath of the IPCC. Normally stuff like this isnt amongst the "league tables" (sorry, key performance indicators) so wouldnt get a second look at, but unfortunately the music industry employs lawyers etc who target their letters / complaints to the upper echelons of the force, and as we all know sh*t only runs downhill !!


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