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BBC must reveal EastEnders costs


If you like the BBC so much why don't you go and live there?

I came here to say that it's not so much the cost, it's that they affect not to KNOW how much.

Given that my central point's already been made, Here's another (slighter) one: If the BBC's as marvellous as some people think it is, it should presumably be able to hold its own in a commercial environment - so why don't we make the licence fee optional and make the broadcasts encrypted in the same way that (for example) UK Gold et al are on Freeview right now?

Bear in mind also that the licence fee is subsidizing the BBC's gingantic online operation, which is available worldwide, but only paid for by UK television owners.

Times hack has an attack of the Web 0.2s


Blog's working for me - Istanbul is the best story.

..and Steve - I think you're being uneccesarily bitter: Isn't all news just re-churned press releases nowadays?