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3D films fall flat

David Lavery

Does that reflect the films though?

While Avatar was a phenominal success the other films mentioned were all of varying quality. For a better comparison I would be interested to see the figures generated for Toy Story 3.

Virgin Media to dump neutrality and target BitTorrent users

David Lavery

@ Paul M and all the other this is a good thing people

As opposed to your wine of All "freetards" are evil, and I believe that someone actually said Freetards are the direct cause of the current economic conditions which is, quite frankly, bollocks. I agree that heavy P2P users need controls put in place, however the entrenched and deep held belief that some people on here that all the traffic is illegal and that every P2P user is downloading all the time at full speed is equally ridiculous.

I agree that something has to be done about heavy P2P use (of course for a given value of heavy) however my complaint isn't that VM are blocking torrents, but rather that they are blocking *any* content at all. They are not a regulator, they are not a a moral high ground so why are they telling me what I can and cannot do with the service I am paying for.

This is a sliding scale at this end we seem to have VM and at the other we seem to have the Australian government and there filtering system but this is not a scale that we should be on at all. If bandwidth is the issue then as more people take up broadband what is to stop companies stopping large emails or chain mails with pictures as they do take up large amounts of bandwidth as they get sent to all 142 people in your address book. Would this be acceptable to you? How about they stop all streaming video, as they pointed out this allegedly caused huge worries when the iplayer came out - by your it takes up too much bandwidth should that be blocked as well?

VM are setting a very disturbing president in the fact that are now regulating what content they will carry, regardless of your personal opinion on P2P that has to trouble you.

David Lavery

@ paul M

So effectively everyone who uses Bit Torrent is a socially retard leech? in which case might I suggest you are a small minded bigot who makes generalised statements?

Virgin's service will get better when they manage customer expectation better or when they deliver on the service they promise which ever comes first.

David Lavery

Tossing the Freetards?

as to the previous poster, they may want to toss the free tards but Imagine they will lose a lot of business. many people including myself subscribe to virgin as they offer the highest speeds. As bit torrenters will likely make up a large portion of their subscriber base they are being short sighted in "tossing the Freetards" Just as the comment is short sighted in its scope and accuracy.

Daft list names Firefox, Adobe and VMWare as top threats

David Lavery


To be honest the EULA for itunes is not to be used within a corporate environment but how this works with them pushing the Jesus phone as corporate option I don't know. I think the clause is left in there so apple have the right to sue you if they feel like it.

It clear though that these guys don't have a clue as any IT dept worth its coffee knows that Adobe is normally a huge risk.

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Man threatens lawsuit after negative eBay feedback

David Lavery
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Seriously What the hell?

Ok, the guy is complaining because he sold the wrong phone, not in the condition specified, and got negative feedback? I don't care if the guy got his money back, if a shop sold you the wrong thing, you would be narked reguardless of the fact you got a refund. The guy needs to grow a pair, man up and take the comment like man instead of a whinging child.

UK cops arrest six alleged BitTorrent music uploaders

David Lavery


They have to be able to prove that you have one, if they cannot prove that you have an account they cannot prove the criminal case against you that the sentence would require.

However for you to be arrested they must have fairly solid grounds....


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