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American man too fat for execution



What is this 'fat' everyone's talking about? Didn't the politically correct brigade make that word - and by association, the condition - obesolete? (See what I did there? Har har.)

Seriously, WTF? What the hell has happened to prisons? People used to be afraid of imprisonment, but now it seems more like a paid holiday.

The world is turning to crap because of criminals contorting human rights. "What about the victims??!" (little Timmy voice)

Burn the fat fuck, and all his lawyers along with him.

Daily Mail loses employee info

Dead Vulture

Daily Fail

I work for a subsidiary of the Daily Fail and since I get paid peanuts, I'm not really too bovvered about some illiterate oik having all my financial details - my debt is your debt. Mate.

But still, this spate of sausage-fisted tossing about of sensitive information is astounding. Keep the goddamn information encrypted on a secure server, not on some bloody textpad document on the financial wanker's laptop!

Aaaaaaaargh! The mind boggles...

Daily Mail cites video game as proof of terrorist doomsday plot

Black Helicopters


"they're slowly trying to remove the story entirely...


And more the fools them.

I don't believe it was a viral marketing ploy - they've already got hordes of knuckle-draggers reading their tat.

Damn their fascist HR department hiring all the journalism school dropouts...

Dead Vulture


I despair at the state of the world.

This is just another in a growing trend of media mediocrity, flinging biased and semi-literate 'reporters' at non-stories for the sake of potentially boosting sales.

They don't care about accuracy, they care about the news of their latest crap article spreading around tinternets.

The media are clowns for the most part, and the proliferation of rubbish news on this bastion of modern 'culture' called the internet is only going to grow.

I struggle on a daily basis to avoid articles about rubbish singers getting out of jail free yet again while stabbings in London continue unabated, with the government more concerned about having their massive concessions and salaries revealed.

It's a hell of a task sifting through the dregs and trying to find some real and unbiased news. Keeps me busy for hours.


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