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Twitchers in a flap over 'cock' gagging

Ian Ward

Get the facts right

You tell a tiny part of the story.

Apparently this occured once, and the filter dictionary was edited to remove the word cock as soon as they were informed / had picked it up.

Listening to the member of staff from the RSPB on the radio yesterday, is sounds as though the media has kicked up a huge storm, a lot of it inaccurate, about a one-off incident that was not that significant.

Oh well, nothing changed there, then ...

Missing the PowerPoint of public speaking

Ian Ward

The off button

I remember doing a presentation course many years ago, before I even owned a PC or knew powerpoint existed. One of the tools used was the OHP and the use of the Off switch was demonstrated - show your information, then by turning it off, bring attention back to the speaker.

One of the problems with powerpoint type presentations is that too few people "turn it off" - ie. by including blank or black slides. Instead information is left on the screen not directly relevant to what is being said at that moment