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OpenSolaris fans in a tizzy over 'Project Copy Linux'

Jim Jackson

If they're going to imitate an OS...

...might as well get Arch Linux's package management, Pacman. Actually, why waste time on anything else, just get Arch. Yes, I love it, and yes I think I have finally found a distro worth sticking with.

Apple TV hackers called to create open source set-top

Jim Jackson

more vaporware??

Good to see that Joe Born has time to punch out those open letters, just a pity they don't have time to finish their products.

Neuros announced their open source Neuros 3 digital audio player in Oct 2005 (this article just jogged my memory of that long forgotten project - well in my mind at least). Just had a quick check on their roadmap page (http://wiki.neurostechnology.com/index.php/Category_Roadmap:Neuros_III) and it is showing that 'it will be released some time after the new 442's projected release date in Q1 2006'. Hmmm, that was a year ago...

Sounds to me like this set-top could just be another excellent vaporware project to add to their arsenal... But at least it's sufficiently 'now' enough in terms of consumer wants and industry buzz talk to impress a few people.

Lenovo sheds jobs to increase profit

Jim Jackson

There goes the Thinkpad?

They now own arguably (quite easily argued for that matter) the best laptop in the world. I cringed when I saw this headline, I really hope the Thinkpad design and quality doesn't get affected.

AMD swings to $611m loss

Jim Jackson

The world is not enough.

'AMD is reporting today a first-quarter loss of $611m amid a price-war to hold market share won back from rival Intel.'


Why can't everybody just get along? They both want the whole world to themselves, and even then it won't be enough. War, war, war. Win, win, win. You fools!

When will they ever learn? 'When will they e-ver learn'...

Zombies infiltrate US military networks

Jim Jackson

has your hardware gone soft? get viagra

the traditional view of military supremacy has always been 'mine is bigger than yours', but no longer. the pressure is now on the generals to keep that cannon hard and ready all night long...