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Vista SP2 beta could land within next four weeks

Robert Day

M$ Haters. Penguin Obsessed.... Welcome home.

Wow. It certainly seems to me that this site is absolutely CHOK full of Microsoft haters, Penguin freaks, and one-track hard-nosers.

Linux is a DAMNED good OS. It is fast, it is stable, and it runs on damned near anything. Yes I can run Linux (albeit an older version) on any box I have ever handled, including Sparc's, PowerPC's, and my Cell phone.. Probably my Dryer too, it has a computer controller inside it... But for my mother, my father, my daughter, neighhour, etc. Linux is just not for them. Slight Windows compatibility issues, lack of simple click click for some things, and inability to "just go to download.com to get a shareware tool" make it a poor choice for someone like that. For the large corporation with thousands of systems to handle, the I/T overhead may be too much. Compatibility with legacy applications and backends mean Windows is the only option, save for a million dollar retrofit..

Windows Vista is a damned good OS. It's fast, it's clean, it's stable, it's compatible, and it just plain works. Yes, you read that right. It works. I run it on my HP notebook (which was designed for Vista) and it works fine. Ohhh.. I hear all the haters out there "Yah, of course, it was designed for Vista. Of course it's going to work!". Surely you must recall the WinModem days. Yes, Linux users could not say "It works" unless they design the system themselves with the right hardware.. Thereby making it "Designed for Linux". Of course it's going to work. My car takes specific oils, and if I drop generic 10w30 in there, it's going to cause problems. I use VW Certified oil in my VW.. who'd have thunk...

The big beef is running the right OS on the wrong hardware. Vista just plain does not work on some hardware. End of story. Try installing OSX out of the box, on your PC. Thank you for calling.

I'm getting really really fed up hearing everyone here bitch and complain cause they have had bad experiences with Windows this, and Windows that. Everyone is up no "XP is the best" bandwagon.. yet.. I'm old enough to remember the days when XP was the latest hideous beast form Redmond, and "No way I am going to use that candied up piece of crap. I am sticking with the only OS worth using if I have to use MS.. Win2k".

We get it.. You hate M$.. You love Penguins. Move along now. :)

Mine's the one with a different OS in each pocket.

Lenovo stock falls as IBM retreats

Robert Day
Gates Horns

Tank, Sell, Bottom out, Buy, Restore.

So Thinkpad is a pretty solid name. I say ThinkPad, you think IBM... IBM sells the Thinkpad line to Lenovo for some exorborant price. Lenovo tanks, and IBM dumps the shares they have as soon as they can, and whatever loss they have to absorb. Then when Lenovo hits Rock Bottom, and no one wants the name, IBM steps back in, and buys out the company, for peanuts on the dollar, taking back the ThinkPad name, that was always associated with IBM anyhow. They restore the ThinkPad name, and make a killing. Another few billion pesos in Big Blue's coffers.

Gates of Hell, cause he's not the only business cut-throat.

SF's silent sysadmin pleads not guilty

Robert Day

re: Deleting accounts

Seems so simple right? Some higher up just "deleted" his account? The one account, apparently, used to gain superuser access to an LDAP/Active Directory backed network of systems. So much talk of resetting Cisco routers, and network configuration issues. If there was any user in the network with the ability to "Delete" superuser accounts, then there is a user with the ability to CREATE the same.

Now, let me get this straight here. The BOFH is locked up, and the.. engineers.. can't get in. Of COURSE the PFY is assisting the engineers perfectly right? Well trained I'd say.

Mine's the one with the cattle prod in the pocket.....

Pirate Bay bitchslaps Swedish law with SSL

Robert Day


Why is it that every time a post, article, blog, or other dribble of varying forms, hits the internet, in a location that allows the general (read: uneducated) public to repsond, and is in any way, shape, or form, related to filesharing of any sort, the initial details get blurred, and obscured by a deluge of piracy/anti-piracy advocates starting the same too-many-years-old flame war?

The real concern here is not whether filesharing is "OK" or "Not OK", Legal or Illegal.. The issues are the laws in Sweden allowing the government there to monitor anything they like that you do online, and the responses to this law. Sure, it is TPB that is the frontrunner here, and yes, they may run a questionable service.. But the fundamental concerns of blanket snooping laws and the bigger concern that those laws allow anythign and everythign they "see" to be shared globally... THAT is what should be discussed.. I for one, and not all that thrilled to know that a country can blatantly disregard any rights of privacy I may have online...

But, what can we expect from a country who's most famous export is "Bork Bork Bork"

Eest deer bork dee bork.. Ees-a tiem fer mer tooo go..

Eerst der coat-en-hat... und der chickey-poo in der pocket...

Devil dog laughs in the face of Taser

Robert Day
Dead Vulture

Cats and Dogs

Colour me scared. I have a pair of Siamese cats... None too visious, although the younger one has been known to partake in a fly-by-clawsing now and then, taking with her a small souvenier of my flesh - especially from underneath the bed, when naked toes seem to dance very temptingly before her....

However, said aforementioned felines have developed, over the years, a taste for the great outdoors. This love for the outdoors is not an issue, in the country, where nature is goign to run it's course, and they hunt small prey for sport, and light snacks. However, in the slightly larger metropolis in which I currently reside, the small prey amount to pocket-dogs, overgrown rats (although their owners call them Yorkies) and other similarly sized psuedo-aggressive creatures, including the ever-menacing pidgeon. An office of the law, casually observing this behaviour may decide to restrain the animal, and be subject to the fly-by-clawsings I referred to earlier. This woudl no doubt, induce a taser blast. Unfortunatey, a 10 lb Siamese cat is not going to survive this kind of voltage, regardless of how many of it's 9 lives it has left. No need for the Firearm. Krispy Kitty in one shot. Thank you for protecting the good citizens of my home town, Officer Kat Killer!

Lock your felines in the house, for their own good, I say.

Dead Bird, obviously.

NY street-cleaning truck swallows dog

Robert Day

Anyone else find this really bizarre?

Not the dog bit I mean.. Just the simple fact that there was a street sweeper, cleaning the streets.. in the Bronx!!! I mean, this is the worst of the worst in the US. (ok, maybe parts of Detroit are worse, and some areas down in the deep south can be argueably worse.,...) But the Bronx have a worldwide reputation for being disgustingly dirty, and rather.. well, gross. And here, in stark contrast to the rest of the city of New York in general, is a machine designed purely to make things CLEAN??! Something is amiss, if you ask me.

Mine's the fur one....

AVG scanner blasts internet with fake traffic

Robert Day
Dead Vulture

Another twist of fate

I have to say I am so very happy I am not ranked #11 on Google's results for, say "shopping". I mean.. with millions using this Link Scanner thing, and hundreds of thousands of them searching for "Shopping" on google, the top 10 results, are getting hundred of thousand clicks / day more than #11, who suddenly pales immensely compared to the top 10. Popular sites are suddenly so very much more popular than they once were..... Wonder how they will deal with THAT angle....

Dead vulture, for my soon to be dead site, ranked #11 in search results.

British pilot makes first supersonic stealth jumpjet flight

Robert Day

Re: Avro Competence

Ahh how refreshign to see a reference to a well ran company in the aerospace field. Yes indeed, Avro was a competent company, and they built a heck of a plane in the Arrow. Pity the government was too wussy to keep the project going. With that many years to develop, they may well have designed an EFFECTIVE VTOL that would be able to both land loaded down, AND take off fully loaded... Might have created an even faster supersonic jet, with longer range, and by now, we may well have jets that could scrape the atmostphere, flying nearly in space.

But alas - it is not to be, and the power and money hungry Aerospace kings are constantly rebuilding, rebranding, and revamping the same technology they have been marketing for the past countless years.

Mine's the one with the Canadian Flag on it.

Labour isn't working for IT contractors

Robert Day

It's not just UK, OR Contracts

Greetings form o'er the pond.

Not really 110% relavant here, but close enough. I'm from Canada (eh?) and the market sucks here for I/T workers. I worked for Dell computers, who just 2 years ago, opened a shiny new location in the "Silicon Valley of Canada" and even started building a second building - things looked great. I got a call a few months back.. they were closing the site, and wanted me in the next day to return all my Dell owned equipment. Done, and over in a day. I admit, being a perm I got severance pay, and it was pretty decent too.. But it's going on 2 months now, and I'm still looking. I spent this week up on a roof top ripping old shingles down. I'm spending next week spraying ashphalt driveway sealer, and sweeping dirt off the laneways. After that, I MAY have a tech support contract, but dont; knwo for sure.

As for the taxes.... Let's not even go there. The I/T sector here is cut throat at best and having to deal with the federal, provincial, and municipal beancounters, to pay the taxes to run the country in to the ground.. well "That's all I have to say about that."

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Microsoft urges Windows users to shun 'carpet bombing' Safari

Robert Day

Easy fix

The easy fix would be to change the default download location. In "typical" scenarios, it is the Documents folders (ie. My Documents, or in Vista, Downloads uinder the user's folder). Simply change the default to that, and worry about how to deal with the 15 or so users currently running the Safari browser on Windows later....

And for the record, as commented before, the "what do you want to do with this file" prompts do not, in fact, come "from" the OS per-say. The browser determines what to do with each file, unfortunately, based on extension. As any ie7 user knows, "Internet Explorer prevented this site form downloading a file to your computer" (or some such lingo)... that's not the OS doing that.. that is the browser.

just stop using Safari, just like Microsoft suggests, and all will be well on your computer... well, other than, maybe, the Windows OS... ;)