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Microsoft urges Windows users to shun 'carpet bombing' Safari

Mark Lee Smith

Downloads Window

When a download starts in Safari the 'Downloads' window appears. If you want to prevent a download all you have to do is click.

This would be impractical with a hundred downloads, but so would a hundred prompts. Likewise, approving downloads one at a time isn’t ideal when you want to download a lot of files.

I’d like to see Apple add a delay before the download starts to give users more time to respond. A cancel/prevent all button would also be fun.

In the end all Apple really needs to do is change the default download location and this problem becomes a non-issue. Microsofts claims seem to center around the fact that the files end up on the desktop.

All in all I think this is rather ridiculous in the light that the user is made well aware of the downloads and can easily stop them. This certainly wont stop me from using Safari or Webkit in general on Windows.

On a side-note, there are a number of download managers that take over from Safaris ‘Downloads’ window on OSX. It’s not unreasonable to think this could prevent mass downloads.

Mark Lee Smith

Over emphasis.

This is rather disingenuous, while Safari on OSX will allow mass downloads the files won't litter your desktop and executables wont be launched automatically, making this problem little more than an unlikely annoyance. Even if by some miracle an executable was launched automatically, OSX issues a prompt the first time an untrusted executable is launched.

I would imagine that UAC in Vista does the same kind of thing, preventing this from becoming even a minor security issue.

Assuming the unexpected happens, cleaning up from a mass download is incredibly easy. Any reasonably computer literate person should be able to remove every file (even if there are millions of them) with a single command from the finder, from the terminal, or from automator.

Windows users should be able to clean up just as easily from the command line so seriously, what's the issue here? Microsofts comments reek of anti-competitive bullshit :(.