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Helpdesk/Service Desk Recommendations

Robert Brandon

My school district uses Web Help Desk (www.webhelpdesk.com).

It's paid, but has quite a few of the features you mentioned plus some. It's web based where clients can enter tickets on the website or via e-mail. It does have a tasks feature, but we never used it so I don't know about subtasks.

It has reports (with pretty graphs!) and a FAQ section you can add to.

Features it has that you didn't mention, but might find useful:

-LDAP / Active Directory integration for user accounts, or just add accounts specific for the help desk

-Inventory & Parts tracking; good to use to know if a device has consistently had the same problem and know when to order more parts

-Surveys fro clients

-Billing support

Render farming is hot!

Robert Brandon

Cool Story

Doing all that seems really cool. I'm a low level IT guy in a K-8 school district where I'm kinda like a first responder guy where I handle the small, easy tasks like forgotten passwords, new users, fixing printer jams, etc. I'd love to have a job where I get to work big projects like that. You looking for an apprentice or anything?

US Army 'to issue every soldier with a smartphone'

Robert Brandon


How will the army provide security for the phones? Since many of them contain GPS, couldn't enemies hack into it and find your location.

Seagate takes a terabyte of the storage apple

Robert Brandon

Not the 1st?

I've also got a 1 TB WD drive that's 2.5". It could probably fit in my MacBook Pro, but is it not considered "Internal fit"?

Microsoft to set record with next Patch Tuesday

Robert Brandon

Apple's Better

Why not do it the Apple way? Instead of having a dozen different downloads to download, why not package them in one big file? Maybe separate Windows & Office updates, but that's still 2 down from 14!

'Smart roof' coating made of old takeaway fryer oil

Robert Brandon

Re: oil from fries & nuggets

"[I]t will provide a new use for millions of gallons of waste oil after it is used to cook french fries and chicken nuggets"

Thank us Americans for getting fat so you can save money.

Jobcentre ejects Jedi Knight

Robert Brandon

re: Real Religion

Maybe Jediism is not a "real" religion because it was made up in a movie while religions like Christianity, Islam, etc. were created because people heard voices in their head, believing it to be a divine being.

"If you talk to God, you're religious. If God talks to you, you're psychotic"

-House, MD

Cartoon smut law to make life sucky for Olympic organisers

Robert Brandon
Paris Hilton

What the…???

People actually see Lisa Simpson giving fallatio in the logo? Is this like one of those magic eye posters? That or some people have really sick minds.

Paris cuz, well… do you really have to ask?

Junior astronomer spots junior supernova

Robert Brandon


Too bad none of our telescopes have video cameras. It would be so cool to see what this looks like

iPhone apps - the 10 smartest and the 10 stupidest

Robert Brandon


I find it funny how people complain about how stupid apps come in and how companies should filter them, but then complain about the companies filtering apps when they do.

Also, for the poop app, that reminded of this one website, www.funnyjunk.com, that has funny pictures/videos/Flash stuff and people can comment on them, and on practically every thing there's at least one post that says something along the lines of "Fat Ben made poop!" for no apparent reason (other than being a total jackass). Well, this app would give reason to say it.

Apple store detains teens for installing iPhone game

Robert Brandon


I'll agree, if they just installed a game, the manager overreacted. But then again, the kids didn't have the right to install whatever they wanted on a demo unit. If the kid really wanted to show his friends what it could do, do it on one he owned. The Apple store guys were lucky it wasn't a virus or anything. This may start out as a game, but there can be a chance it could escalate to something much, much worse. I'm sure the Unabomber didn't just wake up one day and be like "Oh, I think, I'll blow stuff up today."


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