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'Lunatic' Smith doubles ID card costs for Mancunians


Smith in Manc id wank

Wacky: Hello Sir, would you like an id card, they're voluntary and only 60 quid?

Manc: What are the benefits to me?

Wacky: Well, you'd be fighting terrorism and organised crime.

Manc: How?

Wacky: We take your finger prints, photo and details, enter it into a database and put the details on a card, when a crime is committed we will check it against the database and bingo.

Manc: I see, how many criminals do you expect to sign up for this voluntary scheme?

Wacky: Oooh, lots and lots I would imagine.

Manc: Can we have a General Election?

Wacky: Erection you say?

Manc: Er...... yes I have an erection, would you like to beat me off? only 60 quid and I can give you a receipt to cover expenses.

Wacky: OK.

American Stereotype™ walks Google's mean Street View


Set up...

Sometimes these things are set up, go to Google Maps and enter :

8 Sampsonia Way, Pittsburgh, Allegheny, PA 15212

Walk down the street and have a look around.

Dog off the menu at Olympic restaurants


I hear....

.. that the meatballs are the dogs bollocks.

9/11 an inside job, says Irish pop folkster


Watch this....

Zeitgeist - The Movie. It's a free download, just Google it. A conspiracy theorists dream but also quite scary.