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Assange's Ecuador asylum bid has violated £200k UK bail, say cops

Jon Grattage

Re: So what happens if Assange is given asylum? @Tom 7

only while in their offices, not outside, in their cars, or on their bikes etc

Jon Grattage

Re: So what happens if Assange is given asylum?

2 requires the UK government to recognise him as a diplomat.

Foxconn daddy: 'Don't buy Galaxy S III, wait for iPhone 5'

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Best Buy fires parting shot at Dixons with closing down sale

Jon Grattage

The prices are the same or more than amazon/dixons. Very disappointing, Dixons shouldn't worry.

Why your tech CV sucks

Jon Grattage

Surely it's a good thing that idiots are doing these things. We don't want these people actually getting jobs. Sending a word doc, while one of the lesser problems described here, does give a bad impression (yes, PDF is preferred, or good quality paper) - especially if it is full of mistakes that word itself highlights. Word documents are ok for collaboration, but you don't really want the HR people to edit your CV.

I was disappointed in this article though as I expected some tips a bit beyond "don't be a moron". The guy also doesn't come across well, and his job does seem pointless.

Sophos debuts freebie antivirus scanner for Macs

Jon Grattage


Yes, you should have mentioned ClamXAV as another free Mac solution. The main reason to to run something like this on a mac at the moment is if you interact with a lot of windows people that have a habit of sending infected doc/x files everywhere - you can sanitise before sending on, and also warn the sender (not to send you doc/x ever again)

eBay shill bid scammer convicted

Jon Grattage


His name is honest, at least.

Police send Reg hack CRB check database

Jon Grattage

"Main Stream Media"

Have any of the dailies picked up this story? Wrong on so many levels.

However, this doesn't change my confidence in the police; they never had it.

Apple confirms Windows 7 support for Mac OS X boot camp

Jon Grattage

Already did this

I'm already running windows 7 (RC) using boot camp on my snow leopard mac. What's the problem? Does the actual released version not work?

Nintendo to limit DSi games with DVD-style region locks

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Isn't the UK in Europe?

Ex-Googlers reinvent web search

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@Christopher P. Martin

I know, I know - why isn't there an edit button on this thing? I blame this French keyboard - I clearly intended to type a "4" there.

Although there is a boost, I think most people will discover that cuil is a bit rubbish.

I'm waiting for this to be added to the wikipedia page now.

Jon Grattage

@Anonymous Coward

I've known a lot of Anonymous Coward's, you'll have to be more specific... :)

Download al Qaeda manuals from the DoJ, go to prison?

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Paris Hilton

Comment from a Nottingham graduate

I'm a PhD and BSc graduate from the University of Nottingham, and I'm disgusted by the actions of the local police and the University's disregard for academic freedom. I'm very disappointed by the actions of my (supposed) "alma mater", both leading up to the arrests and in their subsequent arrogant press releases. It's also a shame that Alan Simpson will be stepping down soon. I'm glad I live in France now, and I'm very worried about the direction the UK is heading; hence I support liberty, No2ID, and similar organisations.

Paris, because I live in France...


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